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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

The afternoon adventure

After lunch and resting a while from the morning hike, we drove around the tip of the island to the 69 Beach. HEY!! Get your mind outta the gutter! It's named for the turnoff location! Sheesh.

We spent several hours walking the beach, taking pictures, picking up shells and stones, just hanging loose. That is my favorite thing to do at the beach. I might wade, but I'm not much on swimming. Later I did get into the water for a while, and as we left, I remembered why I don't always get all the way into the water. SAND!! Lawdy mercy! I got under the water spouts as we left and changed out of the wet suit, but I still had sand all over. At home I showered .... and showered again .... and showered AGAIN!! Good grief! I had sand in places that I didn't know were places!!

What a beautiful beach this is!

(In case you've forgotten, you can click on the pictures to enlarge them, and it is really worth it!)

Feetsies in da water!


This thorny, dead tree made an interesting addition to the picture.

There's the mu'umu'u!

The sun began to sink low in the sky ....

What a beautiful sunset!!!

I had no idea of the effect I got with the surf in the dark till I downloaded these. So Cool!!  This a good one to enlarge and get a good look.

What a fantastic day! I really enjoyed it. On the way home we stopped to walk out on a seawall in the moonlight. Watching the reflections on the water was nice. Everything about being near or in seawater is soothing. I'm so relaxed tonight! I know I'm going to sleep well.

Dell stopped at another spot to look for five minutes at a scene, and when he started the car .... it WOULDN'T!!! There was power to the windows and lights, so we thought something in the ignition system was wrong. We sat for a few minutes, and he tried to call a couple friends, but neither was home. We pushed the car a few feet out of the way, in case we had to leave it overnight, and he put it in park. On a lark he tried it again, and IT STARTED!  We headed the last few miles home, thinking at least we could be home for further problems. 

As we drove along I began thinking about it, and I asked Dell if he was sure the car was in park when he tried starting it the first time. I remembered doing that a time or two, stopping and turning off the key without putting it in park, then being unable to restart it. At home, he tried it, and ... well, you know. That was it!  Whew!

As I said, I'm going to sleep long and deep tonight. And I think I'll do just exactly that. Night, y'all!


  1. Beautiful sunset pics. The best part about that beach is there were hardy any people there! I agree, the ocean is so peaceful and relaxing!

  2. I could SO live on that beach! I would have trouble leaving! I loved your photos Lyn. Where those Lava rocks in the water? Love Di ♥

  3. I see what you mean about enlarging the photos - what a difference. I love the ones of the dead, fallen trees; the shapes are so strong and in such contrast to the sea and the rocks. Just a beautiful day. We are well into winter here now, so I doubly appreciate your pics.

  4. beautimous!!!

    and thanks for the muumuu shot! what a lovely color on beautiful you!!!

  5. Deb, there were more people than in the pix I posted, but everyone was spread out so it didn't feel crowded, at all. Even where a group of 15 or so children down from us weren't bad. Yes, it is a sweet place!

    Di, I wouldn't mind living there, either! Yes, those are lava. Almost all rocks are lava, since the islands are volcanic formations. However much of it is smooth with time and water working on it. You have to be careful where you step, however, because some is still quite sharp. The wonderful soft, warm sand makes up for it!

    Freda, I'm essentially a cool weather person, and at home it is nice with highs in the 6os, but I will miss this very much. I can even bear the humidity here because of the cool sea breezes. It is SO nice.

    MM, thank you. I love the colors, a soft lavender and gentle sage. If I'm able to get a second one, I'm opting for some vibrant colors. I remember one that was a black background with vivid reds and yellows. Maybe that one? We'll see.

  6. BTW Freda .... I agree about the trees. I'm completely fascinated with trees, living and dead, with the shapes they give me for framing, as backdrops and highlights, and for inspiring imagination. I found one that had died and keeled over in such a way to form an altar. Unfortunately, the picture was not clear, but it will serve as a reminder for me, nonetheless.

  7. 69 Beach...hehe (Yes, sometimes I act like a teenage boy)

    Beautiful pictures and I really enjoyed seeing pics of you and Dell. Looks like you are having a fantastic time.

    Glad to hear that it was nothing big with the car.

  8. Aren't we all, at time? LOL! Yep, I'm having a ball.


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