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Saturday, November 27, 2010

A new look

I was getting bored with the look of my blog, and the template was too springy/summery for this time of year, anyway. So what'dya think? I like it. At least, I think so. I'll live with it a few days and see.

It's Saturday. I'm retired, and I can do anything I want on any day of the week. Well, except for buying booze on Sunday. But I really need to do some housework, and I don't want to do it. My house is unbelievably cluttered with things relating to unpacking and getting back to normal. But without the back to normal part. I've unpacked, but I haven't put everything where it belongs. The clothes, I did; the miscellaneous is still rattling around. And BTW, "The Box" is finally home. It arrived yesterday.

Then there are the things that are daily use and just don't get put away if, ahem, the user doesn't put them away. I did some cabinet rearranging the other day, and I have some things I left out to find a different place for them. Then I walked away. I need to walk back .... and make some decisions.

Then there are the things I'm planning to take to the thrift shop. I have most of it in the totes to transport, but I have more that is in several stacks to be deposited or packaged in some way.

Getting the picture? Clutter, clutter, I'm a-sputter. Sooo, what am I doing? Playing on the computer. Maybe later. LOL! After all, one doesn't want to rush into things, right? Sure!

"The Box."  I was really glad to see it. I carried some of my favorite lotions and potions. I've been using substitutes for the past five-plus weeks. It arrives yesterday, and I opened it this morning. Most of it is put away, but then, as you see from the above ramblings, naturally I didn't put everything in it's place. Hmmm, I'm detecting a pattern here. Are you seeing it?

I had a little scare yesterday with Lolita. That girl will chew on anything. A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G. Toys, paper, cardboard, leaves, etc. I had just bathed her and brushed her out most of the way, and she darted loose. She hates being brushed, clipped, trimmed, anything that means someone is holding her still. So when she sees a chance, she bolts. Rather than chase her down, I decided I'd simply finish later. I went on to the next dog, and started brushing.

A few minutes later, she came in the house with a stick. She began chewing it up, so I started to get up to take it away from her, and she swallowed a piece. I took the remainder of the stick, and just then she began gagging, coughing, gagging, coughing. Keeerap. She couldn't get it up OR down. For the next hour she would repeat the gag/cough every few minutes and alternately, I was running my finger down her throat trying to dislodge the stick. Nothing was working, and there were tiny flecks of blood in the spittle that was on my finger, so I knew it was lodged and hurting her.

I fed her Vaseline in hopes that it would help the stick to dislodge and slide down, then pass without incident. Thank goodness she gobbled it right down, but it didn't seem to relieve the problem. Lola was simply not herself. She typically runs and plays all day long, but she was "laying low." She was finding corners to lay down, and I had to keep moving her or me so I could watch her and be sure she wasn't in further distress.  After a while, she fell asleep, and I hoped the relaxation of muscles would allow the stick to move.

When she woke, she began the gagging/coughing again. I picked up the phone to call the vet. He was off for the weekend, but was taking calls, so I decided I'd better call him before it got worse. As I was punching the number, Lolita did another huge gag/cough and shook her head a few times. I went over and looked, but could find no stick. However, it seemed to have cleared it. She settled down with a huge sigh to the floor. The remainder of the day, she was fine, but rested more than usual. I was so relieved that there was no more gagging, and she ate her dinner without hesitation. I'm so relieved that it has passed. Today she is back to her normal, active self. Thank goodness!!

I guess I should do something productive. Oh! I can eat!  LOL!!


  1. Your new look is absolutely perfect. I'm so impressed. Which template is this one. Other people wanting to use pictures might like to use this one. It's also appealing to me because the post part is in white which makes for easy ready. I'd really like to keep your design in mind for something I'll be working on soon. Please let me know the details.

  2. Linda, I liked the clean look of this one. I was glad to find it, but I'm not sure I will stick with the color. We'll see. And I agree that the white background is good. I hate trying to read some blogs that have pale colors of font and/or a colored background that seems to get in the way.

    I'll have to backtrack and find it, but not a problem. If you will email me at, I'll email it back to you, rather than clog up the comments box. I also have some tips on font size, etc.

  3. I love it. You are quite talented, my friend! I always have to have help or someone else do it all together for me.

  4. I love it! Purple is my favorite color . it automatically gets my vote!!

    Our kids sure do keep us on our toes, huh? We just put up the tree, and it's always interesting to see the kids and the cat's reaction. We put the glass ornaments on for the first time since having both dogs . . .I hope they all survive!

  5. Very nice. Time for me to change as well.

    Glad the doggie was ok. That could have been expensive.

  6. I really like the new look. I need to make a change on mine too.

    I can relate to the clutter. I am working on it now; well I was working on it. As soon as I finish reading my blogs, I'm back to it.

  7. Andrea, thanks, but don't be too impressed! It's actually easy.

    Beans, yeah, my fav, too! As for the kids .... my toes are aching!! Good luck on the ornaments!

    Merikay, thanks. I was worried about the expense, but I wouldn't have avoided it. They surely can cause concern with their "antics"!!

    Sallylwess, thanks. I don't know what it has been with me recently, but I've been more cluttery than usual. Gotta get back on track!

  8. Oh Lyn, Roby used to love chewing sticks. Then she acquired doggy IBS. Not from the sticks, we don't know why really. I hope little Lolita is alright. They seem to be like little vacuums! I'm forever doing the floors to thwart off danger! It sounds like you did all of the right things, hopefully it will all pass in good time!
    Now you need to get busy with those tubs! What a week over here. I will be glad when it's over I think!!! I also think you know what I mean!
    The new look is great, the change is great! Love Di ♥

  9. Di, I have never figured out what it is with Lola and , well, things! f there isn't something in the house that interests her, she will drag it in from the yard! Gah!

  10. I love your layout
    easy to read, calm, and the color is so pretty

    I walk away from a lot of household projects and wait for new inspiration

    my dear cat JR once ate a darning needle. one of those giant thick ones and it was threaded!! I didn't know he had gotten to it until he passed it by running around the kitchen stopping to push it out - I thought at first that it was a giant worm!!
    he was fine after that - he always was doing stuff like that yet he lived to be an old old guy

  11. I love the new look. Seems to be very calming and peaceful!!

    Sometimes Sophie will get something stuck in her throat and I need to remember to give her some vaseline. Glad that Lola is OK.

  12. Thanks, Dianne. :)

    I'm so bad about unfinished tasks! I need inspiration to just finish what I begin, I'm afraid.

    I can't imagine that darning needle passing without puncturing something! He was lucky! Or perhaps that s what they mean by cats having 9 lives?

    Caroline, thanks. Ali used to hack and cough, too, but he wasn't an "eater." He just seemed to have a propensity toward dry throat or something. But learning about Vaseline is a godsend with these silly mutts!

  13. I like your new look, it is very sophisticated yet bright and with it! What a horrible fright with Lola I was reading and thinking Oh no what is coming next...... glad to hear things have settled.

  14. Thank you, Freda. i was very nervous about Lola's situation throughout the time until it seemed to resolve itself. I'm just glad it is over!


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