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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Well .... can it get any worse?

I am just about beside myself. I'll get over it, and I'll probably have some funny stories before it is all sad and done, but for the moment, all I want to do is scream!

First, the glasses. There is still no sign of them. The doctor's office called today and they've torn their place up, just in case the little box got stuck in a nook, but no. Nothing. Meanwhile, I've gone through every receipt and piece of paper in my house looking for the receipt. I really do keep most all receipts for a period of time, but this one somehow got tossed or lost. I have no way of tracking the glasses. Additionally, for some stupid reason, I didn't insure them. Honestly, the lady at the counter and I were talking, and I forgot to ask for it. Unless a miracle happens (PLEEEEEZE, St. Anthony!!) I'm just screwed on the glasses as I will need to get new ones.

Then, this afternoon I got a call from my mortgage company. It seems I am $35.47 in arrears! OK, the escrow was adjusted, just a tiny bit, but I didn't catch it on the last two payments, so I have to send that in. No big deal.

But then ....

I asked why it was adjusted.

What ensued over the next two, almost three hours is beyond being told here! It was a change in taxes, but ....... At the end of this, I ended up calling the county to find out the status of my taxes. Guess what? In 2010, the mortgage company paid my ....2008 taxes. 200-freakin'-8!!!!! They are getting ready to send out the 2010 tax bills!! My name/property is on the "uncollected taxes" list!!!

There is much more to this, including a non working fax machine in the escrow department of the mortgage company, meaning documentation can't even be sent so they can get this straightened out!!

I'm truly distraught. I have tomorrow and part of Thursday to get everything done that I need to before my sister's funeral. Then I will be on the road on Friday, the funeral on Saturday, back here to finish packing for Hawaii on Sunday, and I have so much to do!

After my trip, I'll be buying new eyeglasses, paying back taxes (perhaps), and a couple other small annoyances that I just can't contend with at this time. I wish I could get this settled before leaving so I can enjoy Hawaii fully with it hanging over my head.

CRIPES!!!!!!!!!!! Jazmyn just jumped on the computer and tore off a key from the keyboard! Shit and shinola!!!!!!!!!!!! 


Right now, life ain't so beautiful.

PS - I forgot a detail. I didn’t sleep well last night, I guess worrying about the glasses, along with everything else. Not long before dawn I woke from a weird dream. I was in a house and there was a bit of a commotion outside and some guys came in helping another man who was hopping along on one leg and grumbling. Behind them came another fellow carrying the man’s LEG!!! They told me his leg had been worn off by a dog. Then there was another commotion and another group came in with a man with both legs missing! He, like the first man, didn’t seem to be in pain, but was majorly pissed off and kept saying “Someone kill that dog!”

Hmmm. I think I might be feeling like the universe is tearing my legs off, what do you think?

I'm taking a sleeping aid tonight.



    Lyn Life is still beautiful...just a little tarnished right now. There is a light at the end of the tunnel...

  2. I know, Ruth. As someone said to me earlier today, it's like being shot with a shot gun or scatter gun .... any one alone is a pain in the tush, but the collective is ghastly, 'cause you don't quite know which wound is most in need of pressure to stop the bleeding, so you just sit and watch the blood flow!! Tomorrow is a new day, right? :)

  3. Maybe you're getting all the crap and hard stuff out of the way at one time!

    As for the dreams - I don't even know what to say. lol

  4. When it rains it pours.
    Welcome to my world. I could probably go one but you get the idea! Don't ya know that everything has to mess up before you can have fun? at least it does in my world! I've gotten very used to it. BUt you my friend do not deserve all of this right now. So I will say a prayer for you tonight. I want things to go smoothly for you.
    Love Di ♥

  5. Hoping things turn around for you real soon...sometimes life is just a kick in the butt!! HUGS!!!!!!

  6. Damn Lyn, have you been living right??????

  7. hmmm, maybe I don't want to come in...I don't want what's happening with you to rub off on me ;)

    Well, I'm sorry to add to your stress. What can I do to help, momma! ILY and miss you!

  8. Jen, lawdy, I hope so!

    Di, I'm soaked. Would ya pray for a cessation of the pouring, please?? Things will work out, I'm pretty sure. I just have to stay the course till the course is run! Thanks!

    Donna, thanks. Consider my butt kicked, already!!!

    Apparently not, Moni! GAH!!

    TL, I don't think it contagious, but it could be genetic! LOL! There's not much anyone can do but keep me in their prayers. Do that, and I'll be OK. You know me ....90% teflon! Love and miss you, too. See ya Friday!

  9. Lyn don't worry about the missing legs...they weren't yours! LOL!

    Ok. Seriously...I hope it gets better soon!

    Oh and yes I'm jealous you're going to Hawaii so have fun! And when you knock that Mojito back, smile for me! :)

  10. Coincidentally I just did a blog on my own string of bad luck lately. Hawaii will be such a nice change of pace. Even bad luck in Hawaii can't be that bad.

    I've been missing a pair of glasses for some time too but they're just reading glasses and I have a bunch just because I can't keep track of them. But the pair I lost were my favorite pair and I know exactly the last time and place I was wearing them. So where could they be?

  11. Merri, I hope it gets better, too, but I doubt much will be resolved before I leave. I need to work on leaving that behind, here where "it" lives,m and just letting go with mojitos or something equally decadent! Thanks.

    Dave, I agree, it's gotta be better in HI!! In fact, I'm counting on it!

    All - If the glasses I'm wearing now, an older pair with problems of their own, gives out on me, I'm gonna need lotsa mojitos or wine or sumptin just to get through! I've tossed in my last two pairs of contact lenses .... just in case.

  12. I am sorry you have had such a rough time lately. Just take it one day at a will all get worked out.

    Love you.

  13. Meh. It happens. As I so often say, it is what it is. I'll be fine. Nothing is resolved, but my frame of mind is much better today. Thank, hon! Lover you, too.

  14. "Lover you, too"???? Is that called a "finger fart"???

  15. Ok...just enjoy Hawaiii when you get there and let your worries go


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