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Monday, August 02, 2010


I did my necessary errands this morning, even had time while in Rui to stop and visit with a couple friends that I don't see often. I enjoyed that SO much!

When I came home I did some more work on the stone steps. I know, I know! I keep saying I'm done, then I find one that is loose, and I have to either work on packing it in tighter or sometimes move a few around to make them "seat" better. It's close, but I may be doing this for another several weeks. I'm really liking the new configuration of the steps. They are less steep, except for one step, and I'm trying to figure out how to remedy that one. I'll certainly be glad when they are done, at any rate.

This was taken a couple days ago, in the middle of some "relocation" of stones. I'm getting there, I'm getting there.

I was actually out taking pictures of the flowers in the garden, and I caught the steps in this photo.

(If you want to see any of the pix better, remember you can click on them to enlarge.)

Here are some of the flowers in the garden, my iron kettles and on the deck:

I was taking a picture of this little group of flowers ....

.... when I saw this little guy land right there for me!

This is one of the iron kettles that I use for a mixture of flowers.

There's a little of everything in my garden, cacti, yucca, wild flowers and store-bought lovelies.
One of my favs is this, a South African ground cover that comes in a huge variety of colors. It's the same one that is in my header.
Another of those South African ground cover flowers.
Black-eyed Susans, seeds I just threw into the rock garden.
A Shasta Daisy
Whirling Butterflies! I love that name!!
Ice Plant or Hearts & Flowers.
One of the pots on the deck with a conglomeration.

More of the African ground cover.
 So it goes.  I can't wait till the ground covers really do cover the ground. I'm keeping my eyes open for an affordable small garden table and a couple chairs to put in the garden. Not going to be easy to find, but I'll just keep my eyes open. It would be nice to take a glass of tea and sit out there for a while. I'm really loving the little garden.

.... Life is beautiful!!!!


  1. I love flowers! Yours are beautiful! Since we are on the road fulltime, I carry a few pots of petunias, verbenia, etc, with me. Do you have any mossrose? It is one of my favs and does so well in NM.

  2. Musicalbee, I do have mossrose. They are small plants that I have started in the rock bed under and around my steps. It is doing well, but still rather small plants. I'm hoping it will be a good enough start to survive the winter.

    I know a couple other full-times who carry their plants with them. My cuz puts the pots in the sink when they are going to be moving so they don't break!

  3. Your garden is lovely Lyn. I'm thinking that just a little mortar would help you out with the rocks for stairs. I love the natural rocks>EEE


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