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Friday, June 10, 2011

I'm SO aggravated!

I got a new cell phone today. I was very excited. After about 45 minutes of discussing the features, the pros and cons of various phones, I finally settled on a Droid Incredible. They transferred all my contacts for me, and I headed back to the office. I finished out my work day, made a stop for a few groceries and headed home.

At home, I set about learning how to use it and set up features. I set up Facebook, Blogger, Skype and my email accounts, along with a few other things while it was finishing the charge. Then I plugged it into my laptop to transfer my address book and calendar into the phone, and I got a message on the computer saying it did not recognize the device, and on the phone was a message saying I needed to install software (which, of course, I don't have) AND that it is available .... ONLY FOR WINDOWS!!!!!!!!!

I freakin' have a Mac!! And I asked the guy not once but TWICE if this phone was compatible with Mac!!!

Dammit dammit, dammit!!! Of course, by this time, the store is closed, so I have to drive back into Rui tomorrow, and I really, really, REALLY don't have time for this!!! I have so much to do before I leave very early Tuesday morning, and I really hate that I have to take this time out to get it corrected!! What is wrong with people that they give wrong information like this???

I'll be off to town in the morning, laptop in tow, to have them fix their mistake. Maybe .... benefit of the doubt .... there is a software that can be downloaded. There had better be.


  1. How awesome that you got a Droid, but how crappy that it's not working with your Mac. I really hope you are able to settle this tomorrow. Sorry that you have to go back into town to fix it.

    Hang in there...just a few days and you will be on vacation!!!!

  2. I was just reading at the website, and THE PHONE IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH MAC!! I'm really steamed!

  3. Hey, you are going on vacation, Yea! Keep in touch so we know what you are up to. I'm truly sorry about your droid, darn!

  4. I got a Samsung Fascinate and it's not compatible either. Darn. Another mac user. I will be smarter next time. I hope:)

  5. I think you just need to get an iPhone. That is what I am planning on getting. And seriously....who makes a product that is not compatible with a Mac???

  6. Moni, I'm so looking forward to this trip!!

    Bob, this is the second time this has happened. The first was my fault because I didn't ask. This one is clearly on their shoulders!

    Caroline, I went planning for the iPhone. I changed because there are some hidden costs and issues: insurance is $4/mo higher; if you need repairs/replacement, etc, you go directly to Apple, not back to Verizon [I don't mind that, but I'm not sure about being without a phone for a period? If I lived in a city with an Apple store, that would be OK.] On the other hand, Apple products tend to be less problematic than most others, so perhaps that is all moot. I guess I'll decide today.

  7. My android phone had gone kaptuzy and I am in no mood to replace it. I am with TMobile who has been a great company but I am tired of having all of my life in a tiny little electronic device!

    I tell you which company I LOATHE because you can't get a damn person who is interested in anything but selling more products: Verizon or as they have re-named themselves here: Frontier.

    I feel like phone service (cell and land line) is like a freaking shark tank and the customers are the chum thrown in to be eaten until their pocket books are empty.

    Wasn't there a time in the 80's or 90's when they de-regulated the phone industry? Well, time to re-regulate or at least protect consumers from LIARS.

    PS..I didn't know you were Mac person! Back when I was in college only the cool people had Macs and I think it might still be the same.

  8. I'm so sorry that you have to put up with this aggravation. My husband and I had droids; we got them as soon as they came out almost two years ago. We use Macs also. We were told they were compatible. Well, they aren't. I say they are adaptable if you want to constantly be making adjustments, but who does? We took them back the next day. We then used Blackberry. I loved the Blackberry, but it is not all that compatible either. Finally, we went to the iPhone. I love it! Verizon is our service provider. We are very happy with the service and phone.

  9. What a bad time for you to have to deal with this problem. I find "some" people in the retail field tend to tell the customer exactly what they want to hear....that has happened to me before too. Then they come up with a logical excuse for the confusion....go get him Lyn !!!!!

  10. Mary, first of all, you got that right! I am one of the cool people! LOL!

    I thought phone deregulation was earlier, the late 70s, but I looked it up and you're right, 1984.

    RET, I'm still vacillating, but leaning toward the iPhone. I'll write a post to explain this in a bit.

    Ruth, it is .... inconvenient timing, to say the least! More later.


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