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Monday, November 01, 2010

Muu-muus and much more

I'm living in the muu-muu. Seriously! I get up, shower, put on the muu-muu, and I'm set for the day. When we go places, there is no need to wear anything else, unless we are going to be fighting tall undergrowth or climbing up a steep hillside. The muu-muu is comfortable, cool, and I find my body doesn't sweat like it does in "fitting clothes." Then in the evening, I usually shower again, put on pajamas, and go to bed. My laundry is going to be much more simple than it was the first few days I was here!

This is not the baggy cotton muu-muus we work back in the last 1950s or early 60s.  It is nicely made, so it drapes softly without clinging, and with a pair of sandals, I would be willing to attend a party in it! I already asked Dell if we can go back to the shop where I got it, because I want another. I will wear these at home. Perhaps not to the store (I gotta wear my cowboy boots there!  LOL!), as I will here, but I'd wear it at home and to friends' homes, for sure. Way cool wear!

I'm loving Hawai'i. Not in the "I want to move here" way, but as in enjoying the laid back attitude and lifestyle for a fun vacation time. It is similarly casual as New Mexico, but has a different feeling at the same time. Generally speaking, it seems to me that most people I've encountered so far have had a more easy-going approach to life. I haven't encountered a rude person yet. I'm sure they're around, but thus far, people have been benevolently kind and gentle. In a nutshell, I like the people of Hawai'i.

I'm enchanted with the foliage, of course. Who isn't!? I knew that there was a wide variety, but I have to admit that seeing it is more impressive than hearing about it and shrugging your shoulders and saying "Yeah." Much of it I've seen before. But I think I've never seen so much in one place at one time. It fascinates me that on this side of the ridge of mountains, the moist winds blow in and things are quite green, tropical in appearance, yet on the other side, the west side of the mountain ridge, it is very much desert atop the lava beds, with mostly cacti and scraggly trees, other than along creek beds. I'm eager to get farther south and see what else is here for my amazement!

The other thing that I love is the color of the water. Water around islands s simply different than water that hits a coastal region on a continent. Tomorrow will probably be a day for the beach. We have several things in the mill, and if another comes through, a permit to visit a protected area, we we go there whenever they say we can. Otherwise, I hope to dip my toesies soon!!

OK, I need to get off here and get busy. I'm making a couple baked bries to celebrate Dell's friend's birthday. He has run to the post office to see if the little box I mailed BEFORE I LEFT HOME has arrived. It has a couple goodies for him from home, and a bunch of my toiletries that only come in large enough sizes that I couldn't put it in carry-on luggage. I can't believe it isn't here! Well, it's going back with me, if I have to pay for it to be checked! Anyway, aloooooha!!!


  1. So, let's see a picture of you in that fabulous muumuu miss lyn! They are worth a thousand words you know!!! So happy you are having the thrill of a lifetime it seems...

    USPS...that's another blog perhaps. Hope it's arrived!

  2. I guess I was confused a few days ago. I wondered how you were "home" so quickly! Glad to see you are still on vacation.

  3. I wear a 1 xl. We spelled them moo moo's. My grandmothers wore them and now I do too! It's all I wear around the house. Then again you have your house dresses or house coats, but I like moo moo's!
    So glad things are going well Lyn. I still can't believe that you are there! Have some fun for me too o.k.?
    Love Di ♥

  4. MM yes, I'll get a picture soon. Too busy enjoying!! LOL!

    As for USPS, I'm getting paranoid about it. This is the second package I've mailed that didn't arrive in the time frame .... or at all!!! ARGHHH!!

    Merikay, I noticed that and left you a message on the other post. I have another week to go, woohoo!!

    Di, 1 XL, huh? OK. I found that these run a little small, though. Want an XXL? hee hee! I agree, muu-muus rock, far more than those other things. About the spelling, I used to say "moo-moo" also, but I looked it up and it is actually mu'umu'u. How'd athunk?

    I'm trying really hard to have for for me and ALL OF YOU!!!

  5. Don't you just love it when you find a community that is so relaxed and laid back. I could totally live on an island....or a mountain top in CO. :)

  6. That's why I live where I do!!


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