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Monday, December 06, 2010

Stuff and such and grousing

Today was a strange day for me. Nothing wrong, just odd, because it seemed that it was a grey day, you know, like it was overcast. Truth is, it was sunny. At most there might have been some light cloudiness through the day. It has just seemed to me that it was one of those overcast kind of days. The temps were nice, too, in the upper 50s.

It might be because I was inside all day. Again, nothing wrong, just busy with inside tasks and took only a couple trips to the deck. Anyway, it was just peculiar that I have the feeling of drabness.

I'm in the process of dropping the last of my prescription medications out of my life, at least for a while. The only one I have taken on a regular basis in recent years is an anti-inflammatory for mild arthritis and fibromyalgia. I started taking tart cherry juice capsules about three weeks ago. It has anti-inflammatory properties. I also have had some numbness in my left big toe for a long time, but doctors tell me it isn't gout. I think they are right, because it doesn't seem to have all the signs of gout, and I eat minimal red meat and except for coffee, few of the other foods that cause gout. BTW, I don't usually drink a lot of coffee, either, just one or two cups a day. Anyway, I thought nothing ventured, nothing gained about the cherry capsules.

Within a few days, the feeling began returning to the toe. It still isn't 100%, but it's greatly improved. So I decided to give it a try for the arthritis/fibromyalgia stuff, too. I've titrated myself down off the medication I was taking, and stopped it late last week. So far, I'm thinking it might be OK. I won't know till there is some really cold weather and/or I have a fibro flare-up. We'll see.

I take several natural supplements, and I'm really happy with how well they have worked for me. To be honest, some of them work better than the prescription medications I used to take for the inconveniences in my health. The most recent, along with the cherry stuff, is the stomach enzyme that has given me a new lease on life. Seriously, there was a little adjustment period during which the effect was off and on, but now it seems to be working fabulously! I have not had an attack of acid reflux/gas buildup in the stomach in about 10 days! Woo hoooo!

One last thing .... a combination of gripe and venting. Why is is that people seem to think it is OK to say just about anything they want on F*cebook? There are two versions of this: (1) When they say things on their own page, and (2) When people take advantage of a post on your page and just go wild.  I'll briefly address the first one.

Your page is your page. You can say whatever you want. Honestly, I still think people should be somewhat aware of the rules of general etiquette. I'm no Emily Post, but if I'm in a place where other people can hear me or read me, I'm usually going to be polite in my choice of words. For one thing, my grandchildren and other youngsters read my page. I'm a liberated woman, but I hope I'm not (totally) crude for their sake. Now, if you write something that I don't like on your page, I don't have to read it. If you continue to post things I find offensive, I can "hide" you. If that isn't enough or I am greatly offended, I can de-friend you.

Now the other one. When I post something, it is my opinion or my choice of information, or my silliness or .... well, you get it. And if you're on the other end, you read it and you don't like it, what do you do? Do you just move on, much as I described above? Or do you start an argument or a debate in which you set out to teach me something, lecture me (and my other readers), make a point? Is it just me, or is this presumptuous and rude? You see, I feel my blog and my FB page is MINE. It is like an extension of my home. Would you sit in my living room and proceed to tell me how wrong I am? I certainly wouldn't! (Well, unless I think your endangering yourself or others.) If I disagree with someone to that extent, in real life or on the internet, I simply begin to distance myself from them. I don't see any reason to be at odds with anyone in this world, and chose to continue having them in my presence! If the fit of our relationship isn't good, isn't comforting, I question why I'm staying in it.

Don't get me wrong .... there are times when a spirited debate is fun, but that is usually best reserved for a time when both/all people agree to debate. Otherwise, it is just an argument, right? And I'm not into that. I dislike disparity. I think you and I can have different opinions, and if we agree to disagree with respect for each other's opinions, that is great. Our differences balance the world, and I see it as a healthy thing that there are differences. But when it comes to someone walking in my door (real or virtual) and beginning to tell me I'm wrong, it just infuriates me.

So, what's your opinion? Is the blog and/or FB open territory? It is a public forum of sorts. Is it OK to start a disagreeable discussion in someone else's space? What do you do when this happens, your space or someone else's? Has this happened to you, or do I attract all the people who are willing to butt heads just for the fun of it? Sigh, perhaps it is just me, because I can't remember seeing it elsewhere. Maybe I'm just a controversial kind of person, inviting this into my world. The problem is I have friends and family from many different opinions, and I'd love to go through life without the righties and the lefties or the pros and the cons or the ups and the downs coming to verbal blows in my living room? And I'll leave it to your imagination where it starts, but it drives me crazy.

OK, I'm done.  And I feel much better, thank you very much!!


  1. What do you think about people sending you emails that are just twisted inaccurate forwards that promote hate?

    Should I just delete them or should I answer?

    I have relatives who have political opinions that are different than mine.

  2. If it is just one, I usually ignore it, on the assumption that it was in error. A stupid, ignorant, unkind error. But if I get more than one, I ask the person to remove me from that mailing list. I've lost a couple of "friends" but I figure if they don't respect my preferences, I don't need them in my life. I'm old enough to have earned the right to choose who and what.

    And I certainly have those relatives, too. Basically, the same goes for them. One brother completely took me off all his lists for a while, then when I asked him about it, said he couldn't remember who has what preferences. I responded that I regretted that, because (I cited several examples of how I cared enough to respect his and his wife's preferences) and after a few days silence, he began emailing me again, with "agreeable" stuff.

    It's not always an easy choice, but I don't want disagreeable things in my life. There's not enough of it left to put up with crap.

  3. Good Grief! I am definitely with you! I wouldn't be able to find the red X soon enough if someone p.m.o. that much!! I don't allow it in my physical life and there is no place for it in my virtual life! I can't imagine what has gone on with you that has caused this! I'm thinking of what you posted yesterday about how you were feeling and hope this doesn't have anything to do with it!

    And on another note, I hope eliminating medication doesn't have anything to do with your feelings on the prior post! I personally have eliminated meds in the past because of someone else's opinion and have found it unhealthy in the end for me! So now, I do what's best for ME!

    Take it or leave it.

  4. MM, no, actually, all this had nothing to do with the earlier post.

    Several times I've posted something and I've had someone who has attached my ideas, the most recent late yesterday on FB, and I finally just deleted the post. Is it because I'm usually easy to get along with that people think they can walk all over me? I just don't get it.

    And the elimination of medication is entirely my own idea. A few years ago, with the blessing and advice of a doctor, I took myself off a number of meds, and I have felt SO much better. I've been taking this one for many, many, many years, and knowing that it is hard on the stomach, I decided to give it a whirl to let the stomach have a rest. If I need to I can start it up again. It's all good!

  5. YOU remind me soooo much of my sister AND now you are using her words!!!!! "it's all good" !!!!!

  6. LOL! I hope that's a good thing!!

  7. I see FB as a party where you can wander from room to room and join any conversation. Agree or disagree then check other conversations. I enjoy the debate portion you evoke. I always thought that was why you posted your pollitical statements to encourage dialogue. I hope I haven't offended you. Dave and I were discussing the lack of dialogue in this country these days and how strident the media has become about D vs R with the middle ignored.
    I consider your blog your home where you can control comments and they are somewhat hidden. I think you niceness is seen as encouraging for all types and does draw in everyone. So... maybe you should quit being so nice. Love, -S

  8. OH NOOOOO did I go wild yesterday with my personal comments? sorry!!!!!!

  9. S, I'll respond to you privately. I don't particularly disagree, but a couple comments I want to make belong between just you and me.

    On points you make:

    Yes, I post some things that are controversial. But my intent is to encourage people to *think*. I also encourage dialogue, but often it becomes argument and contention as people stride to *be right*. That isn't dialogue.

    Lack of dialogue is indeed a problem in our society, but when it becomes heated or antagonistic, it is useless, in my opinion. When it becomes heated, reason is usually lost. We've lost the art of debate, as people just want to make others see *the truth*, and the ones doing the most talking are usually coming form one of the extremes. I've said for a long time that we need to find compromise, middle ground that we can all (or most) find some truth and stability. If we all move to either end of the continuum, it is the end, for sure .... the end of everything as we know it in our country .... as the whole system will cease to work and dump us all into the abyss. We are almost there now.

    If you listen to "politicals" talk, it is interesting to find that some of the younger people are saying this same thing, or at least something similar. Listen to Megan McCain; she is definitely a conservative, but she says that if we don't find middle ground, we are in big trouble. Similar to what I say, but with right leanings to balance my left leanings. THAT's what I hope, or used to, to get people to do .... find ways to move closer to the center, spread from end to end of the continuum and work together to find a path that keeps us from tanking of right or left “principles.”

    I used to enjoy “debate,” but after 31 years of it, I’m definitely into a mode of wanting to avoid contention. No one benefits from it other than feeling *powerful* by stifling other people. I just can’t tolerate argument. It is counterproductive and harmful, and in my house, it ain’t gonna happen. So I guess I’m silenced in my own house, at my own party.

  10. Blog etiquette and politeness are important.

  11. I think so, too, Freda. Is it our ages?

  12. I'm hearing you! Virtual or not ~ I still feel it's YOUR space and you certainly should be able to express YOUR opinion.

    Have a great day Lyn!!! Thanks for the comment you left me today ~ I think we all go through days like that; just some of us admit it.

  13. Easier said than done, Mel. This has been an issue before, and I always figure out how to deal with it, so I 'spose I will again!

    You're welcome. And yes, we all have those days!

  14. Always agreeing with everything, finding everything good/exciting/brilliant in blogs is boring. Starting a row in somebody else's blog is a no-no. Answering an invitation to a discussion is only polite.

    I'm happy to hear your opinion, I have plenty of my own and not always the ones others share, but in my blog (I don't do FB) I do the arguing. OK?

    Interesting post, well argued.

    Are you giving up all your medication? Even medication for more serious ailments? Not entirely without doctors' advice, would be my suggestion.
    For a very good reason, I had an occasion to regret that very much.

  15. I think fb and blogs are somewhere between emily post politeness and fox news confrontation. I think the internet invites a certain amount of argument and that is to be expected. However, no matter where you post disagreement, it must be polite and some folks aren't polite!

    I avoid overt political or religious opinions because I don't want to start a fight on my blog! But if I do post something, I have learned I need to be open to feedback....

  16. PS I find your frankness on your political opinions inspirational. You have inspired me to speak up and with what's happening in Congress, I realize speaking up will be important in the next 2 years!

  17. Friko, thanks for the opinion. Yes, if the writer invites argument, then it is on. Otherwise, if one disagrees, just move on.

    As for the meds, I was on only the one. It is one that can do damage to the stomach, and I've been on it for a long, long time. I've recently had some stomach discomfort, so dropping it off has given me an opportunity to see if I can do without it. And no, I've talked to doctors about it. If I find my joints are worse, I can certainly go back on it.

    Mary, I guess the thing is, I felt the comments were antagonistic. Comments are OK, but when they become strong and angry, it is too much, IMO. Or at least IMH (in my house).

    Your PS is EXACTLY what I'm trying to do .... raise awareness and incite people to speak up about their concerns TO THEIR CONGRESSIONAL RESPRESENTATIVES!! Not necessarily to argue with me or my other readers! Thank you!

  18. I heard a Congressman say yesterday 'there comes a time when you have to stand up and fight a bully'

    And I think that is how the radical right can seem sometimes: mean bullies. It shows in their comments and it shows in their favorite tv network: Fox News.

    Now, to be fair, I have known some bull headed and dogmatic radical left folks too, but I never felt bullied.

  19. Well said. I wish more of us were clustered around that center point, the fulcrum of our system. Those extremes are important, IMO, because they shock us into thinking, but it seems they are taking over and that is scary. If the weight moves to either end, the fulcrum is useless, as that end dips, comes to rest, dumping everything.

    And you're right, there are hotheads, extreme-thinkers on both ends. In my experience, however, the lefties backed off when I've asked. That's a huge difference.

  20. I SOOO agree with you. I don't put stuff on FB or blog to be attacked. If someone disagrees with me, that's fine. But don't attack me for my thoughts or opinions. I agree. Your FB page and your blog are yours. I've been attacked a few times. NOT FAIR.

    The emails from certain friends and relatives...if they contain stuff I don't agree with, I delete. I try not to forward controversial stuff.

  21. Good for you with the natural supplements. You're so much better off. We have a prescription program as part of our health insurance at work, which I just found out about (I have never used it). Everyone I work with was aghast to hear that that I don't have any prescriptions! I'm aghast that they do!

    And I agree with you about social media. I am ultra cautious!


  22. Daisy, I don't mind disagreement, but I mind disagreement that is confrontational. It's a matter of courtesy, IMO.

    As for email, I delete objectionable ones until it is just overwhelming. Then I ask the person to take me off that list. Sometimes they drop contact altogether, as if I have to take everything or nothing. OK, nothing suits me in that situation!

    Betty, I agree with you. I'm not opposed to medication when I need it, but the truth is, every medication has side effects and if a person isn't careful, the side effects are as damaging as the illness/condition they are supposed to correct. Many people treat natural supplements as if they were voodoo, when the prescription meds are chemically formulated substitutes for those natural things! I choose to have as few chemicals as possible in my body.


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