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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Phone update. Sorta.

I'll make this short.

They were amazed that the phone was not compatible. Seriously, jaw-dropping amazed. I told them to check the website. Then when I said that at the V website, I asked for "cellphones compatible with Mac," the only phone that showed up was iPhone, they were again very surprised. They kept saying they are told that all the "Smart Phones" are supposed to compatible with ANY computer. Yeah, well ....

They refunded my purchase. I'm using my old cell. The reason is that there was not an iPhone in the place! They sold the last three yesterday! ARGHHH!! So after a couple phone calls the district manager is coming on Monday, and he is bringing an iPhone. He is also going to see if he can make my laptop talk to the Droid. Apparently he is a techie, and believes he can do it. We'll see.

Anyway, they refunded my purchase because they don't want me to lose my renewal discount.
I'm leaning toward buying the iPhone, however. Apple technology is great. I have had zero problems with the products I've had over the years [I'm a Mac-ie since the early 90s]. I know the iPhone will be compatible, have the apps I'm used to and comfortable with. If it ain't broke, don't try to fix it!


  1. You have to get an iPhone...I already have a name picked out and it only goes with an iPhone...not a droid. lol

    Seriously...I hope this gets resolved on Monday. I think they should not make you pay the difference. They made a huge mistake.

  2. Imelda? Ilana? Ilene? Inez?

  3. If you're dealing with Verizon ~ keep calling until you get the Arizona call center and ask for Melissa. Tell her Judy sent you!!!

    That probably tells you about my prior experience with them ~ but I can play nice with them now!

  4. I'd like to hear the story, if he gets the droid compatible with the mac. The reason I went with a droid was price. $10.00 for a refurbished unit. Works great.

  5. OOPS.
    All sorted now, I hope.

    I had no idea you were as techie as that, I've been going back over your little saga. All the things you mention you did, transferred, down and up-loaded; gee, they give me a headache just thinking about them.

    Have a good time!.

  6. I have to confess to owning an imac and an iphone to go with it. Everything just works....... I'm a recent mac user and wish I had got myself sorted out a long while ago.

  7. I love my iBook, my iPad, my iPod, my iPhone, and my iMacG5. 'Nuff said. : ).

    Hope you're breathing okay there. That fire is unbelievable.

  8. Walmart has the 4G iPhone on sale for $147.that's $50 off regular price. Sale is good until June 30th.


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