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Monday, October 04, 2010

Aggravating Monday

Well, alrighty, then.

I just got off the phone with, and I have to say they are professional and responsive as I could possible ask. The second RCA home theater system has crashed, and they have found that the number of this type being reported with problems is higher than usual. They recommended that I accept a refund, and I agree. It was a bad experience, and I'm glad it is soon over.

I have to return the system, at their cost. I've thought about whether to replace it, and for now, no, I won't. I will set up by old theater system. The woofer wasn't working, but perhaps I can check it as  set it up. If I can't get it working, so be it. I will still have the sound from the TV (not stellar quality, but sound) and will have the "surround sound" effect with the other speakers. It will get me by.

If anyone is considering purchasing a home theater system, I would suggest you think carefully before buying an RCA system. There may be other ones in the RCA family that are OK, but check carefully, research at consumer sites, etc. Since this is the second one that crashed on me since May, I would suggest careful selection. That brand has always been known for quality, but I'm doubtful at this time. And I'm really glad I didn't already set up the old one in the office as I planned!

I've had a challenging day. It seemed to me that the internet was funky, running slowly, etc. Plus I spent a lot of time this weekend entering genealogy information into or Family Tree. I found that I'd apparently started a family tree long ago, with only a few details in it, so I thought I'd just delete it and avoid the confusion of duplication. This morning I did. And apparently it had already attached itself to my new one with tons of information. Bottom line .... both, all information, was deleted. ARGGGGHHH. So I spent today recreating the whole thing. I'm so tired of my relatives at this moment!! A niece and nephew will be helping to fill in gaps of information and adding where I've not entered things.  Hopefully, it won't take long to get things up to snuff.

Now it is time to get some dinner together. I'm hungry! I'm going to curl up on the couch after I eat and watch TV. It has been a cool day, with the high in the upper 60s, and it just feels like a good time to snuggle with the pups and watch some mindless, entertaining TV. Don'tcha think?

Later, y'all!!


  1. Sounds like a plan to me. I don't even know what a home theater system is so I suppose I won't be buying one. It is exasperating these days to buy anything. The old brands we used to trust seem to be as bad now as the new ones on the market.

  2. Linda, the home theater give me surround sound, a DVD player, a player for the iPod, all in one. And as for brands .... I have to say, the best ones are the newer ones. You know, the ones with foreign names. Seriously! What does that say?

  3. Did you begin to wonder if you should have just stayed in bed this morning?

    I hope tomorrow goes better for you.

    I don't have surround sound and probably ever will get it. It just seems like so much work (and way too many remotes) for me to actually enjoy a program.

  4. Oh Lynilu you are bringing back memories of our hastles earlier this year... we have a Samsung home theater system but the first one we bought was not wireless and didn't ever work right... the second one much better... love it love it... but still I can barely figure out how to make things work on our system because we haven't had the tv or the other things very long so it all still baffles me half the time. Oddly enough my young children who watch more tv than I do know how to work it better than me, the adult. LOL

    So sorry to hear about deleting the family tree... must be so exasperating...hope that you can get all the info back through family

  5. Caroline, I'd guess tomorrow will be fine. Actually, today wasn't bad, just tiring and frustrating. Oh, I guess that's not a very good day, huh? LOL!

    Well, if I can get it set up right, I should be able to use the dish controller for the sound system. It control the TV, except when I want to change function of the TV, and that's rarely. Just one for everything!

    Lisa, this one isn't wireless. But it's not too bad to set up. As far as kids doing better than adults with electronics, that's no surprise!!

    I have all the info for the family tree, but I just hated to have to re-enter it. It's is almost all done, and I'm sure others will fill in the few blanks and help with typos.


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