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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dark on dark is .... really dark!

Coming home from the dinner, I was driving across a five mile long dirt road, a short cut between two highways, doing just about 20. I was taking it very easy, because it was really a dark night and the roads were slippery. It had been raining off and on all evening, and the sky was completely overcast, no moon, no stars, just dark. I'm glad I was going so slow, because suddenly, there was a cow in front of my truck! Right there in the middle of the road, only about 15-20 feet ahead of me and not budging was a huge Black Angus! Actually there were several of them, about 18 or 20, I'd say.

Here's the deal. When it is that dark out, a black cow on a dark road on a dark night doesn't show up, even in headlights! Dang! She just stood there without moving a muscle, so I pulled to the right and went around her, but there were about ten more of them in the road or right beside it, so close that when I eased past them, one of them moved a little and bumped the truck! I could not believe how complacent they were. But it is their home, and the road is a courtesy. Open range means you need to be careful, and I usually am, but that was just spooky.

And now, I gotta get busy packing and ready to leave in the morning. I'll be back with you in a few days. I'm not planning to take the laptop, so I'll check in occasionally if there is time. Otherwise, I'll talk to ya Sunday night or Monday.  Hasta la vista!


  1. I don't remember where you are going Lyn, but have a good time anyway. Be safe!

  2. Well you just have yourself a good old time Lyn! And do watch for cows, and dogs, and whatever other critter may cross your path. Be safe!
    Love Di ♥

  3. Running into a herd of cows in the daylight would have been more amusing... I can see where that would definitely be spooky at night!!

  4. Moni, I'm in Tucson. I thought of you as I drove through Deming!

    Di, my life is never boring, isn it? LOL!

    Thanks Andrea.

    Lisa, it was indeed, spooky! I see this herd often, but I've nevr seen them hang out on the road quite like that!

  5. Glad the black bulls didn't do you any harm. Hope you are having a good time.


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