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Friday, July 02, 2010

Busy day

I've had a great 24+ hours!

Shortly after noon yesterday I had guests arrive. It was some former neighbors in Kansas City, Juanita and Melissa. When we moved into our house in 1976, we learned soon that our middle daughter, Annette, was friends with their oldest daughter, Laura. Annette and Laura kept trying to get our families together, but with busy schedules, we adults kept putting it off. The girls finally succeeded by involving us in a school project with them, and our two families became good friends. Over the next four years we spent much time together and have so many "tales to tell"!

Then they moved away when Juanita's husband was transferred to Chicago. We visited them there once, taking a train from KC to Chi-town. Later they moved to Wisconsin, and we rarely saw each other. But it is one of those friendships that goes on and on, however loosely.

Melissa came to visit me last summer while she was in Albuquerque taking some classes at UNM. This year she returned for more, and her mom flew out to join her for a few days, to come see me and then go to Missouri for her high school reunion and a family reunion. They could stay just the one night, but we had a fabulous time visiting all afternoon while waiting for the TV to be delivered. After it came we went into Ruidoso and did a little window shopping. I actually bought two things spending a grand total of $8, a pair of earrings and a wire basket for flowers that I will attach to the railing on the deck. After that we went to dinner and enjoyed a long, leisurely meal and more catching up. We stayed up late, of course, and then this morning we had coffee, breakfast and more chatting.

Know what? I didn't take a picture!!!! Seriously, I know!! Me!! grrrrrr.

After they left mid- morning, I took down the old TV and sound system and put the new ones up. I'm happy with them. Buuuut .... I just found out the iPod dock doesn't play my iPod! What's with that? I'll be calling on that next week, as this week is gone.

Today I also received some more goodies. First, The remote for the Kodak Digital picture frame came. Unfortunately, it doesn't have a battery in it and it needs one of those watch-type batteries, so I will have to go get one. I figure it was an oversight but I decided to just buy one rather than calling them and waiting for it to come. Second, a pair of shoes I ordered arrived, a pair that is good support for walking, but without looking like a bulky clump on my feet. I wore them all afternoon, and they were very comfy! Lastly, a book from a friend came in the mail. It's one his wife wrote, and I commented that I'd written to the publisher asking that it be formatted for Kindle. He told me that wasn't likely to happen, and he should know .... he is the publisher! So he sent me a copy of the book in lieu of the Kindle version. I'll probably begin reading it tonight.

Now the one thing left to arrive is the remote for the Bose radio. I'll be really happy to see it, and then I'm set.

It has rained lightly most of the afternoon. So very nice! No thunder, so Jazmyn has been calm, and everything smells so good. Melissa commented last night as we returned from dinner how good it smells when it has been raining on the pines. Ah, yes! One of the many "favorite" things I love about my home!


  1. Your visit sounds so very nice Lyn. How great to have old friends to share memories with.

  2. What was really nice is that we were talking as if we still lived across the street with no lapse of time. That's a comfortable relationship. :)

  3. What a very nice visit, it really is special when old friends get together. It is almost like time stops.

    Good luck with your technical problems. Some sound easier for me to handle than others. I love my Kindle, but would be frustrated if I couldn't get a book on it. I haven't run into that yet.

    I have to agree, the smell of wet pines is the best!!! Have a great night.

  4. I've found several books that I've wanted that just weren't available for Kindle, but they tend to be books from just a few years back, before the Kindle world exploded,, and I think they haven't been put into that form. It actually seems easier to find older books, those more than 10-15 years old that have been converted than those books just, say 5 years old. I guess it will take time to catch up.

    And pines........ ahhhhhhhhhh.

  5. Wow you have been busy! I am so happy that you were able to visit with old friends. It is so worth it! Only the time seems to go buy too fast. Glad that you're all set up with your t.v. now and a good new book to read to boot! So now you can relax? Maybe, for a bit! Love Di ♥

  6. Hi There!!
    Just came back to see if you are still around? Hope everything is alright! Love Di ♥

  7. I am, Di. Just been lazy and haven't felt inspired to post. But I'll be back!


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