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Sunday, July 25, 2010

More of my adventure photos

Another WARNING! Bu..., er, bucket load of pictures ahead, but not as many as with the petroglyphs.

~ ~ ~ ~

It's all about weather. And we have had some weather here in the last few days!

After my kids (the real ones, Scott, Connie & Kylee) left here on Friday, I putzed around for a while, then I drove into Capitan for an event. The owner of the gallery where I used to work was receiving an award as the Citizen of the Year, and a reception was taking place.

As I drove from my house, I watched the sky and the storm clouds. It was all magnificent!

Here are some pictures of what I saw as I drove ....

I saw this little piece of a rainbow along the way.

The cloud shadows against the mountains were so interesting.

When I was near Capitan, I spotted a downpour on the northern horizon. Actually not on the horizon, as it was just a mile or two from me, but what a sight!

My thought was, "Think it'll rain?" LOL!!!

Don't look at the houses. They are blurry and will make you dizzy, even though you're sitting still. But look at the intensity of the rain! You can barely make out the mountains on each side of the photo.

The reception was nice. I got to visit with a lot of friends, some of whom I haven't had seen in a while. Much fun! There were some nice snacks, enough to serve as dinner. It was a good mix of sandwiches, fruit and vegetables.

The weather changed greatly while I was there. That downpour moved over Capitan and turned into an onslaught of water from the heavens! It rained so hard that you couldn't see my truck, which was parked right outside the window! You could see blue, not not the truck. It rained like that for nearly an hour, and then finally stopped when the streets were all full of water. Getting into my truck was a horrible challenge, as there was a puddle as wide as I could step right beside it.

As I drove home, the weather changes were evident. Everything was soaked. The dark thunderheads were lightening to grey, and the setting sun was behind them.

There were spots so brilliant with the sun shining on clouds, I could barely look at them.

And look at the blue shadow across the sky, cast by the sun behind the mountain. I've never seen this kind of effect before.

I stopped at one of my favorite photo spots to catch the windmill in the cloudy sunset.

This is my mountain, totally lost behind a heavy, heavy cloud. My house is actually just below the line. I had no difficulty getting home, and then it started raining again not long after I was home.

Saturday morning I drove to the post office to mail Scott's shaving bag. After they brushed their teeth, they failed to pick up the bag, so I shipped it to Albuquerque. As I made the short drive I noticed how green Nogal Peak is. Oh, my goodness, this is beautiful. The grassy parts (I think you can tell the difference between the tree bearing areas and the grassy ones) are often brown. It is approaching the elevation where nothing grows well, so unless there is a great deal of rain, it remains dusty brown. This year we are so full of rain that the whole mountain is cloaked in a beautiful green cover. This is my home. I love it.


  1. Absolutely beautiful pictures Lyn. Your mountain is indeed green and with more rain to come, it will be that way for a while. You live in a very lovely place:)

  2. Thanks, Moni. It's easy to love it here. :)

  3. Beautiful pictures!!! I love taking pictures of sunsets when it's been raining. They really are beautiful.

  4. Thanks! Yeah, moisture in the air does wonderful things to sunrises/sunsets, doesn't it? :)

  5. Just gorgeous Lyn, I so understand why you love it there! I wonder how Jazy fared while you were gone with the storms? Love Di ♥

  6. I donno, Di. When I got home, she seemed OK. It's possible it didn't thunder here. There was not much after I was home, so ..... Yep, I love this place. :)

  7. Amazing photos! I love the way the sun and clouds can play together to make the sky a gorgeous work of art!

  8. You know, Dakota, you said it right. That is why I enjoy photographing nature. I find so many things that need no "staging," other than my eye. Clouds, trees, flowers .... we've been given a fabulous group of selections!


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