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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Enjoying the pups

I've been watching the dogs play. I just love how Sammy plays with his siblings. Or perhaps I should say how Sam lets his sibs maul him.

He loves to just sprawl out in the middle of the living room, then he waits for one of the others to notice. If it's Lolita, she usually grabs him by the collar and drags him around the floor. If it's Jazi, she jumps all over him, trying to get him to chase her, then sometimes she buries her nose in his side and rolls him over to the other side. If it's Joey, he runs around Sam several times, and at that point, Sammy can't stand it, and he begins chasing him. If it's Max .... anything can happen. Those two either love each other and play rambunctiously or begin growling. 

And when Max and Lola play, Max cracks me up. He lunges at her with a little growl, then spins around and does the lunge/growl bit again. He may do that eight or ten times, and eventually she pounces on him. This commonly leads to a full-bore chase around the house, inside and out!

Joey sometimes just begins spontaneously playing with a toy by himself. He will grab it and run around a few moments, drop it and run around some more, then pick it up and run some more. Sometimes he kinda flips it up in the air and runs away as if it were going to get him.

When Lola feels ignored, she sits in the middle of the living room, and begins lunging and barking at me or at one of the other pups. Unless one of us pays attention, she will keep it up. Thankfully, all it takes is one "Shhhh" from me and she settles down.

When Sam feels ignored, he sits down and stares at me. If I don't pay attention, he does a funny little bark that sounds like a snort, and when he does it, his whole body jerks off the ground! Sometimes I "snort" back at him [oh, yeah, I do, and I can't believe I'm admitting it] and the "conversation" may go on for eight to ten snorts. He is such a funny little man.

They are all a delight to have around. I'm so glad I have them to keep me smiling.  :)

.... Life is beautiful!!!!


  1. Don't worry Lyn, Roxy and I bark back and forth at each other! I barks then she barks! They are so entertaining. Well most of the time, right now mine are snoring away! Love Di ♥

  2. Sometimes, I'm glad I have no close neighbors who might hear it! ;D

  3. You often make me wonder if our Misty should have a friend. Trouble is she is a bit of a spoilt wee soul and it could be a disaster. I am smiling at the thought of the way the dogs give you entertainment. Keep enjoying them and life!

  4. Freda, I'm a big believer of pets having a buddy; however, it usually works best to start them off together when they are young. Adding a pet later can be risky as the older one might not accept the "baby" in all its cuteness. I think it's different, too when one is retired, as we both are, as they have us with them almost all the time. I "rescued" these kids, so it was iffy as to whether it would work or not. Thank goodness, it has for the most part. And I don't know what my life without them would be.

  5. Oh... they aound like an adorable crew. I am particularly taken with Sam, probably because of the story of his rescue/adoption.

  6. Mary, I'm amazed you remember that! But yes, his story is the most heart rending of all, and his progress is the most amazing, too. He is very easy to love; he really loves me and the other kids so sweetly and unquestioningly. Well, maybe just a bit of a question with Max!


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