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Monday, September 06, 2010

Lazy weekend, followed by a DAY TRIP!!!

I've really had a couple lazy days. I've done things, but nothing notable. A little laundry, a tad of housework, but you wouldn't notice what was accomplished! I haven't even blogged, didja notice? It has been very nice to just chill.

I have run into my first big conundrum in living here. I have been trying to find (guys have permission to skip to the next paragraph!!) bras. My choices are very limited here (basically Walmart) and when I've been in Roswell or Alamogordo, I've tried other stores without finding anything that I want. My problem is that I don't want underwires (uncomfortable to the max), formed cups (stupid and can we say "hotter than hades in July"?), and I'd like a front closure, but that's not essential. When I find one that might work, it comes only in size 28AAAA or 56QQQ. Why is it clothing manufacturers find a style they like and nothing else is available? I'm still looking and hoping to find something, but I'm getting so frustrated.

OK, guys may read again.

Tomorrow my friend Pearl and I are going on a little day trip. We are meeting in the morning and driving to Monjeau Peak Lookout in the Sierra Blanca Range. It isn't far from here, about 5-6 miles from my house and then 10-12 miles up the mountain. I'm very excited about it! I've lived here four years and I have not made this drive, believe it or not. It is close to where the ski run is, and I'm told the views are amazing. Yes, the camera is already packed! Interestingly, Pearl has lived here longer than I have, around 10 years, I think, and she has not been there either. I'm not sure why Pearl hasn't gone. My excuse? I just haven't taken time. I drive by the road every time I go to Ruidoso, but I've never taken that right turn.

I hear the road is the proverbial road from hell, at least if you have any problems with height. I don't. And when friends  heard about our plans, they said the road is better than the one to the top of the Capitan Mountains, and I've already done that one. I figure it can't be that big a problem.

I found some online pix to show a little bit.

This is the lookout tower. It was built in the 1930s by the CCC.
This man is on the lookout tower platform. Look at that view beyond him!
This is the road up! Woohooooo!!
Another view of the road. There was a comment that the guard rails were put in in the 1970s. Oooookay! I'm glad for that!

And this is part of the view we will see!! Yummy!!!

OK, are you eager to see the pix I bring back? Yeah, me too!!!

See ya tomorrow!!!


  1. Looks like a fun day trip. I guess it's best to go now before the road is covered in snow. :)

    Your weekend sounds a lot like mine. Ben and I spent many hours laying on the couch. His new favorite thing is to lay on me and let his head hang upside down. I think it's funny.

  2. I saw a sign a few days ago saying that the Lookout will close for the winter on 9/13. That's what brought it all up.

    Jaz sometimes does that with me, too!

  3. Enjoy your day trip and I am looking forward to more of your wonderful photos.

  4. Wow, looks like an exciting drive. Probably well worth it for the view you'll get at the top.

    I'm waiting until I lose a little more weight and then I'm going for an official bra fitting session.

    Currently I order bras on line.

  5. Moni, pictures are loading now, and I'll have them sorted and posted later on!

    Linda, it was a very nice trip, and it was such a relaxing day. I'll have a post up a little later.

    If I could find a bra that I liked and fit well, I would order it, drive to get it, whatever. I'm so frustrated, and I guess one of those official fittings is in my future to see about it. grrr.

  6. Wow that view in the last photo is amazing!!! I am very happy about the installation of those guard rails!!
    Lisa in Kentucky

  7. I am so glad that you took time away from blogging! I have a hard enough time keeping up with everyone after I've been away! I am so glad that you took some time to Chillax!
    I hate, hate, hate bra shopping! I have pretty good luck with Platex so that's what I try to stick with, that is if they have my size at the time!!
    That lookout tower looks pretty cool Lyn. Yes I am looking forward to some pix!
    Love Di ♥

  8. Lisa, I got some beauties today. I'll have them up as soon as possible.

    Di, it was a great day! It does me good to get away like this, and I'm going to sleep well tonight!


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