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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Some of my favorite words .... DAY TRIP!!!

Yesterday Linda, Pearl and I went to Albuquerque to pick up our friend Jeannie who was flying back from California. And since we were going to be there anyway, you know we just had to shop! We actually cut it fairly short, considering some of the insanely whirlwind sprees we've done.

After collecting Jeannie and her luggage, we took care of the important business first. LUNCH! Jeannie had not eaten at Yanni's, the Greek restaurant that we have enjoyed several times, so we went there. We started with appetizers of calamari (every time, the absolutely best I've ever eaten a.n.y.w.h.e.r.e), and some hummus. I had Parmesan Encrusted Sole, one of my favorites, and it was, as always, delicious. I also splurged with a baklava and coffee at the end. I'm usually too full, but I just needed it this time! Of course, I brought home about half of my meal, making it more possible to fit in the baklava! No dummy in these shoes!

We had not planned to go to Buffalo Exchange, but it is one of Linda's favorite places to get things for her vintage clothing and jewelry shop, and it is just a block down the street, so we did. I'm glad, because I found several really nice linen shirts, 4 of them Chico. These will round out my clothing needs for the trip to Hawaii.

A stop at PetSmart was next. We all had pet needs to attend to. Most of my purchases were humdrum, but I brought home some new toys for The Kids. Some chewing ropes, a football made with that fire hose material, and the ones in following pictures. They are very happy with them.
One of the new toys. Lola is so hard on plush toys, but I've bought a couple similar to this and she hasn't destroyed them, so I'm hoping. Last night, she didn't try to tear the squeaker out of it, so we're off to a good start.

Sam likes that one, too. See that embarrassing Wubba toy in the background? Lola kept after it till she'd chewed the ball free. I threw the ball away. She still plays with it, but no longer seems hell-bent on destruction. Weird little dog!

Here's another I'll watch carefully. I hope she doesn't chew the tennis balls and ropes to shreds. So far, she only carries it around and chews on the rope. Good girl!!

I'd like to think she is saying "Thanks, Mom, for the neat new toys!"

They are both happy with the new toys. Don't they look like they're smiling?  LOL!
OK back to the trip.

The last two stops were Whole Foods and Trader Joe's. Ah, c'mon! You knew I couldn't be in Albuquerque or Santa Fe and not go there! I came home with some triple cream Brie and filo dough to make some baked brie; several cheeses, including Leyden with caraway seeds and Cottsworth with chives and onion, two of my favorites; a dozen gorgeous peaches; pizzelle cookies; kalamata olives to make tapanade; honey and sesame coated cashews and almonds, one of my favorite snacks; etc. Yum.  Oh, and a gorgeous huge basil plant for just $1.99. I can't afford to even grow one at that price! Lots of goodies to make my blue days better. OK, OK, I'm not having blue days, but it sounds better then to admit outright that I'm plain ol' spoiling myself. Back off!

On the way home we stopped for the usual Cold Stone Creamery treat. After that, we headed south and east, getting back to the stompin' grounds at about 7:45. The dogs were ecstatic to see me! It seemed to be more exuberant than usual, and when I started tossing those toys on the ground, it was chaos for a few seconds as each investigated a toy, then they rotated until all the toys had had a good "butt sniffin'"!!

By the time I got everything in the fridge, freezer and pantry, the pups were having fun with the toys. I sat down on the couch, and within a few minutes .....

Sam and Jaz were on the couch near my left shoulder....

Lola near my right shoulder, Max (with a huge yawn) by my right hip, and Joey on my left. I was sitting between the two boys, in that BIG space!

The rest of the evening was quiet, and there wasn't much of it before I hit the sack. Slept like a rock. A happy, well-traveled, well-fed rock! It's all good.  :)

.... Life is beautiful!!!!


  1. What a day, sounded like lots o' fun to me! Baklava is one of my very favs Lyn. I treat myself once in a while to it. Just LOVE it!

    We do go through lots of dog toys don't we? Well not you and I but our pups! Katie from time to time will crochet some thick ropes made out of several strands of thick yarn. Ruby loves those.

    And you were right they did look like they were smiling!

    Love Di ♥

  2. These pups can be expensive! It is actually getting a whole lot better since Lola has slowed down on the destroying! When I first brought her home, she tore up toys greater than 1 a week, and now it is less than once a month. Big change.

    Katie's crocheted ropes sound like a good deal. The only problem is that I think Lola would go through it like a drink of water! Yarn isn't tough enough for this girl! Oh, well!

  3. It is sort of a strong synthetic yarn Lyn. Ruby being a Pug has a very strong jaw. She goes through toys very quickly! Especially ropes which are her favorite and it doesn't matter how expensive they are she destroys them!!
    I was wondering if you ever tried one of those long stuffed animals that they advertise on t.v.? I was thinking of trying one. I think they are called Crazy Critters? Love Di ♥

  4. Ahhh. That makes sense. Yes, I've wondered about that dog toy, too. I wonder what makes it "indestructible." I may try one some time.

  5. Thanks for sharing your day, it does my heart good to see someone enjoying life. And the dogs and their pictures and brilliant.

  6. Thanks, Freda! I love sharing, and I love reading about others. It expands us, don't you think? :)

  7. I just love your puppies. I miss Trader Joes, what a wonderful place to shop.

  8. Pepper, there are TJs back east, too. Google it and find one!


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