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Friday, August 13, 2010

Planning a trip

I'm starting to plan a trip. To Hawaii. Yep! I've never been there, and I'm very excited about it. There is a bittersweetness to it, however.

The friend I'm going to be seeing and staying with there is someone with whom I went to school back in junior high and high school. We barely knew each other. I remember one exchange between us that stuck with me. He doesn't remember it. And he had no memory of my face, but remembered my name.

A year or so ago, we encountered each other on the internet through a fluke, one that we have never figured out. I was getting messages that "someone" was trying to contact me on Since I don't have a paid membership, I couldn't see who it was. When I clicked where I was supposed to find the name, it led me on a wild goose chase, and eventually his picture would pop up. But there was never a message.

I ignored this for months, thinking it was the site's efforts to get me to buy a membership, and that was probably right. Eventually, I sent him a message asking if he was actually trying to reach me. There was a strange, confusing and confused exchange of emails, until we decided that it was something meant to be.

In the ensuing months, we have communicated a lot. Most of it is now by phone, and we have often talked one or two hours at a stretch. A sweet, warm relationship has evolved over time, nothing romantic, but very tender. We began talking about visiting each other. He wanted to return to New Mexico, to visit the home ground, and he invited me to come to Hawaii.

He has a number of health problems, one is a form of Parkinson's, and he has known that his days of traveling are limited. For a man who has been all around the world, lived in the Himalayas at one time, this was a sobering realization. The health issues have worsened and multiplied. Currently, his blood pressure is out of control, from extremely high to dangerously low, which means he can't fly anywhere at this time. So when we were talking recently, he asked when I might come and I said I hoped to be able to financially justify it in January, and the disappointment in his "Oh," was something I picked up on. I asked him if he felt that would be too late. He said, "Maybe, I'm not sure, but I think I won't be here long." I checked with my psychic friend, and she suggested that I go sooner if I can. January would be OK, she said, but the sooner I go, the better for him.

So you see the bittersweet of it. I'll tell you, that is one thing that stinks about aging. Losing friends and family members comes faster and more frequently. This is the third found-late-in-life friend to have health issues this serious. I don't like that. I've already lost the other two.    :(

I'm rearranging a number of things in my schedule to make a trip. Currently I think I will probably go late in October and stay a couple weeks. I'm hoping to be very creative in my packing and take just 5-6 changes of clothing so I can, I hope, pack in just a carry on. I say this mostly so I don't have to deal with checked (and possible lost) luggage. It would just make my trip more simple if I can do it. We'll see. I'm looking at my wardrobe for things that will pack small, shake out without a lot of care. Never in my life have I traveled that light, so this is a new experience and challenge for me.I think I can do it. I hope so!

Anyone have any tips on thrifty packing?


  1. We always roll our clothes. I don't know if it really makes a difference but the husband said it does! Have you ever been to Hawaii before Lyn? It's nice that you will get to meet your friend.
    Katie was allowed 2 good sized carry ons and a smaller bag. The airline's website will give you the dimensions. You can cram a lot into those bags! Also buy all of your toiletries once there. You can buy the small size so it's cheaper then you don't have to worry about going through inspection at the airport.
    Love Di ♥

  2. I roll my clothes, and I think it is better, too. TWO carry-ons + 1? Wow! I'd have zero problems with that! I'll be scheduling in the next couple weeks, and Yes, of course, I'll check it out.

    No, I haven't been to Hawaii. I have wanted to go my whole life, so I will love it. And I know Dell will be a fabulous host. Probably won't get enough sleep, but we will have great fun! As it should be!

  3. Pack in gallon size plastic bags. They're wonderful for travelers.

    Hope you have a wonderful time.

  4. I here Space bags, the kind you can roll the air out of will compress nicely and allow you to accommodate more items. Since you have some lead time you could always ship a box of things ahead of time and would most likely be cheaper/less hassle than paying baggage fees. Ship things home as well such as souvenirs or pack an additional collapsible bag for additional items on your return trip home. I hope these ideas help and Dell is feeling well during your visit. I can't wait to see your beautiful pictures when you get back i understand the waterfalls are magnificent.


  5. DJ, I was thinking about doing that, too. I use the big ones to store bedding, and I thought those might be good for this trip. I really, really don't want a lot of luggage.

    If I add much to my collection while there, I will ship it home.

  6. I'm sorry for the reason for your hastened trip, but very glad you will be able to do this for him (and yourself). I hope your time there is wonderful. :)

  7. Jen, I can almost promise it will be a wonderful time, despite the urgency. I look forward to sharing a giant hug with this man whom I've not seen for 50 years!

  8. I am sorry that your friend is not doing well!!! I am glad you are going to go out and visit him. I know you guys have become close over the last year or so.

    I love Hawaii!!! I am lucky enough that I have been there 5 times. What island are you going to? I think my favorite is Maui, but it's been a long time since I have been there and I am sure it's really touristy there now.

    Have fun and I know I don't have to tell you, but take lots of pics.

  9. He lives on the East side of the Northern tip of the Big Island. It is probably one of the least commercialized areas in the islands, and I'm glad for that. It will make for a more peaceful visit. I'm sure we will play tourist, however.

    I'm very excited. It will be fun, and you KNOW I'll take a couple of 2 Gb. chips full of photos!

  10. I have been on a roller coaster ride like you. 50 years old is to young for a nursing home but hopefully my friend won't be there long. I know you will enjoy your trip, and you will enjoy your new found friendship. Have fun.

  11. I'll enjoy it, I'm sure. The trip will certainly be double-edged, but the emphasis will be on the good times. :)


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