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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Great afternoon

A short trip to a gorgeous bay with the most wonderful waves was on the agenda today. Near it was Kupalaha'a Heiau, which is like a holy place, a temple, for the ancient Hawai'ians.

It started with a wade across this stream.

I broke in my Keen's for water use. And BTW, that is not my tummy, opulent though it is, but a bag that I couldn't get out of the way! Jes' sayin'.

Up a trail to the top of a cliff we went.

  This (below)s is where the temple used to be. You're looking down in a huge hole and through an archway at the ocean. It used to be covered. It was a cave off the ocean, but over centuries, the waves beating at it wore it down the sides, eroding the whole inside of the cave,  and the "ceiling" fell in. You're looking through that hole in the ceiling.

The rest of the story is that this was used for "blood sacrifices." After the sacrifice, the bodies were put in the cave. I'm not clear whether they were "buried" or how dispensed. Anyway, as the walls wore away, washed away over time, the bodies remains were carried out and people found bones in the area of the bay near the cave from time to time. Dell's comment today was that perhaps this was God's way of cleansing this place, to wear it down by washing it with the waves and releasing the bodies from their niches. Interesting thought.

Looking down again in the entrance of the "tomb" from a different angle.

This knot hole on a tree had completely rotted out.

Back at the stream again on our way out.

This is looking upstream as I stood in the middle of the little stream.

And this is looking seaward, as the stream empties into the bay.

Do you see the face in the knot in this root?  It looks like a man roaring with laughter to me!

That's Maui off in the distance again.

The water from the waves crashing over this shelf pooled momentarily, then formed little waterfalls.

And finally, another video. I was going to upload second one with jet skiers and some other interesting things, but it doesn't seem to want to be thrown into the universe. This surf was wonderful, magical to watch. I'm going to enjoy these when I'm home on the mountain in a snowstorm this winter!!

This morning is rainy. It rained overnight, and we are hoping it clears. A trip is planned to a reserve area atop a mountain ridge. It is restricted from the general public, but when ya know the right folks ....    So we are hoping the sun, now peeking through the fog and clouds on occasion, will continue to burn off the haziness and allow us to take a short trip to another adventure.

I like Dell's little house. Simple, two bedrooms, living room and kitchen. Judging from several architectural characteristics, we think it might have been built in the 1930s. There is a half bath in the house, and a full bath that appears to have been added later. The garage is open, having three sides enclosed, but no garage door. It looks like someone walled off the back of the garage to make the bathroom space. This is where we shower. I love that the room is open under the eaves, giving the sense of an outdoor shower! When I am showering, I can hear the birds singing outside! How cool is that?

OK, I'm going to get revved up for the day. I woke this morning about 5:15 with an urgent bladder, and I couldn't go back to sleep. Hate that! Why can't the bladder just cool it's jets till about 7:00? Oh, well. Anyway, I'll be back later with a report of some sort of adventure, whether the planned one or a newly created one because of the rain. Whatever, it will be good, I'm sure!

Hasta la vista, wahinis and kanes!  ( I love mixing the languages!)


  1. Beautiful pictures and I enjoyed watching the video. Thanks for sharing!

  2. You bet! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. nice organic feel to the pictures today..

    and thanks for the full discloser about the stomach; shower; bladder....

    have fun!

  4. It's all organic, isn't it, MM?? LOL!

  5. I love these pictures and the sound of the surf! You are sure to enjoy them this winter. Our weather has been on the mild side so far, thank goodness!

  6. Ah, Moni, I know I will enjoy the videos at home. I'm glad it will still be decent when I get home. If I came home to bitter cold and snow, it would be sad!

  7. Yes Lyn, Thank you for sharing it's generous of you.
    Have you thought of doing a talking post? You do have the voice for it.

  8. Jimmy, I've been encourged to do so, but I never get around to it. I think I'm not yet comfortable with the concept. I'll work on it. :)


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