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Friday, August 12, 2011

Its Friday. Thank goodness, it's Friday. Although, if you know me, you know that it still means no significant rest for me this weekend!

It's another busy weekend, but this one is not out of control. A work event tomorrow morning .... a butterfly release for people to let beautiful monarchs fly free in memory of their loved ones who have passed across. It should be really nice, particularly if it isn't pouring rain between 11:00 and 1:00!

Then I'll come home and do a little sumptin-sumptin for a while and about 5:00 leave for a surprise birthday party for a friend. It is going to be a huge party, and I'm helping with food. I've already prepared everything, so there will be nothing to do for it tomorrow. I might even take a nap!

Sunday isn't packed, but I do want to attend a couple spiritual services in town. That will be a refreshing time.

As I was driving into town yesterday, I noticed the mountain sides are dotted with brown trees, pine trees that have died. The mountain sides are like a green fabric with brown polka dots, as it is relatively evenly distributed. I'm supposing it is the result of the drought. Now that it is raining again, nearly every day thank goodness, the healthier trees are a rich green in contrast to those poor dead ones. It occurred to me that it is possibly one of nature's ways of keeping the growth under control. What a clever way to do so, as the brown trees are relatively  evenly spread; however, I'd rather not have the drought too often, thank you very much.

Thankfully, we are having daily rain or at least showers. It is nice to see the green returning .... the grasses between the trees and shrubs, the rich greens of the trees (now that the dust is washed off with the rain), and I noticed this evening that my little garden is reviving, at least to some degree. All the watering I did seemed to do nothing for most of the plants, but a few days of rain, and little green things are popping out all over the garden! It's like spring in August!! Weird!

Today I remembered to stop on the way to work to take pictures of the poor, drought affected forest. Take a look at these:

The live trees are looking beautiful. Everything has greened up beautifully.

Here is another look at nature and it's path. Remember the White Wildfire (pictures at the link) a few months ago? It's the one that was so close to Ruidoso. Well, today, I drove by part of it that I photographed immediately after the fire, in fact, it was still smoldering and burning in small areas. Today I was driving past that same area, and it is amazing to me how much is already regrowing in that area now that we are getting some rain. It is nice to see this, although it is just the beginning of rebirth of the forest in that area.  Look at the green between the burned lumber. Any fuzziness in the photos is the rain that was falling when I took the shots.

Tonight there was a beautiful sunset. I'm glad I caught this.

Look at the rain falling out of those clouds!

Not long after I took those photos, the dogs kept going out front, then back and barking, barking barking. I finally closed the dog doors to keep them in and quiet. About fifteen minutes later the coyotes started their infernal serenade, just across the road. Arghhh. I really, really hate those beasts. They were around much earlier than usual tonight. Hopefully they made the rounds here and have moved on and won't be back tonight. My pups should be OK, because they are a pack, and coyotes usually don't take on another pack, but I'm not about to trust those insidious, nasty varmits.

And there you have it. That's all I have for today. Time to take the dogs out under my watchful eye and then get some sleep.  Hasta maƱana!


  1. Hi Lyn,
    So glad you brought your babies inside! It has been dry as dust here, if we do get rain it's only a few sprinkles. Whoop dee do!!
    Sounds like a nice weekend and I sure hope that it doesn't rain on your parade. I will keep my fingers crossed for your Butterfly release. That sounds beautiful.
    I am pretty much resting up this weekend. Tuesday is the big day and I have butterflies of my own!!
    Love Ya, Di ♥

  2. Di, I'll keep you in my prayers. It is going to go well, and in a few weeks, you sill be hopping around like a bunny. Well, OK, maybe not that, but walking like you own the world once again! Hugs!

  3. Sound like a good weekend. I love the butterfly release.

    Driving up to the mountains this week I was saddened to see all the damage done to our forests by beetles. It is natures way of thinning out, I think.

  4. I was going to mention the dead trees possibly being from the beetles, but see someone else has already done it. So sad what they have done to the Rockies!

    But it is good to see the green after the fire! And great the NM is getting some rain. I hope it is widespread because we saw many places that truly needed the moisture!

  5. Sounds frightening - I'm glad you brought the dogs in. Keep safe.

  6. Coyotes are moving into neighborhoods and giving household pets a fit. I can attribute that to loss of habitat but apparently that's not true for you. Makes me heart sick to think about your pups being eaten by coyotes.

  7. The Mogollon Rim area of Arizona had the same problem a few years ago with pine trees dying in great numbers due to the drought followed by beetles. The last few winters have been wetter so the forests look much better this year.

    I was wondering, how far out of a town do you live? Is it a mini-road trip to get to church or take care of errands?

    The butterfly ceremony sounds beautiful. I have never heard of such a event but I love the idea.

  8. RET, I understand many of the things we see as sad about nature are just that, nature's way of balance, but it certainly doesn't make it any more acceptable to us, does it?

    MM, I'm so glad was are past the crisis of moisture, at least for a while. That was just awful! As I write this, it is raining, and the air is fabulous!!

    Freda, it is more frightening than I can tell you. I know they are (once again) part of nature's balance, but I still don't like the beasts.

    Linda, you're right about civilization encroaching, and even though I'm out in the boondocks, I'm living on "their" land. It is far worse in other areas, of course, like the coyotes in Central Park in NYC! I don't know if I would get over it if they got one of my babies. :(

    Bob, I live about 10 miles from a village called Capitan where there is a small but good grocery and a hardware/mercantile. I do a lot of my shopping there, but I have to go to Ruidoso, 17-25 miles (depending on which end of town, as it is really strung out) for anything else, including our only major retailer, Walmart. It's not bad, but enough to make one think carefully before setting out for a loaf of bread!! The village of Nogal is only about 5 miles away, but the only "business" there is the post office!

    The butterfly event is really cool. I released several to commemorate family members who've passed on. I enjoyed watching the hundreds of Monarchs fluttering to life and into the flowers and butterfly bushes nearby!

  9. So glad you are finally getting some rain. We've been lucky this summer and have had enough rain to keep everything green all summer long.
    I worry about my cats being outside because we have more and more cougars in this area. Hope you can keep the coyotes away from your dogs.

  10. SVB, whatever is the wild predator, it is unnerving to those of us who are pet-people. I've thought about having a cat, as this is one of the few times in my life that I don't, but since the pups have the dog doors (and are fenced for relative safety), a cat could go out and venture beyond the fenced, mostly safe areas. Cats disappear like popcorn around here, and I couldn't stand it if that happened. So no kitties for me at this time. :(


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