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Monday, September 20, 2010

I'm winterizing

I've begun the process of winterizing. I know, it's early. But here's the deal .... I see temperatures in the mid to lower 40s in the forecast over the next ten days. So I began bringing plants in from the deck. Most of them are in their "homes" for the next few months, clustered around windows for optimal sunlight.

When I finished that task, I continued with several other things. The biggest one is that I took about a dozen plants from the deck to the garden, getting them in the ground so they can be ready for winter. They were perrenials, and there should be enough good weather left for them to be ready. I hope so. When I put them in pots on the deck, I didn't really plan to do that, but I knew they were unlikely to last through the winter in the house. I figured I might as well give them a chance in the garden. That number includes potted irises that I bought back in May.  I found some really good spots with enough digging room (meaning without too many rocks) to get them deep enough, mounded a lot of soil around each one, and watered them well.

I still have several hanging baskets with geraniums that I'm trying to decide about bringing in. I'd love to help them make it through and have them ready in the spring, but I'm not sure it's worth the trouble. I'll probably give it a try, but it will mean repotting them, as they are all in open baskets with coconut fiber, definitely not appropriate for indoors, as the water runs right through. I can wait a while on that, since geraniums are hardy.

I've begun my list, so I don't forget things. "Empty hoses" is for later on; "cover a/c" can come later, too; etc. Gotta be focused. Last year I wasn't. For one thing, I often use hoses, etc. until much later in the season, but snow came early and didn't melt till spring, so I had some hoses still out and covered with snow all winter. They don't seem to be damaged, as I had drained them. I just want to be a step ahead of the weather this year.

Have any of you had similar thoughts? I know it is still warm, even hot in some areas, but I don't think it is very far away. In fact, I think the numbers of hummingbirds is down, so I'm guessing they are beginning the long trek south. It is much earlier than usual. I have had them into October before, but I think we might be in for another early, perhaps hard, winter. sigh. I like cooler weather, but really hate to see summer, hummingbirds, and longer days ending. 


  1. Good thinking. They are predicting a colder wetter winter for Oregon. The days are already growing short. It's good to know all the outside winterizing is done.

  2. Our big task to prepare for winter is to harvest firewood. We had some stacks out to season and last week I got them stowed in the woodshed. We really need much more than what we have but we will probably put off the effort of going down into the woods and bringing it up for awhile yet.

    With all the other outdoor work this year, I wish my husband would just agree to buy a couple of cords!

  3. I was wondering if I should have the heating unit checked. Costs about 60 or 70 bucks and I am wondering if it is really necessary.

    I planted some bulbs for spring but it seems early. It is still hot here. Tomorrow is supposed to. Close to 90 (and I am in northeast Indiana, close to the Great Lakes and not far from Canada)

  4. Linda, being alone as I am, I have to make sure I have enough time, so starting early seemed to make sense. I already miss the longer days. Is it me, or does it seem to everyone that the days are shortening very early?

    Merikay, I don't have a wood burner. I though about installing one, but didn't because I honest like my house rather cool, and it is hard to control with a stove or fireplace. Well, unless you have a super-duper one like my parents did. The other factor was the though of carrying wood in and ashes out turned me off! it is, again, that thing about being alone, and I didn't want to have to do all that on my own. I'd definitely buy wood!

  5. Mary, you popped in there while I was writing!

    These weren't bulbs or tubers or rhisomes (I don't know which irises are); they are plants that are in pots, and everything I read said that about now is the time to put them in the ground. I hope so; they weren't cheap!

    I probably could have waited on much of this, but at my altitude (7000+), it can be unpredictable, and I didn't want to be caught like I was last year. My days are in the 70s, nights in the low 50s, and as you see from my post, nights are dropping.

  6. We will start just after Thanksgiving (Oct 11th) I will plant new tulip bulbs again because I love to feed the squirrels over the winter. We will rake all the leaves and put away the hoses and the planters......all the normal things that home-owners do every year. We (he) shovels the snow by hand, so no snowblower to get ready. Lawn funiture gets stored and BBQ comes up on the deck in case we need to use it. Furnace will get its yearly check and a/c covered up. I will miss the summer, I love the warm weather. I also love that our Thanksgiving is early enough that the weather will still be decent. Kids and grown men usually play football in the backyard, or road hockey on the road.

  7. Ruth, I think you Canadians were smart to put Thanksgiving so early! Ours is sometimes good for ball games, others for sledding! And I can't believe your hub shovels the snow by hand! Tell him I say .... he da MAN!!

  8. lol will do Lyn and he does like the snow and winter and the excercise..........I stand inside and watch!!!!

  9. Living alone as you do Lyn, I understand your need to make sure you take care of everything before it is too late. The Iris (rhisomes)can go into the ground at anytime. It seems as if you made a list, and that is great because there is less chance that you will miss something.

  10. Oh Gosh yes! I have been thinking of putting my yard ornaments up soon. Jake wants me to wait a couple more weeks as it is still nice here. But once it gets cooler, we'll just be around the fire anyway. There's furniture to be put away too. It won't be long!
    Love Di ♥

  11. Okay, I'm moving.
    We are still experiencing temps in the high 90s, and have for the past 3 months here in the Southeast, and we're knocking on the door of fall. Your little neck of the woods sounds cooler.

  12. Ruth, :D

    Moni, if I don't make a list, I'll certainly miss something! And yes, I didn't want to wait till it was too late, as I did last year.

    Di, I suspect we will all be expressing surprise at winter's arrival, and probably sooner than we want! It'll sneak up on us. I wouldn't think Jake's wish to wait a couple weeks is a problem. Thankfully my furniture stays out because of the covered deck, but I always move it back against the house and cover some of it. No time to waste!

  13. Nick, much of the country is still dealing with heat, but it helps that I live at 7000+ feet, something that many can't deal with. I love it. I don't"do" heat well at all, and this is Nirvana for me!

  14. We have made our mental lists of winterizing. Now to get r done. I hate winter.

  15. "Mental lists" don't work for me .... it's a guarantee I'll forget something!

  16. Lists are wonderful things. I make them all the time and sometimes the same list more than once because, I can't remember where I left it.

    On your Irises - planting them too deep could kill them the rhizomes need the tops exposed barely above soil level. You could cover with straw or mulch or something that would allow them to breathe it might be a good idea to call a nursery in your zone. How to winterize them may be different form zone to zone. I know they are not cheap.

    We are lucky we really don't have to do much, drain and disconnect hoses and put on faucet protectors, change timer on pool pump if it gets really cold for a long period of time. When we lived further south we had to cover plants maybe two to four nights a year that was nice.

    Is boy wonder going to sit for you while you are in Hawaii?


  17. Need a list to write down where you put the lists? ;D

    The irises .... yes, at this altitude, I was advised to plant them a little deeper because of the ground temps, and because some of the rhizomes were not fully formed. The nursery said that I wanted the tops about 2" down, and the ground will settle around them. Let's hope.

    Linda is going to house/pup sit while I'm in Hawaii. Boy wonder will be here this weekend, though. He came over today to reacquaint with the dogs, and it was funny to watch. Sam was nervous (common) and Max reminded him that he was a meanie-meiny-mo for trapping him!


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