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Monday, August 16, 2010


A little bit ago I saw some pictures of a class reunion on FB, and it reminded me of something funny that happened last week. Remember the weekend of the art tour? On Sunday, I was making the rounds of the homes with Dorothy, and at one stop, I, er, uh, well ........

I was following the map and signs to each site. In addition, each site was marked with a bright colored flag. As we neared on of the sites, we saw 5-6 cars parked on the road, and the parking area of the house had another 6-8 cars. I commented that it was obviously a popular stop, and Dorothy added that we had certainly not timed it well and would have to share space with many others. We both chuckled about it.

I parked on the road and we walked up the long driveway. As we got close to the house we saw the garage door was open, a common thing on these tours, allowing one or more artists to exhibit there. However, there was nothing in the garage. We continued to the front door, stopping for 3-4 minutes to admire the absolutely lovely garden in the courtyard. I showed Dorothy a couple plants I'd planted since she was last at my house, and she pointed out one she wants to add to her own. Then we went to the front door.

Since each site handles things differently, some/all artists inside, or divided between inside and garage or patio locations, and because of having so many people traipsing in and out of the homes, most homeowners leave the air conditioning off and the front door open. Others, for their own comfort, prefer the a/c on and the door closed, and visitors are invited to walk in. So we did.

Inside the house we were puzzled, because there were no displays of art. Yes, there was art, but it seemed to belong to the home. A few steps in, it occurred to us that there were about 30 people gathered around  several tables on the patio and in the dining room, obviously having brunch! My first thought was that the homeowner was furnishing food for the artists, but about the same time I realized there were too many people, and I got it! OMG!! We had just walked into a private party!! It turned out that there was a high school class reunion, and it was brunch at "John and Mary's" house! The house on the art tour was next door. Lawdy.

These lovely folks, probably 10-15 years my junior and 20 or so younger than Dorothy, invited us to have brunch with them! We declined and went back down the driveway, laughing at ourselves, and I saw what the problem was. The flag was placed between the two driveways, closer to the correct one, but not where it was clear, and neither of us saw the second driveway until we were back at the truck. It wasn't easy to see until you were right on it.

We went on to the right house, and the homeowner there got a real kick out of it when we told her about it. She said that if it was going to happen anywhere, that was the ideal place, because they were the nicest people. Yeah, I'd agree.

So here's the deal. If you're ever in the mood to crash a party, a wedding, heck, maybe even a funeral, give me a holler!!


  1. Hahahaha!!!! I love this story!!! You know if you were in KC and you did this you probably would have had the cops called on you. :)

    You know you are in a great place when you walk into the wrong house and they ask you if you want to stay anyway.

  2. I hadn't considered the KC angle, but you're right! In fact, most in KC wouldn't have an unlocked door, let along have doors standing open like most of the homes. Yep, a good place!

  3. That's funny!!! It sounds kind of like something that would happen to me! 'cept I might have stayed for the food! lol

  4. We should have! The only problem is, the OMG factor took over!

  5. OMG, I am LOL!!!!!!!!! I can envision it in all it's glory!
    Love Di ♥

  6. Yeah, it was rather glorious, Di!!

  7. What a great story! Next time, though, I do hope you stay for the meal. When I saw the title, I was afraid it had to do with a traffic incident, so the story was welcome relief!


  8. I didn't mean to leave that impression! In retrospect, well, duh! Of course that is what it look like. Sorry!

  9. I have to agree with some of the others who have commented here. I'd be tempted to at least grab an appetizer if they were the grab and go type. You've piqued my interest on southwest cuisine with all your own tales of cooking there.

  10. I remember a night of party crashing back in college; the most memorable moment being flying out the back door with a crowd of folks at a party busted by the police.

    Of course, party crashing in college is not hard as all folks are doing is dancing and drinking and doesn't really matter how you know who.

  11. Dave, to be honest I didn't look, but they were all sitting down, having a civilized meal, so "grab and run" didn't even occur to me!

    Southwest cuisine is unique, I think. I like that people experiment with standard foods and create new tastes. I realize other cuisines do that, too, but some of the combo that come from here are special. I found a recipe from Georgia for "Peach Enchiladas," and when I read it, there was NOTHING that smacked of enchiladas! However, it sounds like a nice dessert, and I'm planning to try it out .... with a few of my own additions! I considering a little bit of mild green chili in the mix and I'm considering using flour tortillas instead of the pastry crust in the recipe. I'll let ya know.

    Mary, you're right! This was not even close to college days party crashing! When 30-40 pairs of eyes are glued on you, retreat is all you can think of, trust me!! And forget the hysterical giggling and excitement involved in beating the cops out the back door .... this was simply trying to remove myself with a bit of dignity left! LOL!!

  12. This is too funny. I think I would have stopped long enough for a glass of wine.

  13. Now that you mention it, I don't remember seeing wine/wine glasses on the tables. WHAT KIND OF REUNION IS THAT????????


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