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Sunday, March 06, 2011


Well, here I am. I'm not sure where that is, but I'm here.

I slept pretty well. True to my guess in the previous post, the droning of those fans seemed to help. I was exhausted, too. Whatever, it was good to sleep the whole night through.

I woke with a thought that ths is one way to ensure a thorough cleaning of the house! It's both "the good thing" and "the bad thing." I'll attack it at a slow pace, because otherwise, I'll crash and burn. There will be no avoiding the cleaning, though.

Currently, I can't do much, however. The fans are plugged into every outlet in the kitchen, bedroom and laundry. If I run the microwave, I'll probably blow a circuit, so I'm planning around that. I could unplug a few fans in that area long enough to heat or cook something, but if I can avoid it, I will. I don't like microwaved food anyway. I use it only to warm something that has cooled (coffee). I reheat most food on the stove, anyway.

OK, the stove .... as it is sitting in the middle of the kitchen, it is inconvenient for any significant use. I can do something simple like eggs. I hesitate to do something like pasta that puts steam in the air for obvious reasons. But the stove in unplugged. It is gas with electric ignition, so if I use it I have to light the burners with the BIC I use to light the BBQ grill. No big deal, just inconvenient. I won't be doing any fancy cooking!

If I run the dishwasher, it will be similar to the microwave. I'll have to unplug fans to avoid blowing a circuit. And it takes a long time to run the dishwasher, so I'll probably just do dishes by hand for now.

The washer and drier have been unplugged. I can't wash clothes without the same problem. Besides, my clothes for last week are trapped somewhere in that jumble in the bedroom. I usually rehang something I've worn, hang it on a hook inside the closet door till I'm ready to wash. I do this to avoid extra wrinkling since I wear a lot of natural fabrics. Now I can't get to them. The doors of the closet, bathroom and bedroom came down, and they are in the bedroom chair and on the bed, mixed in with the rest of the things from the closet. I can't get to them. I'm not even sure how I'm going to dress for work! I'll cross that bridge later.

I guess I'll spend the next few days cleaning the other end of the house, guest room and office. Then, when the damaged area begins to clear up, I'll move there to restore a little as a time as space becomes available. My best guess is that it will be a minimum of a couple weeks before I will see "life as I know it."

I'm supposed to go to a dinner today. I can't cook a dish, so I'm going to settle for a loaf of bread with dipping oil, some fresh fruit and a little chunk of cheese as my contribution. Oh well!

I'm going to go now so I can wail "WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?" without subjecting you to it.  ;D No, I just have things to do, for some strange reason!!!


  1. Yuk, what a mess!! I too hate turmoil. We had a dishwasher flood once and it made quite the mess. The insurance company wouldn't replace our carpet but it dried out ok. The worst that happened was the pressboard under the cabinets was all warped, and living with the mess for days, of course. I hope things get back to normal for you soon!!

  2. Deb, looking at the carpet this morning, as it is drying, I'm no longer sure it can be salvaged. The stains are looking pretty bad. sigh. We'll see. Yep the chaos is what bothers me, much more than the event itself. The "event" was a few hours; the ensuing chaos in going to be days, and probably go into weeks. blach.

  3. O dear me, poor you, what a disaster. I just read back over the fateful post.
    My sympathies are with you. We had it happen in the downstairs cloakroom; although it was unpleasant, the Insurers were good about it, did all the work and we got a completely new floor out of it.

    It took several weeks to make good.

    I hope you'll be back to normal sooner than that.

    Good luck.

  4. This sounds like a huge cleaning challenge. Somehow this excites me!
    Yes I know, I am a cleanaholic!
    Wish I could help though Lyn. You know I would. Love Di ♥

  5. Friko, thank you. In a situation such as this, sympathy goes a long way! I doubt it will take that long. I really, REALLY hope not!

    Di, come on down!!! I'd love to have your help! I hope they don't have to replace the under floor. That will take a lot of time, I'm afraid. Say a prayer!

  6. Omg! I step away from your blog for a minute and chaos ensues!

    I am really sorry to hear this happened, altho glad your insurance company sent over a clean up crew. Yay rah for the water sucker upper and fans.

  7. Sooooooooo, Mary, this is your fault?!?!? If that's the case, you're never allowed to have a vacation from my blog again, girl!

  8. What a mess! You have my sympathy. I hope things get back to normal quickly. I know I hate for things to be in chaos.
    Your experience made me thankful that I made the builders move my hot water heater from inside the house to the garage.

  9. SVB, I'm already considering when I can move it. I don't ever want to go through this again!

  10. Lyn,

    We had a massive eruption from a toilet flange in our master bath about 5 years ago. we ended up with 4.5 inches which was classified as level 5 black water (in plain English raw sewage). Word for the wise the fans and suckers are wonderful but make certain that your policy does not have a benefit limit per event. We were continuously told "it's covered" but when all was dry and sanitized we did not have enough benefit left to repair and replace items affected. In our state there is a cap on claims that are or could be related to "Black Mold". That micro print got us. Our master suite is still in disrepair sheet rock was removed 4 feet up the wall, carpet & pad removed. My deepest sympathies goes out to you i know what your going through even though you don't have the sewage issue to deal with. It is not easy physically or emotionally.


  11. DJ,I'm very glad this was nothing but clean, clear water! However, ANY wetness left unattended becomes black mold dangerous. I'll find out this morning what is the current status. Wish me luck!

  12. Oh Lyn, I don't have internet at the condo so I am just finding out about your troubles. I'm so sorry about your little grand dog. It is soooo sad to lose a pet.

    I am, also, distressed to learn of the water mess. At least you have insurance and evertything wasn't ruined.

    I'll keep sending you good thoughts.

    ~hippo hugs~

  13. Hippo, we all rough periods in life, don't we? This just happens to be my turn! Thanks. :)

  14. I am so sorry that you have had to go through this, but as always you have a great attitude about all of this.

    If I was closer, you know I would be over to help you clean up.

  15. Caroline, I know you would, and I thank you. :)

  16. What a mess and you certainly have my sympathy. Our hot water heater doesn't have any way to turn the water off either. When our hot water pipes burst, the water just poured out so we had to turn off our main water supply. No running water for 7 days, yuk! Thank goodness, our hot water heater is not inside our house or we would have had your mess. Best of luck with the moisture.

  17. Moni, I'm considering a different place where it will have drainage or be on the outside of the house. haven't worked it out yet, but I'll get it worked out. It's a pain n the tush, isn't it?? Sheesh.


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