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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Good morning!

On the morning of July 4th, just a couple days ago, I was captivated by the beautiful mist and clouds around the mountains.

Then this morning, I found the sky nearly cloudless.

This one little cloud was all I could see in the whole big, blue sky. Some clouds are beginning to build now, and it will probably rain this afternoon or evening.

I have a few plants to put in the ground, and I want to do that before the rain I should have several hours, though. And Di, when you read this, I know you will laugh, because I just admitted I bought more plants. You and I should stay away from those places, shouldn't we? LOL!

While I was on the deck reading, enjoying coffee and a cherry-almond scone from Trader Joe's [eyes rolling back in my head], I noticed that the juniper tree straight in front of the deck is loaded with berries.

Wanna come visit, and we'll make some gin! Martinis, anyone? Or do you prefer a gin tonic?

While I was reading, I noticed the birds had quit singing. I wondered why they had gone quiet. After a few seconds, in the corner of my eye I saw one flying. I looked up and saw ....

.... an eagle!

It is probably a Golden Eagle, as this area is a home for them year round. We have Bald Eagles, too, but usually just in the winter. There were actually three of them, but I couldn't capture all three, or even two, in one frame. They were certainly searching for breakfast around my property. Circling and swooping low, then soaring up again. It was beautiful to watch. I must admit, however, that I quickly counted my dogs to be sure none was in the back yard alone! After a few minutes, the trio moved on down the valley, continuing to circle and swoop, and the birds at my house began chirping again. Crisis averted!

I love mornings that start quietly and yet full of my surroundings. I hope your day is as sweet as mine.

.... Life is beautiful!!!


  1. I will have a Gin Martooni, straight up with an anchovy olive please!
    Your scenery is so exquisite Lyn, I can totally understand why you choose to live there!
    Funny too because I was just thinking the other day that it has been years since I've seen an Eagle in flight.
    About the flower thing, I needed a bag of dirt from Lowes. When I was up there today I just kept on drivin' right by! I knew what would happen if I stopped!
    Gorgeous pictures Lyn. Love Di ♥

  2. I haven[t had a gin martooni in decades, and while I'm not much of a gin drinker, it sounds pretty good right now. I forgot I used to like a Salty Dog. Hmmm, now that sounds good, too! I must be in the mood for a drink!

    As for plants, all I can say is "I'm Lyn, and I'm a plantaholic." Sheesh.

    The eagle .... I wasn't sure if what I'd been seeing here was eagle or hawk, and I've never had my camera handy as I did today. I grabbed the Sibley, the Audubon Society bird book, and looked at the wing shapes, etc., and there we have it! Just another bonus to where I live. Ahhhhhhhh.


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