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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Here's yesterday today. Or sumptin like that.

I tried to post this last night, only to find that Blogger was down for repairs. I was too tired to wait up an hour, so went off to dreamland and here it is today.


I went to the new doctor today. What a fabulous experience! Of course, this doc is one I know anyway, outside his office. Getting to know him as "my doctor" was very pleasant. He spent over an hour with me! He is not tied to any HMO, clinic, hospital chain, whatever. Thank goodness. It felt so good to have a doc take his time, listen to me, and actually talk to me like I'm a person.  I told him about the two recent experiences I'd had with other medical people, and I loved that he expressed things that made me feel like I'm not strange. He didn't put anyone down, but just affirmed my plans and thoughts. It's too much and too boring to go into, but this is all good.

A big and positive thing is that he does not think I have rotator cuff damage. Thank goodness!! He thinks I might need some physical therapy to build up the muscles to support it so damage doesn't happen, but that will be addressed after some more urgent things. I'm scheduling lab work, a mammogram, and a colonoscopy in the next few weeks. I'll be having a bone density test soon, as well. Then we will tackle the shoulder after that.

I had a flare up of fibromyalgia in the last couple days. Last night was bad enough with skin sensitivity on the back of my right thigh that I could not sit on the couch. I had to be reclined so there was zero weight on that area so it wouldn't feel like I was sitting on a spot that had been recently burned. Very, very uncomfortable. When I got up this morning, I felt good for the first while, then it began hurting again. I had a few pain pills left over from last year's surgery, so I took one before leaving for work. I was afraid that if I didn't, I wasn't going to be able to sit down to do my job.  I talked this over with him, and we agreed I should start back on an anti inflammatory again. I've had several small attacks in the year I've been off the meds. My body has had a "rest" now, so it is probably telling me it's time to do this again.

I'm really glad to be seeing this guy. He's the kind of doctor I'm comfortable with, old-fashioned (in his "take time" approach), gentle, with a sense of humor.  Don't you love when you find the right doctor? Or hair stylist? Two of the hardest things to replace, IMO. I'm still looking for the right stylist, but I have the names of two to try. Calling one tomorrow. Wish me luck on that!


  1. The older we get it seems it is harder to find the right professional help. The doctors really can't change the deterioration of age, and the hair stylist can
    t make us 20 years younger!

    Oh well, I'm glad you found a doc you like, and I think your smile is beautiful no mater how your hair is cut!

  2. I am happy for you that you found a doctor that you like. Ever since medicine became big business, it has become nearly impossible to find a physician who dares spend too much time with a patient. (time=money)!

  3. I am right there with ya. It is hard to find the right Doc in particular. I've had the same family doc for nearly 30 years and I loveum. He is just like your doc, kind, patient, old school in a good way, visits are always at least an hour and we go over every ailment. I just had a visit, and I think I'm gonna live.
    Nothing I cannot handle with a little help from an occasional pill.
    As for a hairdresser, I'm still looking but at least getting close.

  4. You are so right. Finding the right doctor and the right hair stylist are to two hardest things to do. I'm glad you found this guy. I hope you are soon feeling much better. By the way, what anti-inflammatory do you take?

  5. Healing thoughts transmitted! Be Well!

  6. So glad you found the right doctor for you. It is hard to find a doctor that takes the time to listen. Hope you feel better soon.

  7. RET, with my medical seemingly in good hands, I'm trying a new stylist next week. My boss has curly hair, and hers always looks good, so I'm trying her stylist. Wish me luck!

    I used to take Clinoril. It was effective, but I changed as it can be rough on the stomach. If the new one doesn't work I'll try it again later on. I'm trying out Mobic. It's 1Xday and supposedly easier on the stomach.

    Bob, thank you very much!

    SVB, oh yes! To have one that takes time is worth it. I don't go to docs often, so when I go, I don't want to be rushed. He is great.


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