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Saturday, March 12, 2011

What a weekend I have ahead

I have so much to do.
  • put my house back in order and clean it
  • income tax finished up
  • plant flowers
  • take cuttings from geraniums to start
  • organize my office and empty contents of a couple pieces of furniture that will be leaving my house
  • make plans for moving furniture between two rooms (exchange the purpose of the rooms)
  • unroll hoses and start watering outside
  • move indoor plants to the deck for sunning for a few days while nights are tolerable
  • clean the deck
  • get hummingbird feeders filled and hung
  • laundry (lots of it since the "flood" and the humidity that was in the house)
  • begin getting summer clothes out (not time to wear them yet, but it takes a while to wash and exchange, and the winter things are beginning to feel too warm on most days)
  • bake some banana nut bread (I have some old bananas)
  • clean out the fridge, as there is food in there I couldn't get to during this mess
  • mop/clean ceramic tile floors and return throw rugs
  • bathe and trim 5 dogs (possibly the most physically taxing of all this list)
  • box up some gifts for mailing to get them off my dining table
  • break all the clocks in the house so I don't have to deal with "the big change"

Those are the big things. There are probably twice as many little things. gah. I feel totally overwhelmed and incompetent right now. So what am I doing? Sitting on my duff and blogging! Yeah, well. That's how I deal with it. Avoidance works for me. Oh, I have several rented movies to watch! Perhaps I should .... no, no, Lyn! Not until later!

The monstrous and live-saving fans and dehumidifiers all left yesterday morning. What a blessed relief it is to have my quiet home back to, well, quiet again. So nice! I was able to hang most of the clothes back in the closet last night, although I'm going to wash all of them systematically over the next week or so, to be sure no residual moisture remains that could cause mold. I still have some clothes not hung (they fell off the hangers in the process), and I'll probably begin with washing them this morning.

I was able to move most furniture back into place. A few pieces, I chose to leave "bunched," thinking it might save moving it again when the adjuster comes. Then I talked to him last night and because of the huge amounts of damage around the State during the freeze in Feb., a wildfire that destroyed and damaged many home in Silver City, and wind damage a few days ago in some places, he is behind. He will be here on the 24th. Yep, it will be that long. I was rather perturbed at first, but when I thought of the big picture, my inconvenience is relatively small. At least I have a home, one without smoke damage or a missing roof. My pipes never broke and did damage far worse than I have.  So I'll move more furniture back into relative order soon. It is what it is, right?

OK, I seriously do need to get busy on this stuff. Anywon want to come spent the weekend? I'll make you work, but I'll feed ya really well, too? The sign up list follows, called "Comments"! Any takers? C'mon, you know you want to!!  chuckle!

Later, all! Have a great weekend!


  1. I have a list like that. Where I get tripped up is where I convince myself I have to do it all this weekend. I really don't.

    I left the workplace last June and so far I've had plenty to keep me busy. That's a relief. More to do than I have time for, but some that can wait a while to do.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Wow, that's quite a list! I have serious doubts that you will be able to complete all that in just two days but good luck anyway!! I would love to come help you tackle it. I'm sure your weather is much more desirable than mine, at least it sounds like it if you are considering watering outside and changing out your wardrobe!! Sadly I have a list of my own to tackle though it's much shorter and I am definitely building in some time for blogging later and a couple movies!! Have fun!!

  3. I would have been right there to help but was so exhausted just reading the list that I've decided to take a nap instead.

  4. I'm real good at avoiding things on my 'to do' list, so you would not want me around.

  5. Trust me, I knew I couldn't do all this in one weekend, but I had to start with a list to get myself going. I've made good progress, and hopefully I can do some more tomorrow. That is, if I don't wake up tomorrow exhausted! Nah, I have worked, but not THAT hard!

  6. Give yourself a big gold star for every thing checked off and then erase the rest!

  7. Goodness. You are ambitious, and I am tired just reading your list. I've wondered how all your clean-up has been coming along.

  8. Everything is coming along well. It can't be "right" till it is completely fixed, but I'm doing OK. At least things are fairly orderly now, and the house is really clean. That's a big step forward!

  9. Iread this too late! I would have signed up but we had one heck of a weekend here too! Love Di ♥

  10. mercy~it's staggering to me! are you still working while all this has been going on? I feel I've been so out of touch lately!

    I hope by now you've accomplished much or all of the list and great strides have been made!!!


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