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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Prayers, please

I asking for your thoughtful support for my daughter and her family. Her sweet little dog, Mai Tai, is having great difficulty, and the whole family is stressed. Little Mai Tai is a precious Shih Tzu who will be 18 years old in June. If you've read my blog for a while, you might remember my own darling, Mai Lin. She was Mai Tai's mother. Since Mai Tai was my baby for a couple months before she went to live with TL, she is very dear to my heart, too. She has been with TL through two marriages, a far more faithful and loving companion than the men who followed her into TL's life.

Mai Tai began having seizures a couple days ago. She has had several seizures, and they seem to be coming closer together. She has been very healthy, except for losing her hearing and most of her sight in recent years. In spite of those obstacles, she has remained sweet and loving, a happy little dog. She is having tests to see if something reasonable can help her. If not, they have already decided to let her cross the Rainbow Bridge. The seizures are serious and obviously frightening, if not painful to her. No one wants her to be in pain or in fear, but it is hard letting go, as many of you have experienced.

So, depending on your spiritual journey, please remember MT, TL, and the kids. They are all hurting. Just ask for peace and freedom from pain for them.

Thank you, my friends.

UPDATE:  3/3, 5:50 AM

Thanks to all of you for the prayers. I spoke to TL just a few minutes ago. Mai Tai had a rough night, several more seizures. She is going back to the vet today. I'll let you know. Boy, this just stinks.


  1. You can count on prayers from the Murphy family.


  2. Pets are so much a part of a healthy family. Prayers to your daughter and her family.

  3. Not much else to say except DONE!

  4. Of course. I completely understand.

  5. I will keep them both in my prayers Lyn, your daughter and Mai Lin. It is so difficult when one of our pet family shows signs of aging. I think sometimes it can be harder than when people in our family do.
    My mom sent a the poem "Rainbow Bridge" when my Willie passed away several years ago. He was a wonderful dog and I had no idea how much I could miss him. Love Di ♥

  6. Tough little puppy to hang in there at her age. Like Diana said here, you never realize how much you love your dogs until they're gone for a few years and you still miss them terribly.

  7. Prayers are out to them. Those dang pets, they wangle their way into your hearts, and let a mark forever

  8. I've been there more times than I care to count. Giving a pet a more painless end is the kindest thing we can do at the time. I hope she rebounds and can stay with her family for a while yet, but if not may your daughter dwell on the good memories.

  9. Thanks, all. She's at peace now.


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