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Monday, July 12, 2010

Day Three of New Canine Cuisine

The pups are lovin' it, plain and simple. This morning the fare was grated carrots and minced apples mixed in the dry dog food, and they scarfed it just like they did yesterday. Once again, Jazmyn was the first one to clean the bowl and lick it as if she could squeeze more flavor out that way! Lola seems to be more satisfied with her food, and interesting phenomena, as she is the bottomless pit who could stand to lose a little weight. She loves the veggies and fruit mixed in, but she eats and seems contented at the end of the bowl. And since everyone is eating the whole bowl at once, she won't be going back and eating the left overs from everyone else.

The one consideration that concerns me is that when I travel I'll have to ask my sitter to go to this trouble. I'm considering how to go about this. I'll probably fine chop veggies and try to seal them as tightly as possible so the sitter can just stir it into the dry dog food and be done with it. I hope it works. Whatever, for now, everyone is happy as can be!

And now .... I have to get busy. I have some friends coming over for a girls night. Yesterday was the last day of Art Loop, the county-wide artists' studio tour, and this is an "it's over" celebration. We are going to watch the movie Book of Eli while we munch. Parts of the movie was filmed in Carrizozo a village about 20 miles from me, and several of us haven't seen it. I'm making some small sandwiches, sorts of like sliders, available with an avocado salad, and everyone is bring snacks. I have a little house work to do and food to prepare, so I'd better get crackin'!

Y'all come back now, y'hear???


  1. It's a good thing that Sophie can't read because if she was reading all the yummy stuff your pups were getting to eat she would be very upset at me. :)

  2. I think you should take more time with her dining pleasures! But I won't tell her on you.

    psssssst. Sophie! Can you hear me? OK, listen .........

  3. Enjoy your evening with the girls. Sounds to me like it will be a lot of fun. When we lived in California, we lived in a Mobile Home Park. It had all the good stuff there and the ladies always gravitated to our place because of our large porch. I miss having all those friends to share things with. Deming doesn't have nice Mobile Home communities with pools, saunas, etc. So we have a house of our own. I like the community feel of the Park.

  4. Moni, I used to have that kind of home, the friends and neighbor magnet. Living as rurally as I do, that doesn't happen exactly, so I've begun to instigate more get-togethers, more or less forcing the issue! It's a lot easier to do in the close knit community, but a challenge has never stopped me from trying! It seems to be paying off.

  5. Eating is always a problem with my little dog. Perhaps I'll try some of your suggestions. Sounds healthy as well as interesting, and a good change for them.

    By the way, Bob loved your suggestion of removing tape with Vodka. He says he wants to try that method.

  6. Glad to hear your pups are enjoying mealtime. Another yummy but super easy thing you can do, or have your pup sitter do, is put in a teaspoon of plain yogurt (organic if you can find it) or a teaspoon or so of cottage cheese, low fat for those who don't need the extra calories. These are super easy but yummy!!

  7. Linda, I hope it works for your little guy, too. I know mine are happy campers! And as for Bob .... now let's be honest .... did he like the removal with vodka or the suggestion to have a sip while you're doing it?? LOL!

    Deb, excellent idea! I know they like both because when I drop some, they go crazy! Thanks!

  8. Your new way of feeding fits with what I understand of dog habits. They, originally are scavengers and will eat whatever comes their way - good things and bad. My cairn terrier dives into the ripe bushes of brambles and raspberries for what she can harvest. So take care!

  9. Freda, one of my dogs, Max lived on the streets for an undetermined period, and he has a good understanding of scavenging! The others, we have little idea about their history, but they all seemed not to know or recognize people foods. Boy, they do now! They're loving it!


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