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Sunday, November 07, 2010

Random thoughts all over the place

Some random things that have crossed my mind tonight:

  • I've noticed the humidity is benefiting me in several ways. This two weeks has freshened my skin like you wouldn't believe! Oh yeah, I still have wrinkles, but they are softer and smoother. Nice!
  • My nails have strengthened in the time I've been here. They have grown an unreal amount and are not chipping. I'm not sure what that is about, but I'm guessing it is helping to have humidity to keep them more viable. Whatever, I like it. Oh, I guess part of the good for the nails might be that I'm not moving rocks and smashing my fingertips.
  • My love/hate relationship with USPS is still on. I talked to the post office person here, and she told me that how I was advised to send my little box is "parcel post," which means it sill be here in, oh, four to six weeks. Uh, yeah. there is very slim chance that it might come in this week, BUT I LEAVE TUESDAY MORNING AT 6:13 AM!!! ratzer-frassers.
  • It is interesting being in a house with no heater. Absolutely none! We've used a little space heater a few times to take a chill of the room, to dry it out a little, but that's it. Unimaginable!
  • I had a wonderfully hot shower tonight! A day of sunshine works wonders on the solar heating of the water! 

And I'm tired. I think I should go to bed. Yep, sounds right. Night!


  1. I guess the humidity is good for something! You know how much I enjoy it (Not!). But I'm thrilled that you are looking and feeling younger Lyn! Maybe you need to move there and learn to Hula! Love Di ♥

  2. You know, my nails are better in the summer. Maybe you've hit on something.

    Sounds like you have had a wonderful time. Sleep tight.

    ~hippo hugs~

  3. The end of a great vacation is so bittersweet. As happy as you are to get home and sleep in your own bed, it's always sad leaving paradise.

    Glad you had a good time.

  4. Di, I know you're right up there with me on the scale of "Like humidity? NO!!!" Yeah, at least it is something positive about it, I guess! but NO!! I do not need to move here! Thanks for the thought!

    Pam, it sorta makes sense, doesn't it? But not enough to make me put up with humidity! Thanks.

    Caroline, it really is bittersweet. Today was not a good day, having nothing to do with my visit. I've got a situation I have to deal with when I get home, more of the drama like before I left. gah. The vaca was worth every moment. So nice!

  5. Have a good, safe trip home Lyn. Humidity makes my hair feel soft, but I still don't like, lol

  6. Thanks, Moni. And I'm with you on the humidity. I like where I am because it isn't quite as dry as where you are, but waaaay better than Kansas City!


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