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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bird feeders

I filled the bird feeders earlier today to take care of my wild bird friends during the blizzard. Then I filled them a second time!

The pictures are fuzzy because I took them through my dirty window. The birds wouldn't let me come outside!


Look how fat they look! I suspect it is mostly because they are puffed up to protect themselves, but it's cute, anyway!

The squiggly lines in the background are snow falling.

 I'm guessing they like the fare at this cafeteria!

It's good to share!


  1. You've shamed me. My feeder has been empty since spring. And I know there's snow in Michigan though we've been in Florida this week. Maybe I can invite them all down here. Plenty of stuff to eat around here.

  2. Dave, you're allowed to have a vacation. Just plan better next time! ;D

    I don't fill the feeders all the time, just when there is snow covering their natural foraging area. They are so sweet to watch!

  3. Juncos are one of my favorite birds. They especially like the white millet. :)

  4. I have lots of them around here. They are cute little things, aren't they?

  5. Our bird bath was frozen so solid that we could't break it. Luckily we have placed additional containers of water for the birds. It still has not reached freezing here today. 30F.

  6. Moni, I'm still sitting at 23°. Oh, excuse me 23.5°! I've put water out, but it is freezing quicker than they seem to catch on. I'm assuming they have some running water in creeks, since I'm just a couple miles from the wilderness.

  7. I've been thinking of you in this awful weather you've been having. I've been a bad bloggie friend, once again, but I do keep up with you on FB. Glad to know you are surviving this weather.

    ~hippo hugs~

  8. Thanks, Pam! And BTW, you're not a bad bloggie friend .... you're just a busy, involved-with-life lady!!

  9. D also has bird feeders and it was my job while I was there to shovel a pathway to the feeders and fill them up. She said that most times there were birds flying to the feeders before I even made it back to the door.


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