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Sunday, February 06, 2011

Lynilu's critique

I was not a fan of either team, but I decided to root for the Packers. I picked well! Jes’ sayin’.  ;D That being said, I watched the game with lackluster enthusiasm, but I must say it was a pretty good game. I like football. I prefer football with one of my favorite teams involved, but Super Bowl is Super Bowl, after all.

Lea Michele from “Glee,” who sang “America the Beautiful” has a beautiful voice, but her lips were so “plumped” that it is amazingly unattractive! I sincerely hope those are not her own lips, and that she didn’t opt to do that on purpose in a plastic surgeon’s office, ‘cause it is not pretty! I enjoyed her rendition of “AtB’ much more than Aguilera’s massacre of “The Star Spangled Banner.” She hit the notes right, but she also hit a bunch of notes that are not in the original, and I’m sick of that flashy kind of presentation of our anthem. And did I hear some new lyrics? Me thinks she forgot the words in her excitement of slicing and dicing of the melody!
Not impressed with the halftime show. Certainly planned for people a lot younger than me. I really don't like that kind of music, so figure that in with my opinion.

The commercials are pretty good, for the most part.Liked the Coke commercial with the two guards at the gate. Budweiser disappointed me. Most of the car ads were enjoyable. The Teleflora ad had me laughing out loud.

Since I was staying home alone, I wasn't planning to do anything special in the way of food, but hearing all the talk on TV and on the internet over the past few days for Super Bowl foods, I was hungry for chili, so I made a batch. Chili is one of those things that I have a great deal of trouble making without ending up with enough to feed the army. But I did well today! I came up with about two quarts, enough for a few meals without tons of leftovers. And it turned out really, really good. I enjoyed a bowl of it with a tortilla. And a beer on the side, of course!

All in all, it was a good day, despite being alone for the day. The rest of the day was filled with reading, a little house cleaning and some TV. I can't complain.

So .... what was your opinion of the game, the ads, the entertainment? And how did you spent your day?


  1. I enjoyed the game very much but was hoping the Steelers would win.;(. We actually enjoyed the half-time show as "The Black-eyed Peas" is one of my favorites.

    I made a pie and made a lot of bbq chicken. Found out my Kitty loves the bbq chicken. We had soda (me) and Corona beer (hubby) and some Pringles for snacking.

    To us, commercials are just that, commercials. We rarely like any of them except the ones with the baby talking:)

  2. I had lunch with a friend, she mentioned the commercials. I thought I may watch them but forgot about it and didn't turn the TV on until about 3 minutes before the game was over.

  3. Well I'm not a huge football fan but Jake was thrilled. He's been a Packers fan for 43 years!
    I thought Aguilera's Star Spangled Banner was awful and it irritated the crap out of me.
    I did enjoy the half time show, I liked the music!
    The commercials weren't as good as I had anticipated. But I loved the Pug one for obvious reasons!
    And I had a hard time staying awake as I usually go to bed around 8:30 or 9:00, but other than that, it wasn't too bad! Love Di ♥

  4. I agree with Diana, what a horrible job on the National Anthem. I had the game on in the background, while I was reading blogs. If I were very interested in football, I would have to be a Bears fan. :)

  5. Super Bowl, what's that? An extra large bowl of chili?

    Only kidding, we have actually heard of it although 'football' here is what you call 'soccer'.

  6. I was thrilled the Packers won. I LOVE the Black Eyed Peas. Too bad the stadium in Dallas or Fox or whomever was in charge of the sound, didn't have their act together. I feel the halftime show could have been so much better with proper sound. As far as Christina Aguilera screwing up the national anthem...shame on her. She REALLY should have had that song memorized. And I am like you, Lyn...I do not like that flashy kind of presentation of our national anthem either. I feel it should be sung as it is written.

  7. I ignored the game, watching only the commercials. LOL! I loved the little Darth Vadar kid, the Audi/Kenny G ad and the pug going for the Doritos. The rest, not so much...

    Half time, we paused it and continued watching when it was over. Pitiful excuse for entertainment.

    Christina was definitely off her don't mess with a classic!!

  8. I'm impressed at your knowledge of football and glad you had a good time watching it. My sport is tennis. But I cannot bear watching Andy Murray!

  9. Hubby had the Super Bowl on the TV, but neither of us are big football fans. I only caught bits of it as I was going through the room. I didn't see the commercials.

  10. I watched only the last few minutes of the game. I checked the score a couple times. the one commericial i saw was remarkably boring considering it was for the big game (it was a car commericial)

    I fixed a Paul Newman frozen pizza for my non-watching menu.

  11. I was hoping for the Steelers to win. I only picked them because they are the same division as the Chiefs.

    I was really disappointed in the commercials. There wasn't one that really stuck out as a good one and they all just seemed like regular every day commercials. D had 3 didn't courses for our meal and I went to bed with a very happy belly. :-)

    Superbowl Sunday is one of my favorite days of the year and it was so good spending it with my love.

  12. Glad Packers won. Loved the Darth Vader ad. Reminded me of my two oldest grandsons, 8 and 6. But I was in and out doing other things and saw only part of the game, and just a few of the commercials. Guess that says Super Bowl isn't entirely super to me.

  13. We were also glad the packers won. Basically because if they won it would bring their number of SB wins to seven and the Cowboys only have five. Living here in "Jerry World" is actually aggravating. We do not like the team or owner. It is not the same "institution" that it once was in the Good Ole Landry days or when the majority of the players were individuals that the younger fans could actually look up to like Tony Dorsett, Emmett Smith, Roger Staubach etc...

    Daisy, they have had several concerts in the stadium and all that i have heard is that the sound really sucks they say it is due to the structures shape and is not conducive for good acoustics. So, i don't think the broadcasting company is as much to blame. I totally agree on the anthem she should be ashamed.


  14. Sports don't interest me, and I didn't even know when the super bowl was on. I could not care less. I finally had a day off from work that day and I think I spent the entire day vegetating. In fact, neither The Child not I had any awareness whatsoever of the super bowl. And that's that.


  15. I thought it was a good game though I didn't care much who won. Usually, I lose interest halfway but this time I watched through to the end.

    The commercials were okay though a couple of the best (Darth Vader kid and the Doritos ad that resurrects grandpa) were already previewed on our local news station so that took some of the fun out of it.

    A lot of buzz on the local news about Chrysler's "Imported from Detroit" ad with Eminem. That got rave reviews in southeastern Michigan here.


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