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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Saturday lazy stuff

It's a grey, overcast day. Rain in the forecast at 30%, which means in this area, it probably will, but who knows how much or how long. After the last few months of drought, I welcome any rain that cares to bless the soil! I say that, even though I dislike this kind of gloomy day. I'm going to be spending most of today inside, anyway. The high is supposed to be 70°. It is 56° at 10:30, so I don't know if it will make that high. I've already put on sweats and socks against the chill 64° inside.

Yesterday was a less-than-great day for me. I had a pretty good flare up of Fibromyalgia. It didn't put me to bed, but it certainly interfered with how my day went. I had muscle aches that became spasms at times, and I was in a fog most of the day. Sinuses or hay fever were more active than usual. I went to work, and I actually accomplished a lot, but it seemed that I was moving in slow motion much of the time.

When I left work, I came home, got into comfy clothes and had a cup of hot tea. Then I snuggled with the Furries. That made life much better all around!

Today seems to be a better day already. I'm sill a bit achy, but nothing in comparison to yesterday. I'm not planning any heavy work today, although I have several tasks in mind that will allow me to be seated most of the time and don't require any heavy lifting or other strenuous activity. Some organization that I keep putting off, sorting and downsizing the craft supplies, art supplies and office supplies that are in storage tubs following the water heater debacle and Allan moving away at the same time (remember I emptied out several pieces of furniture so he could take them to his sister?). I know I will feel so much better when it is behind me. Sometimes I wonder if these times of physical limitations happen to force me to do what is so easy to put off otherwise!? If so, I need to have about two months of "sick days"!!!

I'm considering the need to begin moving my plants in for the winter. This always entails rearranging furniture to accommodate the larger pots. I might look for a medium large but shallow pot to put all my little succulents in. I don't know what would be easier .... caring for about ten small pots that will fit here and there between bigger ones, or caring for one larger pot that I might have trouble finding a place for. The small pots are a nuisance to water as they always overflow. I have to be sure there is a sufficient water-catcher under them, so their footprint is larger than the little pots they are in. Watering one big pot would be so much easier .... its footprint is only one, but a larger space. Sigh.There isn't a clearly "better" answer.

For now, I'm going to stay parked on the couch for a while and read. I've been reading since about 6:30 and hope to finish a book I've been reading for a couple months. It is good, but I've not been in the reading mood. Today, I am!! Sooooo .... Later!!!


  1. When I started downsizing stuff I saw that I had several large serving platters and cake plates. I could have sld them for pennies at a flea market day or donated them to Goodwill, none were "antique" but instead I filled them with stones and use them as drain plates fro some of the indoor pots.

    You might find some at your local Goodwill or Thrift shop that will add a touch of class to the indoor winter pots. Several small pots can be nested onto one larger plate, and the stones provide drainage.

    Just a thought.

  2. Hats off to you, making yourself "catch-up" on days marked by physical limitations! Lately the only thing I seem determined to catch up on is sleep!

  3. Sometimes it's good to have a day when you don't do much. But having said that, after a few hours of such a day I'm ready to break a hole in the wall with my head :)

    I really hope you feel better soon, I'm sorry you have been in pain.

  4. Merikay, I do that already! I recycle whenever possible, and yes, those little pots of flowers usually nestle together in one platter.

    LC, hey, catching up on sleep is a very good thing!!

    Jenny, I get that way, too, so I usually alternate between reading and doing tasks. It is helpful, too, as I can rest between little bursts of energy .... hopefully avoiding the head-into-wall syndrome!!


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