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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Nuttin' goin' on

I had my debate with myself this morning about whether to waste while away the day or to do some work around the house and yard. The dogs and I voted, and it was unanimous .... lie on the couch and read a book all day!! I've done a lot of that, but I couldn't help myself. I have done a few little tasks. However, I seem to be thwarted at almost every turn, so I'm thinking my original choice was the best.

The one thing I really wanted to do is mow the grass patch out back. Some of the grass is six or eight inches tall! I got the mower out, but I couldn't get it started. It would almost turn over, but not quite. I've brought the filter in to clean, although it didn't look dirty to me. That's the most common reason for it to not start. We'll see later, when it is clean and back in, just how it goes. I really thought I didn't need the electric starter when I bought this mower, but I regret it now. That old pull rope gets tedious on these occasions when it won't start. My right arm wears out! As small as my patch of grass is, I could even use a totally electric mower. That would be easier and quieter. Oh well. I'm stuck with this for now.

Boy, the wind has come up in the last couple hours. It seems to be coming from the North or Northwest, and officially the speeds are 15-20 mph, but I'm guessing some of those gusts are way harder than that. I had some clouds overhead earlier, and the air cooled off by eight degrees. I was considering turning off the a/c and opening windows, but I'm glad I didn't. the clouds blew on past and it is back to nearly 90° again. I don't like the wind and heat, but I'll take that over the terrible storms that have been plaguing many of you in the last few days. This will pass and we may even have some rain tomorrow.

Nothing exciting is happening here, so I think I'll go back to the couch and my book!


  1. I hate those mowers with the strings. We have one too, and when it decides not to start or get fussy, my arm feels like it is going to fall off. I think it is time to start saving for a new one. We have a riding one for the back, but it is impossible to do the front, without falling over. I know this because I have tried, it is just too hilly. When one is desperate, one will try stupid things.

    I'm glad in a way you had a good reason to go back in the house and enjoy a good book. I love days like that. What are you reading now?


  2. Yep, I'm already saving for a different mower, even thought this one is nearly new.

    I just read "God Don't Like Ugly," by Mary Monroe, and I enjoyed it so much that I downloaded all of it's sequels! I'm in the middle of "A New Kind of Christianity," by Brian D.. McLaren. It's really interesting and thought provoking, but a slow read for me because (1) the topic takes a lot of thought [although I agree with almost everything he says], and (2) his writing style [he does a lot of explaining, and it becomes redundant]. I also just read/listened to "Southern Fried Divorce," which was very funny.

    What are you reading?


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