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Thursday, July 08, 2010


Mercy. Sometimes I wonder if I think in complete concepts. I was in town today and noticed some really pretty towels in vivid seafoam green and coral. I remembered that I recently noticed that my towels in the guest bath were getting rather worn an faded looking. They are in red, blue and yellow, and they all look faded and dull. So I grabbed some new ones, a bath rug and seat cover. Yessir, those are gonna look good! The colors are bright and sparkling and really cheer it up. And then ....

I looked up and realized that my shower curtain is red. Bright red! Gah!! It's a fabulous curtain, and it wasn't cheap. But it is ghastly with the new towels. Guess I'll be going back to town again in the next few days. Before you ask, I did look around and there is nothing else I need to replace.

I stopped at a garden nursery on the way home. I was hoping to find some Wandering Jew, the deep purple kind. But no. They didn't have any. I did find some delightful little plants for the wire basket plant thing-y I bought at a consignment shop recently. I painted the wire red. I hadn't found anything that would fit in it and look nice with plants. So when I got home I sprayed three pots blue, dropped them inside and voilĂ !

I also fell in love with this plant. Of course, I don't remember the name, but it is a succulent with pretty red and orange flowers. Sorry the pic isn't very clear, but the breeze was blowing the plant a little.

It is really pretty, whatever it is. The woman said that since it is a succulent, I can bring it in in the winter and it will do well in the house.

I got the gauge for the propane tank on my grill. Thank goodness. No more running out of gas in the middle of something because I couldn't tell how much was left. I also got a replacement plug for the dispenser in the dishwasher for JetDry. I apparently didn't put it back in right once time, and it fell out against the heating element and was warped.

Boy, I had a productive day! But then, there's that damn shower curtain.


  1. You did indeed have a productive day. You sound like me shopping. Sometimes I wonder if it's safe for me to be out alone.

    I really like your red wire thingy. It looks really bright and pretty with the blue pots. You did good on that.

  2. Oh, Linda, I think you're right about the shopping. Sadly. Thanks, I like the red thing-y, too!

  3. Yes the wire plant holder is really pretty with the plants in it. I love pretty things like that. Sorry about the color mixup, but then it will give you another excuse for a little shopping trip.

  4. Moni, I hardly need an excuse for shopping!! Unfortunately!! Thanks. I love finding inexpensive little "pretties," even if they need a little fixing up.

  5. Oh Lyn you are just so darn creative! The wire basket and pots are very cute!
    I just recently bought new towels and shower curtain too. What a difference that made! It's amazing.
    O.K. now the plant game! I have that same succulent plant. It was my mom's and is growing like crazy. So much so that it needs a repot! I have been very curious as to what it is. Too bad you couldn't find out!
    LOve Di ♥

  6. Di, I'll call the nursery and find out. She told me, I just didn't remember. Duh! I 'll let ya know. Or, since I now have to go in for the shower curtain, Perhaps I'll just stop by and ask. OH NO, I can't do that!!! I'll buy more plants! I'll CALL then let you know! LOL!

    As I said, "I'm Lyn and I'm a plantaholic."

  7. Well, Di, I sent you an email with information about it.

    For the rest of you, if you are interested, it is called "hearts & flowers," also known as "Ice Plant." Aha! I've heard of ice plant. I've seen in grown on the ground, but never in a hanging basket like this!

  8. I love your new blue pots in the red wire holders. How sweet.

    I am laughing over the shower curtain. Sounds like something I would do.

    ~hippo hugs~

  9. Pam, I felt so silly! Laughing is the best response, for sure!

  10. In Odessa they sold it as a Dew Plant. It flowers in pink or yellow. If a branch breaks off, it would root readily. If you want to you can move it indoors in winter it will bounce back in spring. I overwintered a glass full of cuttings and voila! -S

  11. I discovered it is the same plant that I put in one of my iron kettles and it was gorgeous .... the the deer decided to munch on it! However, it is coming back with gusto! The longer branches that they stripped the leaves from I simply clipped them off, stuck them back into the soil and, by golly, they are already taking root and replacing leaves and even blossoms! What a hardy,durable, and beautiful little plant!

    I'll winter them inside, and in the spring, I'll stick a bunch of branches in the soil outside and just let it take off. I have some rose moss, but this seems to be more vital.

    I think I have a favorite new green friend!


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