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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dos, Don'ts .... make that "damn I wish I hadn'ts" .... and winds and fires

Today was a little crazy at work. And it was my own fault. I described it to a friend as having several little threads loose, and watching them be pulled and the fabric unraveling. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were very uneventful, and I got a lot of minor catch-up done. Then today, I discovered something I hadn't caught earlier in the week, and I played scramble the rest of the day.  I hate that! I have only myself to blame, as I missed the detail myself, but it drives me crazy when that happens and then I spent the rest of the day playing telephone tag and trying to connect with people to mend the hole. I still have a couple things to do in the morning because the woman at the hospital left without returning my call to her. Three o'clock rolls around and she is outta there, regardless of details like unreturned phone calls. And her part is very important in the big picture. Sigh.

Tomorrow I'm going to the funeral of one of our patients. He and his wife are the first among people I met right after moving here, very nice people. He's been sick for a long time, and I was glad he got into hospice for his comfort in the last days. A friend of mine volunteered a therapeutic massage for the widow and his daughter a couple days ago. What a cool thing for her to do. Anyway, the memorial service is in the morning, so I'll be there. In a small community like this, this is going to happen from time to time. It's one of those "everybody knows everybody" kind of places.

There is another wildfire nearby. It broke out this morning, not far from here and Capitan. It's also near the historic site of Ft. Stanton, and I hope that isn't damaged. The fort was once the home of the Buffalo Soldiers, and while it is not a really impressive place, the history gives me chills of awe. The infernal winds are not helping, again. But this time it is a rather small fire, and hopefully it will be contained quickly.

Remember that I've talked a couple times recently about the hairstylist problem? Today was the first appointment with a new one. She cuts my bosses hair. Boss has curly hair, too, and I like how it looks, very natural and feminine without being too fussy. I figured it was worth a try.

I took her a picture of one of my favorite styles, but told her that I was very open to anything new, as long as it wasn't something that took me a half hour every morning. So she started the typical stylist stuff, fluffing, twirling, etc., then asked if I wanted it short. I told her that I was alright with letting it grow out some. She suggested something slightly longer than what I have now, saying she would not be taking of much length today, but texturizing and shaping to lead to a new "do." My hair wasn't in bad shape, but was getting out of form since that last, awful, very short cut.  She described a little more of what she had in mind, and it sounded good to me. She even explained how it would differ from Bosses hair, because of our different curl and other attributes, and I was getting really excited. This was a woman, I knew, who "gets" curly hair!

We chatted throughout the haircut time. Well, of course we did! This is me I'm talking about, and she was a stylist in a salon!! Duh! What an interesting woman she is! I learned a lot about her without feeling like I knew too much! I've had that happen, too! It was a pleasant conversation, and it was made even better by  a wonderful scalp massage, especially across the base of my skull. Ahhhhh. N.I.C.E.

As she was cutting, I had my glasses off, of course, but I've learned over the years (an advantage to growing old, perhaps??) the feel of a good cut. I knew I was in good hands and really relaxed. When she finished, I slipped my glasses on and was delighted!! To be honest, it isn't a lot different in appearance at this time, but the difference that matters is that it is a really good cut! There are things that don't show up a lot now, but I know the difference, and I'm thrilled!

Over the next few cuts, it will become longer, the length depending on what I am comfortable with when we get there. I'm really eager to see what happens by, say, fall!

OK, OK, here is a photo. It's not really good, and this is after running around between our buildings at work in the horrible winds today, but it'll give an idea.

I think I'm "home"!! I have a doctor that I really like and a hair stylist who really knows her stuff!

Life is good!!!


  1. I really like the cut. The curl comes through. Let's hope this works. I feel your pain. Curly hair must be cut by just the right person. I have suffered through for at least five years now since I lost my stylist. I'm going to a new one in Denver next week. I hope it works. I don't think my husband will let me drive to Albuquerque for a hair cut. ;)

    I hope those fires stay away from your house and don't cause any breathing problems.

  2. Thanks, RET. I really like it, too. As far a driving to ABQ, I'm even farther south from there!! The shop is in Ruidoso! But here's a good thing .... if you don't go through ABQ, but cut south from Santa Fe, it won't take much longer to get here! LOL!

    I'm actually not too worried about the fire at my house. It's probably 10 miles away. As long as it doesn't get out of hand. But thanks for the concern. :)

  3. Looks good. But then you have a nice smile, so it's hard to not like the hair cut.

  4. Love the haircut!!! And I agree with do have a very nice smile.

    I finally found someone here in Marysville that I can trust with my hair and then she told me this last time I was there that her last day is the end of this month. Boo...

    Since I am hoping to be in CO by the next time I need a trim, I just asked her to write down how she colors and cuts my hair and I can take that to the person I find in CO. (positive thinking I guess)

  5. Merikay, thanks!!

    Caroline, thanks to you, also! And isn't that how it goes? You find a niche, then there is a shift in the plates of our lives and the result is a virtual sunami in our lives. At least that's what it feels like, isn't it?

    CO by next trim, eh? COOL!!

  6. who is that very attractive lady in he picture? Your young sister?

    It's hard to find a stylist who pleases us, and they so often lose interest after a few times. Hope yours turns out to be a treasure for a good long time.

  7. Friko, thanks! And yes, I hope this one is for the long-term, too. The search isn't fun, but the find rocks!

  8. Teeheehee! I like the "thing" sticking out of your head! ;)

  9. LOL!! TL, that is a little South African person made of banana leaves, and he is dancing in my hair! Couldn't you tell that?? Hee hee hee!!

  10. I like the cut! My mom has curly hair too. It frizzes a lot. She kept her hair long for years and now it is shorter but still below her ears.
    I actually like the unruly curl/frizz look because I am so used to it on my mother. My hair has cow-licks but is basically straight and I envy curly hair!

  11. The new "do" is looking good!

    I think most women understand the challenges of finding the right stylist, even if our hair isn't curly. Mine is wavy with a pretty significant cowlick in the front. I've been fortunate to have a great stylist in Austin who understands my hair and my requirement that it not take more than a few minutes of my time each morning.

    Now that we're transitioning to fulltime rving, I told him I needed my haircut to last 3 months not 6 weeks. So we're working on that. So far so good...

  12. Mary, thanks! You know, I suppose many of us wish for different hair. I guess none of it is without problems, is it? Believe it or not, I've had very straight hair that wouldn't curl and very, very curly hair, just barely short of frizzy. Each was problematic!

    C&J, yes, I think it is universal. I don't envy your challenge of finding a decent haircut on the road. I've had that problem, too, and after reading full-timers blogs, I see that it is consistently a problem. But we figure it out, don't we? :)


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