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Tuesday, August 09, 2011


Yes, that word that every parent hates to say and yet says it with enormous glee!!



3 Words - YOU'RE SO GROUNDED!!!!

And the chorus - BWAAAA  HA HA HA HA!!!!

Jazyn Jewel Shuler is G.R.O.U.N.D.E.D!!!!!!!

I took Lola for her shots today, and since I would be gone for just a little while, I decided to try leaving the dog door access to the deck open to see what would happen.  Lolita and I were gone just under an hour, and when we returned, I panicked for the first few seconds as we drove up, because I could see the three boys on the deck, but not Jaz. Then she came bouncing out the door and to the gate, and I nearly cried with relief! She was contained!!

Thank you rabbit wire. Thank you power stapler. Thank you leather gloves. Thank you God! The babies are safely enclosed once again!!!


  1. Peace of mind is knowing they are being kept in, and coyotes are being kept OUT! (I just assume you have them around there.)

  2. And I bet Jaz was no less happy to see you either!

  3. Jaz is so cute, but she looks like she is full of spunk!

  4. What a gorgeous wee dog! Fabulous name too.

  5. That photo is just precious Lyn! A face you just have to love. Glad that you've solved the problem, I hope it lasts! Love Di ♥

  6. So cute. How can you be firm with anyone with that face!

  7. Merikay, we do, indeed, have coyotes!! I was whining about that on facebook a couple days ago. There is what sounds to be a pack of about 10 that have been waking us up at night with their eerie singing. Ugh! The problem is, I don't know of any fence that we actually keep them out; they are very crafty and can climb almost any wall or fence. The good thing is that they will not likely come in where my pack has an established area.

    Judy, she was!

    RET, "spunk" is a good word for it! She's a pistol!!

    Freda, thank you! We like the name and the sweet baby, too!

    Linda, so cute! And so full of it all!!

    Di, thanks! I think the problem is solved. I can't imagine her chewing or tearing her way through the welded rabbit wire!

    LC, ain't it da trut'??

  8. That is the best news!!!!! But could you stay mad at that adorable face?

  9. Caroline, it is hard to stay mad at her .... at any of them. But occasionally that little 'tude of her gets goin' and I could .... well, no I couldn't, but I think about it!!


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