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Friday, September 10, 2010

A good day's work

I spent the afternoon painting my deck furniture. I'm not nearly done, but I'm on the way!

This bench is from Mexico. It was painted with a really crappy paint, I'm thinking it was watered down, because it was like whitewash. When people sat on it, the paint came off on their clothes! No more! This is good quality paint!

A close up of the bench. I used a combination of flat paint and metallic, so it has a lot of contrast and flash! If you click on this photo, it will enlarge and I think you can see some of the detail.
This trunk is partially finished and so is the stool. there are three more trunks to be painted. I just ran out of steam. I was trying to do several pieces, so I could use the same equipment with the same colors as much as possible.  I'll post more pictures when I finish other pieces.
This is the table I keep a lot of plants on. It's just partially finished, also. I'm trying to decide what colors to proceed with. I'm trying to use color combinations that will startle the senses and make people take a second look. Again, I post a finished picture on this as well.

I have another bench, not Mexican style, to paint. Three more trunks. A metal storage cabinet. Two porch swings, one is partially done. I'm gonna be busy! Oh, and some wooden TV trays that I'm going to paint and decorate. It will be fun.

I'm tired! But it's a good tired. I'm enjoying this, and I'm probably work more on them over the weekend. I'm trying to get everything on the deck protected for winter. It is fun and productive at the same time.

OK, gotta get some dinner in the ol' tum-tum! I'm hoooongry!!


  1. I love your paint colors and your pieces are perfect for your patio. You have talent Lyn. I can see why you enjoy doing this.

  2. Thanks, Moni. In a few weeks all the pieces should be finished, the deck will be refinished, and it should be gorgeous out there! Just in time for winter! LOL! But I do use it in the winter, too, so it's all good.

  3. It looks very pretty Lyn. I like the colors you chose. I love projects like these, they are so fun! Love Di ♥

  4. Oh, Di, these projects are SO much more fun than chopping down scrub oak! I had to take a few days to do something fun. And it is good for my soul to produce something colorful and lively, something I can walk out an see today, tomorrow and next year.


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