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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sometimes I'm just a doofus

Lawdy, I cost myself a lot of money with silly mistakes. Well, OK, not a whole lot, but still ....

I've had an Amazon account for a long time. Who hasn't? Anyway, let's call that account "L." Terri and Kirk have an account of their own, which we don't have to name because it doesn't directly figure in this saga.

When Terri, Kirk and the kids gave me the Kindle, Kirk figured the easiest way to keep our credit card info separate was to set up another Amazon account for our Kindles. Let's call that account "K."

[BTW, if you don't know it, with an account for Kindles, you can designate up to six devices (Kindles, iPods, etc.) on it and share the books. This means that (1) they are cheaper than printed books, and (2) once we pay for it, everyone on the account (Terri, both her daughters and I) can access that book. That means we have the possibility of having 4 for 1 at the cost of, for example, $7.99 rather than $24.99 for the printed version of said book! Super deal!)

What we do is use our personal accounts to buy gift cards to apply to the Kindle account. For instance, I buy a gift card at my account, "L", and then apply it to the joint account, "K." Once it is in the "K" account I can buy Kindle books to download to my device, and if Terri or the girls want it, they can download it as well. Simple and clean, right?


Twice now I have applied the gift card to my own account, "L," rather than the "K" one! I keep forgetting to sign out of the Amazon account "L" after purchasing, then sign into the "K" account to use it, or apply it. ARGH. That means I have to then purchase yet another gift card, send it, sign out, change accounts and apply the second amount to the "K" account!

I can't find a way to use the incorrectly applied gift card amounts in my "L" account in order to purchase a gift for "K." I guess "gift cards" aren't meant to be regifted! I'm still working on it, but to date, I haven't found the way. I'll get it done eventually, if there is a way.

The bad thing is, I'm costing myself double!! The good thing? I have a nice pad in my "L" account now. Let's see .... what should I buy?

Tomorrow is a day trip! Wooohooo! We are making a jaunt to Santa Fe. We are doing the Trader Joe's and Whole Foods run, and decided to change scenery. We'll do our shopping and have lunch with my friend, Enid. I'm so looking forward to it! Less chaotic than many of the Albuquerque runs where we tend to pack in so much for one day. Hopefully it will be more relaxed and fun. I'll let you know when I get back. But you knew I would do that! Silly me, I didn't have to even say it!

Ta-ta, y'all!

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