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Saturday, November 06, 2010

Escaping the rain

We went to the dry side of the island today. After being home for a day and a half, I was getting stir-crazy. So we decided to get out and find something to do. As I said, we headed to the dry side of the island. The Big Island, Hawai'i, is divided north to south by a ridge, including a couple volcanoes. On this side, the east side, there are over 100 inches of rain a year on the average. I think the figure is actually something like 150, but not certain. Hilo is the large city on this side. The other side, the west side, is protected from the incoming winds carrying rain by that ridge, and it averages around 10 inches per year. Some difference, isn't it? Kona is on that side of the island.

We spent the day visiting art galleries and gift shops, stopping at various vantage places and just hanging out. It was beautifully sunny over there. I said to a clerk in one gallery that it has rained everyday since I arrived, and she looked surprised for a minute, then said, "Oh, you must be on the other side of the island." Yes, indeed. We've had sun most days, but it has rained at least an hour or so, and at least lightly, every day.

It did me good to get out and get some sunshine. I was really beginning to feel cooped up. It doesn't take me long to begin feeling antsy when it is cloudy.  I was able to find some souvenirs for the grandkids and my kids, too. I found a bracelet for myself with a nacre-shell piece that matches some earrings I have at home. I also found a pair of Tahitian pearl earring to go with a necklace I have at home, but I had to pass when I learned the price was over $600!! Eeks!! I also bought a CD of some nice Hawai'ian music, sort of a cross between local instrumental and jazz. I hope to find a couple of CD that are contemporary Hawai'ian vocals with harmony. Some was playing where we ate lunch today, and it was so pleasant. I'll enjoy listening to that and remembering this trip for a long time.  :)

This volcano was complete socked in with smog the day I arrived. It was good to see it peeking out from behind clouds today.

That's a little tug boat on the left pulling in a big barge loaded with, well, with something! Who knows.

This is a "crown flower." It's hard to see, hard to photograph because of the light color. There are several blossoms, each forming a crown with cute little curlicues.

This is one of those heiaos, or temples of the ancients. We came back later to see it, and we missed closing by less than five minutes!

On the way home, we admired the sunrays reaching through the clouds. So pretty!

Back on the east side, we stopped at a beach park. It was pouring rain!!

See the choppy waters?

Raindrops were dimpling the waters.

You can see how it was raining by the wet windshield.  I snapped this as soon as the wiper "cleared" it!

At a shopping center was this cool fountain. I've seen these before, but somehow this one seemed cooler than usual.  Much fun to watch!

Tomorrow we are going to Hilo. There is a pretty good chance it will be raining, but we are going anyway. We figure unless there is a flood, it will be raining here at the house, too, and it will be more fun to be in shops and markets than in this house! I'm looking forward to it. The big farmer's market is there, and many other shops we've talked about. the drive should be pretty, too, especially if the rain isn't must pouring.

Tonight the rain has been hard and the winds very strong. Apparently there was a little sunshine while we were gone, because there was a little hot water to shower when we got home.The water is solar heated, so having some sun each day is very important!  Each of us took a less-than-five-minutes shower, since the water wasn't really very hot. Probably no morning showers!

My time here is drawing close to an end. I have Saturday, Sunday and Monday. That's it. I fly home on Tuesday, will spend the night in a hotel and my friends will pick me up on Wednesday to take me home. I hate to leave and it will be good to be home. Always a dichotomy, isn't it?

OK, off to bed! Early day tomorrow as the trip is a two hour drive, and there is much to do while there! 



  1. I was just thinking "Is Lyn going to want to come home?". I now you love NM, but what a gorgeous trip. And a wonderful time. Enjoy!
    Love Di ♥

  2. Where I live we get over 80inches of rain a year and it seems to come in a rainy season from July to December; seems like global warming is turning the weather strange. I love the rainy photos - especially with the windblown palm trees. Safe travel home and thanks for sharing the trip with blogland.

  3. Di, I know, I'm nuts. ;) I have loved .... still loving .... this trip. It has been a wonderful time. I'm just starting to feel waterlogged. You know how I feel about humidity! And I do miss my cuddly babies at home. sigh.

    Gail, it certainly is!

    Freda, sharing .... and being shared with (bad grammar!!) .... is the thing I love most about blogland! I have enjoyed the trips and fun of others, too, and it is wonderful, isn't it? At my home the average rainfall is about 25 inches. that's a nice amount so the air is dry but most plants get enough moisture to be happy. I'm knowing that this, six times that amount, is waaaaaay too much for me!!

  4. All that rain would never work for me. I love the low humidity and after all, we only get about 9 inches of rain all year at best. When ever it rains, I always think "that's enough rain for a while", lol.

  5. Moni, I left KC in part because it was to humid and there is just about 35" per year there! Sheesh! I couldn't do this weather!! I like the amount of rain I get at home, and as I said above, the air is dry, even with 25" per year, because of the surrounding desert. Perfect balance for me!

  6. Oh my you have been so busy seeing all those wonderful sights. Your "host" is going to miss you and all the activity.....but guess its time for all good things to come to an end and get back to reality. Your photos have been so eveyone of them. Safe trip home!!!


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