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Monday, June 28, 2010

One after one after one after one .....

Lawdy, I'm frustrated!

I spent most of the morning trying to figure out what to do about my ailing TV set. It is not quite four years old.
Aside: Bah on Westinghouse
It began giving me problems around February, I think. I'm not going to bore you with the details of the problem, but the short version is that the sound and picture simply quit at random intervals.

Of course, it is not under warranty now, and I understood that. But I had hoped to get enough information from Westinghouse to at least know what is most likely the cause of that problem so that a local service person wouldn't rip me off. And I hoped to find out an idea of what the cost might be, if they could tell me a general range. In over thirty minutes on the phone, I was actually speaking to a person (with a very slight, but suspicious accent) for less than ten minutes. During that conversation, she blamed it on everything but the TV itself. Cable/dish reception? Nope, all four others are working fine. Lines in wrong places? Nope, it's been just like that for 3 years, no changes. Etc., etc., etc. She kept saying they would not reimburse me, and I kept saying, no I didn't expect that, but I wanted info about the product so I wouldn't be taken advantage of. And she would repeat they don't reimburse or repair out of warranty! Arghhh!

I finally got exasperated and said that this call was worthless, and I'd never buy another Westinghouse TV. I realize that digital TVs are a different thing, but I've had TVs in the past that worked for 20 or more years. In fact, there is a little analog TV in my guest room that is about 15 years old and still works just fine! Next, I tried to find a place at the website to issue a complaint, but, guess what??? Of course, they don't have one!

Then I googled for a Westinghouse repair place. The closest one is 75 or 80 miles away. A service call would have cost me almost $150!!! And then parts! If the repair/parts ran just $100, I was already looking at half the cost or more for a new set. Now, it might have been a $25 part, but I seriously doubt that. In fact, hoping for a $100 part is optimistic, I think. So I asked what a diagnostic would cost if I bring it in. I was told that they don't do in-house on anything over 25", because if it is damaged or jostled in taking it back home, they can't guarantee their work. I understand that. But without knowing what the parts costs might be, $150 for the service call seemed too much.

So I went online shopping, and I will have a new 37" delivered between 7/1 and 7/8. It also includes a new surround system. I'll move the sound system I have now to the office to have better listening there. I have a good one already in my bedroom. With it delivered to my house, I don't have to wrestle it up the steps myself. That, in itself, is worth the wait.

While I was looking for the repair service, I found several complaint sites about Westinghouse TVs. There were dozens of issues I read through, and it seems that they were all about the 32" sets, and all of them had similar problems to mine. They seemed to range from about the age of mine to brand new ones purchased in 2110! Huh? You'd think that Westinghouse Customer Service (WCS) would have been able to say what the general cause is, since there are so many problems out there! However, the ones I read all reflected similar problems with WCS: slow response to inquiries: uninformed and uninforming personnel who were of little assistance; sets under warranty being sent back for repair/replacement (at the customer's expense, mind you) and not returned for weeks; even replacement sets developing the same/similar problems.

I'll be happy to get the new set here and set up. And I won't be dealing with Westinghouse any more.

I also got some replacements ordered today for the two remote controls. Did I tell you about that? I can't remember. While I was in Colorado, one of the dogs age the remote control for my Bose in the bedroom! Probably Sammy. That boy will eat anything, I swear! Linda found it in the back yard one day, totally ripped apart! And when I returned from the last Tucson trip, the remote for my Kodak Easy Share digital picture frame was missing. I figured it fell behind the couch, but I moved all the furniture in the area, and even unfolded the hide-a-bed to see if it might have been tangled in there, but no luck. I walked all over the deck and the back yard looking for it, but found no trace. I assume someone ate that, too. And before some smart alec asks, YES, I DO FEED MY DOGS! Lola's little round belly is proof of that!

Now, I need a replacement battery for my laptop, and I need to update some of my software, too. I ned to replace the lawnmower with one I can start more easily. I'm going to need new tires on the truck by fall. The dogs are needing shots.



  1. Glad to hear you will be getting a new TV and boo to Westinghouse. I know in the next year or so I would like to upgrade to a flatscreen TV and I will make sure I don't get a Westinghouse. And I am sorry, but your TV should last more than 4 years. I know some people that still have the TV inside the TV cabinet and it still works fine. So, yea 4 yrs is not enough time for a TV.

  2. Isn't that the way things seem to go? Everything goes at once. Just make a list in order of importance. Cross em off as you go! That's what Jake and I do!
    Now tell me Lyn, Have you noticed any channels changing or volume changes when Sammy walks in and out of the room?
    Most customer service sucks today!
    Love Di ♥

  3. Caroline, it may not be all Westinghouse TVs. Allan has one that is about 2+ years old with no problems, and the complaints I saw were on the 32". LOL, Allan bought the Westinghouse based on my good experience!! Absolutely a TV should last more than 4 years! That's poppycock!

    Di, yes, I think the appliances/electronics talk to each other while we sleep (Toy Story??) and begin to fail at once! I haven't noticed Sammy making a difference in the works, but who knows?? LOL!

  4. Wow, that that all sounds like a lot of stress. Why not give up TV and just watch the dogs. That would be less stressful and more entertaining. Sounds like somebody needs to be watching the little rascals.

  5. Haaaa! Linda, you may have a good point there!

  6. always ask to speak to a supervisor if you're not happy with the response you're getting from the person you are talking to! it's worked countless times for the hubster and I in many areas.

    4 years? definitely should last longer, but the industry probably banks on our throw away society and the fact that most people will just give up and go out and buy a new one... and they are the ones who have made us that way. are you having them take your old one? is there a fee? they will probably fix it and sell it someplace to some unsuspecting joe...

    synical ~ they've made me this WAY!!!

  7. Meowmomma, I usually do ask for a sup, but I was just so frustrated today that I broke my own "rule." I just wanted off the phone and on with life. Honestly, after reading the other reports/gripes, I felt like I wanted one from a different company.

    The new one will probably be delivered by FedEx or UPS, so no old set PU. I live in a rural area where the closest "major distributor" is 75-80 miles away, so delivery from them is not likely. And it would have meant I had to go there to purchase it, too. I'm going to advertise for someone who might be willing to do the repairs, and if not, I'll put it in the next electronics recycling here. If someone local wants to take it and fix it, I'm OK with that.

    It's hard to not be cynical, isn't it? I so often feel like they have us coming and going and don't particularly care about us anymore.

  8. Like for instance Lyn, you cannot purchase a new tube tv anymore, against the law, lol. Of course 4 years is not long enough for a tv, it should last a great long time. I have a small tv in my bedroom with a beautiful picture and it is many years old without any problems. Just a manufacturing flaw I would say. Enjoy your new tv. PS It has been raining here for a couple of hours now!

  9. I meant to say "you cannot purchase a new tube tv anymore IN CALIFORNIA".

  10. What a frustrating experience..UGH, I feel your pain. Enjoy your new tv when it comes.

  11. Well, Moni, just as I read your words about raining, there was a long roll of thunder! I guess it is back here for a while!

    I'm thinking the problem was some sort of design flaw, since it seems to be prevalent in the 32". But if the WCS rep couldn't say something like, "We've found a replacement part to remedy the problem," I also figure it might be an ongoing, recurring issue. I'm glad I'll be out of it soon, a any rate!

  12. Lyn, my suspicion is that the customer service folks are not given any sort of "common fixes" info beyond the kind they offered you: all of the ways it could be someone else's fault.

    There is a significant difference in cost for Westinghouse or any other manufacturer to provide REAL technical support instead of people who can read a script without hurting themselves.

    Fact is, it doesn't provide them a good return on the dollar short-term, so they don't do it.

    Contrast that with companies like Apple. They spend the money to provide superb support knowing it is a huge cost to the company, but then they make it back in spades thanks to customer loyalty.

  13. MJ, thanks for the sympathy. I'm sure I'm going to love the new TV. Or I will after I get the Dish remote to recognize it! I hope that's not another "argh!"

    Rick, I'm cure you're right on that. I understand about the short-term and long-term money return, but as you say, companies such as Apple have turned the short-term dollar into a long-term one. I hate the cost of my Apple products, BUT I wouldn't have something else once I've tried theirs. I get the same courtesy and expertise when I call for a cable costing a few bucks as I do when I'm ordering $3000 of computer "stuff."

    BTW, did you know that Apple also encourages their well-trained people to take other jobs that will eventually benefit Apple? Before Kansas City had an Apple Store, I went to Micro Center because they had good technicians, informed about Macs. Most places didn't offer anyone who knew diddly-squat about them. One day I talked extensively with one of them, and learned that he was Apple-trained and had worked for them for several years. I don't remember the whole deal now, but they offered him a generous "severance" package so he could work at Micro Center and give good service to the KC metro area to help "spread the news" about Macintosh! And he was rehirable, if he chose to return to the West Coast. How's that for excellence?

    Another BTW, when I called Kodak and Bose for my replacement remotes, I received superb, professional service. I had previously been given a wrong part number on one of them (I had called after hours and a technician gave it to me) and it was quickly, efficiently and pleasantly corrected before the order was placed. Small purchases, big service!

    So once again .... shame on Westinghouse.


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