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Thursday, October 27, 2011

I'm being courted. Well, sorta.

I'm having more frequent visits with my buddy, Fibro Myalgia. They are not serious ones, but they are certainly more frequent. Yesterday I felt as if I were half functioning most of the day. When I had a specific thing to do, I did well; for instance I had two interviews, and I had no trouble focusing on the person across from at any given time. But then when I turned to my desk, I couldn't put my head to work on the matters at hand. My desk is usually cluttered as I have several things going at once. While waiting for a call back on one task, I turn to another to fill the time, etc. Yesterday, the stack of four projects completely overwhelmed me. Then, when I tried to organize it and move stacks aside to unclutter my mind/focus, I couldn't string enough thoughts together to separate the papers!

I finally decided around 1:30 to go home. I was being ineffectual anyway, so why stay there? I went out the door, locking the door behind me, and reached for the key to lock the deadbolt. The keys were not in my purse! I also could not get into my truck because they were together. After a few minutes I remembered leaving them in the truck. It's a long story, and I won't bore you, but boy, did I feel dumb!

I borrowed a key from a coworker in another building so I could wait in my office while AAA came to my rescue. The rescue took nearly another hour, so while I waited, I managed to focus on one task that didn't require me to change my concentration, so it was a productive time. I ended up leaving only about 30 minutes before my usual 3:00!

Someone asked me about the safety of my driving, and I told them that when I feel this way, I sit for a few moments before hitting the road to allow myself to bring all my attention to the task at hand, concentrating on driving and only driving. Frankly, because of that pointed attention, my driving is possibly better than usual.

On the way home I stopped at a shop that makes some delicious soups and brought home several cups of warm comfort. I changed into snuggy soft clothes, spent the afternoon reading on the couch with my doggies snuggled around me, drinking warm tea and soup. It began raining shortly after I was home, and I loved hearing the pitter-patter, knowing the ground was greedily sucking up the moisture.

At about 8:30 I decided to go to bed and read, and I was asleep before 9:00! Zonked, out like a light! If I had not set my alarm for 6:00, I would probably have slept another hour or more, too! Fortunately I woke feeling very well this morning. Weird stuff, this FMS. Comes and goes like it owns me! Oh, yeah .... I guess it does.

I woke this morning to this ....

Yep, that rain turned to snow! I had to start the truck and let the defroster help me, because the rain had frozen under the snow, and it was really, really frozen! All the snow is gone now, melted during the day, as is fairly normal for this area.

And that weather change probably contributed to my fibro. I am so sensitive to the barometric changes. Thank goodness I'm feeling pretty normal today.

On the way home from work, I was pretty enchanted with the fog. The melting snow created a significant cover .....

Here is what roughly the same area looked like two days ago.....

Sorry for the glare; I took this through the windshield.

This is a picture taken as I neared my house this evening. See the sky way off there? Blue skies to the east, despite the clouds and fog here.

 OK, I need to stretch out and read for a while. Before I go, I have to show you Lolita the Vamp. 

Just look at this little hussy with hair vamping over one eye! tsk, tsk! Shameless!

Later, y'all!


  1. You wiln. What? First snow picture of the year!

    I know you are in the high country in the SouthWet, but I'm not sure which state. Can you tell us again?

  2. Sure, Merikay. I'm in New Mexico, south-central. If you look on a map and find Ruidoso, that is near me, just about 15 miles away. My elevation is 7200 feet.

  3. Glad you're feeling better and love the "Hussy" Take care!

  4. My graphic artist had same reaction to weather change with her fibro. So painful and frustrating. Glad the precious little vamp, her siblings, well adopted sibs, a good snuggle, a good read and warm food and drink brought some comfort.

  5. When you're feeling 'off-colour' then treating yourself to a snuggly afternoon, with books and comfort food, is a wonderful idea.
    Actually, would it matter terribly if I did that even when I'm feeling reasonably well?

  6. Thanks, Bob!

    LC, my fibro is not debilitating like many, but thanks, anyway. And yes, those simple pleasures bring so much comfort!

    Friko, absolutely, you can treat yourself that way any time!

  7. I understand all of that so much...

    Since you told me how your fibro affects/effects? you, I've begun to realize that the pin pricks I've felt occasionally could be from that too. Anyway when I have them, I think of you! I'm still doing fairly well and wish you were too! I know the cold is not a good thing for me. When we get home after Thanksgiving, I will probably fill my hottub, that has been empty for a couple of years since we'll be staying home this winter. More on that later...

  8. MM, in spite of my whine here, I'm not doing too bad. I just hate that it is worse than it has been, you know?

    As for the symptoms, just google it and read the lists. when I do, I sometimes find something that gives me that "aha moment," and I realize that irritating thing that has been going on has a connection. It doesn't make it better, but understanding makes me feel better about it. Weird, I know.

  9. I'm so sorry that this is plaguing you more than before. Your way of dealing with it sounds sensible and good. It is really nice to listen to rain outside, when you're snug and warm.

  10. The only thing to do when the fm flares up is to be gentle and go with it. Hope you are coping ok.

  11. I can honestly say "I feel your pain." It seems the change in weather always affects the fibro - and not in a good way. When my hubby has a bad spell, sleep is the best healer for him. Do take care of yourself, pamper at will.
    'hugs from afar'

  12. Jenny, I'm thankful it is not as bad as it was many years ago. Somehow, my fibro has generally lessened over time. This frequency is just a ripple, I'm sure. Thanks.

    Freda, I do go gently on myself at these times. And yes, I'm coping quite well, thanks!

    Cher, thanks. I've been sleeping much more than is usual for me recently and it seems to be helping a lot.

  13. I'm sorry you are feeling so low. more on this later! Take care.

  14. Lovely photos!

    Hope you feel better soon. Get lots of rest and take good care of yourself.

  15. Wow. I am counting my blessings after reading what it's like to live with fibro. I was relieved to read that you felt better the next morning.

    Your photos are stunning, including the one of the shameless hussy!

    many hugs,


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