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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fall is here, fer sher

There was frost on the pumpkin this morning. Well, there was frost on the big blue truck, anyway. It is starting to look like Winter, or at least, like serious Fall. The air smells awesome, that crisp Autumny smell. Mmmmmm.

I'm enjoying a cup of chai latte, sweet and creamy, along with some ginger crisps that I got at IKEA in Denver last week. Perfect for a fall evening while I'm tucked in with The Kids. This is one of the things I like about cooler weather, having a relaxing hot drink while I watch TV. Having a hot drink in the evening when the weather is hot just doesn't appeal to me.

The Kids - they are all doing well. The biggest and best news is this .... After I was back from my trip I got busy "fixing" the presumed escape path for Missy Jazmyn Jewel Houdini. I did a lot of thinking about this, and I finally came to the conclusion that she HAD to be climbing over the protective rabbit wire I had put up (remember the "whew" I sighed when I put it up because it was going to solve everything???).

Here is what it looks like ........

See the gap between the rabbit wire and the top railing? My theory is that Girlfriend was climbing up the wire, then hopping out through that gap to the ramp below it.

This is how I fixed it. I couldn't see how she could climb up and still manage to go over the rail (she would have to stretch up almost her full body length AND lean backward by about an inch; just didn't seem plausible for her to do so) nor would she have the strength and agility to rip and tear at the chicken wire while her paws are hanging onto the rabbit wire.

On Sunday I was leaving the house for about four hours in the morning and early afternoon. It seemed like the perfect time to test the fix. Daylight is much safer for her if she did manage to escape. So off I went. When I returned, to my enormous relief, GF was still on the deck!

Yesterday we gave it another try while I worked (8:30 to 2:30), and HUZZAH!!!! She was on the deck when I came home!!

Today was my day to work from 1:00 to 7:00. More scary, because it meant that if she ferreted a way out, she could be out in Coyote Country in the twilight. But I braved it, and once again, five dogs in the safety zone upon my return!! Hurray, Huzzah and Yippee-Skippee!!!! I believe  (knock, knock, knock on wood) that we have achieved the goal. Once again I utter the scary word .... whew.

Speaking of IKEA, that was an experience. I'd not been to an IKEA store. Lawdy mercy, we walked and walked and walked, and it often felt as if we were simply walking in circles. Even with a map and directional signs everywhere, we often did loop ourselves. That wouldn't have been bad, except for the fact that the furniture styles don't appeal to any of the three of us. However, I could go back and spent a couple hours in the kitchen area. I love, love, love looking at plates and silverware and pots and pans and kitchen doo-dads and glasses and cups and cooking utensils and coffee/tea makers and .... well, you get the idea. That is my nirvana!

I bought a French coffee press. I have a great coffee maker that grinds the beans and makes the coffee, but my dilemma is that if I make a full pot (8-10 cups) I drink it all, not a good thing. If I make a small pot 4-5 cups, it doesn't taste as good. I know, I know. It is probably in my head but that's how I feel. The French press makes four cups! It's actually about 2.5 mugs of coffee, perfect for my morning jump-start, and the java is very good. I'm happy.

And if you go to IKEA, be sure to get a box of the ginger crisps. They are the best I've ever tasted, and several who have tried them agree. Yummy!!

I'll tell more about the second part of my trip soon. It was not as exciting, but I have some nice picture to share. I haven't uploaded them to a viewer yet, but I will soon.



  1. I was going to say I had never heard of ginger crisps but now I know they sell them in IKEA I think I know. They are a kind of scandanavian cookie. I will look out for them next time. In IKEA there is usually a way of circumventing the "loop" you have to trek around and cutting through to the front ofthe store, but you have to know where it is ! insider knowledge necessary :)

  2. Just saying Hi! have a good day!

  3. Jenny, here in the US, we usually call them "ginger snaps," ginger cookies baked until they are crisp or will "snap" when you break them. The ones from IKEA are very thin, and seriously, very addictive!

    We tried using the short cuts, but kept taking wrong turns! You'd think three grown women could do better, wouldn't you??? LOL!

    Hi, Bob!

  4. Hi Lyn,
    So glad you were able to foil the little escape artist!! Might have been interesting to set up a video to see just how she did it!!! And did she have an audience or wait until the other kids were asleep to make her move!! LOL
    Peggy Edgar

  5. Jazmyn sounds like Steve McQueen from the Great Escape. They couldn't keep him confined for long. Let's hope Jazmyn runs out of ideas.

    Fall is a great time for pumpkin lattes too. I had a French press coffee in Canada. Apparently many of the restaurants don't brew the type we Americans are so familiar with.

  6. Peggy, I'd love to know for sure how she gets out, but apparently, my idea was right. She is still contained! Whew!

    Dave, Jaz had BETTER be run right out of ideas, 'cause I think I am!!

    As for the coffee press .... the nice thing is that if they use it in restaurants, you know it is fresh and not sitting on a burner for a couple hours, as is so common in our restaurants.

  7. I am so glad you are enjoying the coffee press!! I wish you had said you wanted to spend more time in the kitchen area....I'm sorry if we rushed you.

    And I am very glad that Jazi seems to be contained. At least now you can not be so worried when you go out.

  8. No, no! I wasn't rushed! It's just one of those things that I would/will do next time. Ours was an exploration trip, and now I know what I will do if I go again.

    As for Jazi, whew, me too!! I still have the thought in the back of my head that her crafty little self might find a new path, but it's minor. I hope with time she will more or less forget her will to roam!

  9. We have an Ikea about two miles away, I usually go in the out door, makes it a lot less daunting. The last time I was there I got a bar of their chocolate but all it tasted of was sweet,it was only 30 pence. I'll get some ginger crisps next time.
    ps our flat is like Ikea in miniature.

  10. Jimmy, the ginger crisps was quite inexpensive and very worth it. Is your flat like IKEA because you have that style furniture or because you can walk in circles and be lost?? chuckle!

  11. I too love the kitchen section, but not because I am in the kitchen a lot. I guess its fantasy wishful thinking about how great it would be if . . . !

  12. I love most things Ikea, but especially the ginger thins. Glad your "prison" worked!


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