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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Not a fun stretch ahead....

....but I've survived worse.

I'm resisting getting up. I have much to do today, and I may be trying to avoid getting started, but I'm also bone-weary. The last couple weeks at work have been very difficult, not in tasks or success of managing those tasks, but just in the pace.  I actually feel very good in how I handled it all, but the constant level of stress related to that success has registered.

Then there is the home front. I don't know about you, but when I'm at the overwhelmed stage at work, I tend to be underwhelmed at home, meaning I can't seem to do anything. At least I do nothing completely. Here's a little picture of it all.

Today, my stepson is coming over to pick up four pieces of furniture. He is moving to San Diego, where his younger sister lives. These pieces belonged to their great aunt, my late husband's aunt. She wanted them because they have special memories for her. She used to play under the corner desk as a wee one. Since he is moving, this may be the last convenient time for us to get the furniture to her.

Then, since the furniture will be out of order anyway, it seems like a good time to switch the purpose of two rooms. I chose to use the larger of my two extra bedrooms as an office when I moved in here. It has proven inconvenient as I rarely use the office as such, and the guest room is very small. I want to make the small one an office space, allowing a more comfortable space for the guest room. That means bookshelves will be unloaded and moved, art supplies taken fro storage shelves and moved, futon moved, etc, etc. It will be a long process, I'm afraid, and I know it will not be finished this weekend, but it needs to begin.

Then the carpet folks will be out to measure on Monday. Yes, I talked with the owner who was apologetic about all the mix-ups. She's a consummate business woman with her people skills still intact, and she was appropriately balanced in our conversation. She is the one who did the carpet and tile when I moved in here, and we will still have a working relationship. I think she is coming herself to measure. She will get the carpet ordered, and it will be laid in a week or two. I hope I can have the office and bedroom switch done by then, but if not, it's OK, as those rooms are not caught up in the recarpeting.

Next weekend, I'll go to help load the truck and say goodbye .... no, just "so long" .... to Allan. I'm very sad about his leaving, but I understand the reasons and agree with the wisdom of his decision to make this move. He plans to return at some point in
the future, but who knows if I'll still be around.  Frankly I'm still in a state of denial about it, so goodness know how well I will handle it next week.

My home, my life flow, everything will be out of kilter for the next two to three weeks, following two weeks of off-kilter living already. Just one of those things to get through, 'cause there ain't much else to do! A quote that got me through a lot of tough times applies here, too:  "There is no way out -- only a way forward." Michael Hollings. Guess I'll dust it off and keep it close to my heart for a while.

Anyway, somehow, I have to find time to clean house during this weekend, too. It's pretty ragged. This is just one of those times in life that I have to "Buck up, Buttercup"!! Work needing to be done doesn't recognize "tired." Sighh. That being said, I guess I'd better drag my lazy self outta bed and start the bucking up!!

Later, folks!

Oh, and there was an awesome sunrise. Yeah, I know that really surprises you!  LOL!


  1. Today is a new day. I understand and to relate to being underwhelmed at home when overwhelmed at work. I am the same way.

    Hang in there. One day at a time...

  2. I know you need to work Lyn, but how about fewer hours? I think maybe you are just getting tired and need more down time.

  3. My house, my life, have been out of order for years!

    Or maybe it is just my marriage.

  4. RET, I know. It's like I can't "be on" both places at once, if one is offering challenge. Maybe it's our age? I donno, but there have been worse things in my life, so I'll get through this, too. Thanks.

    Moni, it really isn't the hours. It's just that there have been some important things going on, and I'm still adjusting. I'll be OK as time goes on. I'm already a lot more comfortable now than I was a month ago.

    Merikay, I'm not "Susie Shipshape," but I'm normally more organized than I am now. I'll get there soon, especially when the carpet is laid and my furniture back in place!! And I can't blame it on my marriage!!!

  5. Sure wish I were there Lyn, I've got plenty of free time and would be happy to help you out!
    Truly I do know that overwhelmed feeling that you talk about and you are right, it will pass. Your job sounds like a challenging one, at least not boring!
    The room switching can wait as long as no one is coming to visit. Unless you are having your stepson help you.
    Either way it will all get done, just remember not to overdo to the point that you can't do anything. Which is something I'm known for!!
    So sorry that I can't help you!
    Love Di ♥

  6. Di, I'd almost be willing to buy you a plane ticket! LOL!

    I'm pacing myself as well as I can. It's just hard to have a home that is in total disarray. I'll get there .... hopefully by summer! ;D

  7. I love that in the midst of it all, you took the time to take these amazing pictures. It is always so important to notice the beauty around us, even in the midst of chaos. (I am reading these out of order; happy that things are coming together nicely.)

  8. Dakota, there are few occasions that I don't take time for some good photos. And as far as the chaos, yes, it is beginning to take shape. Isn't it amazing how good things feel when the chaos begins to smooth out? :D


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