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Monday, September 05, 2011


It's nearly 9:00 AM, but I'm not ready to get out of bed. Sooooo .... what can I blog about to avoid putting my feet on the floor? Hmmm.

My high school graduating class is beginning to plan for the 50th reunion. Yup. I'm that old. I graduated in 1962, before some of you were even born! It is hard to believe it has been that long. But clearly, I'm deluded!

Anyway, the first step to a reunion is to update records (phone #s, addresses, email) of everyone and to locate as many of the "missing" as possible. I had offered to help with whatever, but since I'm around 300 miles away from "home," there will be limitations to what I can do. When one of the organizers sent out the database of address from our 2007 reunion, I knew I could probably do some work on the internet to help find those "lost souls."

So I began by running the names through Facebook. Lawdy! Who would think there would be that many people by those names in the world?? Some of the names are not John Smith, trust me, and yet there are many faces that pop up when I put in “Clarice Snebowitz.” No, that’s not a real person, although I’ll bet something would pop up if I googled it!! But none of those faces look like the people I knew “back when.” It’s hard to know how a person has changed.

It is especially challenging to find the women. So many don’t put their maiden names in their profiles, and married names? Hah! Even if you know the married name from the early days, so many are on a second or fifth marriage!

I have located several, however, and it is fun to catch up, pre-reunion. Emails and FB messages are flying back and forth, and it is so interesting to hear what people have been doing all these years!

I love these reunions! One of the things I like most is learning these things about people, where they’ve been, what they’ve been doing. The first reunion (10 year) was a farce. Not much had changed, people hung out with their old gangs, and there was little value in conversations, because everyone was jockeying for “my job is better than yours,” and “I have a bigger house than you,” or “my children are smarter/walked earlier/more beautiful than yours.” However, in the subsequent years those things have dropped in importance, the cliques have largely dissolved. I have friends with whom I would not have hung out back in the day. Oh, there are a few who remain in their ivory towers with their selected associates. They still are in pockets at the edge of the activity at reunions. But for the most part, we are all equals now. I love it.

So I will continue to search for the lost classmates between now and Labor Day weekend next year. I hope I find a few ore to place in my “new old friends” list.


  1. Sounds like a good thing to do on a holiday Monday. Can you imagine what it was like trying to find people before the internet and Facebook? I hope you are able to find the ones you are looking for.

  2. 1962???!!!! Obviously you started school as a toddler and then skipped some grades!

  3. Caroline, I can't imagine the difficulty of it! I know a couple times, people called my parents to find out where I was. After they moved away, it would have been impossible, I think. Frankly, it's kinda fun to play sleuth!

    ;D OK, seriously, I should be so lucky!

  4. Good luck with your task Lyn. I agree,it is much nicer when all of the "Things" aren't as important anymore and you can just enjoy the company.
    When is your reunion?
    Love Di ♥

  5. Di, the reunion is a year from now, Labor Day weekend 2012. I can hardly wait!!

  6. Ironically, I've been receiving updates on our fortieth class re-union which takes place next month. I've gone to one re-union, my 25th, and am not in a hurry to go to another. Maybe my 50th.

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  8. my 40th was last year and as you say, it was not so important, the petty stuff! It was the most enjoyable one I'd gone to yet. Keep up the search for those past friends...reunite and have a blast.

  9. Thanks, Dar. Yes, it will be fun. It always is! Thanks.

  10. My mom graduated in 1962. Whoa.

  11. Hey, True .... I don't know whether that makes me feel old or not!! LOL! But you knew my age, didn't you?

  12. Well, I thought I did. At least I know your birthday! Hehehe... This will probably sound silly, but it makes me feel better to know you're my mom's age. Like... at least someone had a better mother than I did. :)

  13. Ahhh, True. Remember this .... I think every mom is the best mom she knows how to be. Sometimes, there are gaps between her ability and the child's need. But look at the strength you "grew" from that experience. :)


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