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Friday, November 04, 2011

Snowflakes and Bears

No snowflake ever falls in the wrong place.

A few days ago I posted that on my Facebook page. It's a Zen quote that just struck me. Gee, I wonder why?

Wellllll, the Pied Piper of Nogal has struck again ....

This handsome fellow showed up on my steps this evening.

Even with all five of my dogs standing on the other side of the gate, barking furiously at him, he stood his ground, wagging the stub of his little Australian Shepherd tail! He just wanted to be friends!

I stepped out through the gate and found him to be a wonderfully sweet dog. I tried to read his tag, but with poor lightig and his wiggling happily in my arms, it was a lost cause.

So I began the process of grabbing my kids, one at a time, getting them into the house after blocking the dog door to the deck. Then I let him onto the deck. He was still wiggling wildly, so much that his whole body was "wagging"!  I finally took off the collar to read it. Sadly, it did not have his name and owner on it, and it was expired. I took a chance and called the vet, knowing she is one who takes calls any time she is in range. It went to the voice mail, so I left the message.

I was prepared to keep on the deck overnight if I didn't hear from the vet or couldn't find his home this evening. I didn't want him out wandering; one guy his size against a pack of coyotes is no match. I fixed a bed of the couch cushion, sheltering it with a couple trunks as we are supposed to have strong winds tonight and tomorrow.

I let my kids go out to meet him one at a time. Jaz was fine, in fact bossing him around about the water and food I brought to him! He lapped only a small amount of water and took one kibble from the dish, so obviously he wasn't from far away or lost for long. That was good news, and gave me hope that I might find a neighbor to give me some leads.

After an hour of calling around, getting hints and suggestions, I finally made a call that was fruitful. Yes, he was their dog, and as soon as the man got a pair of shoes on, he would be down.

It turns out that "Bear" has been in our 'hood just a week. Seems my neighbor has a coworker with a rental place. Recently the renter moved out and left Bear behind, so my neighbor said they would like to give him a try! Bear just moved in a week ago. He and his new family are adjusting, and the only problem is about him learning where is lives and his humans learning about how far to trust him! They has let him out to potty, as they have been doing all week, and a moment later Bear was gone! They had looked for him and called him for a while, and finally decided warm up and go out in the car. That's when I called.

So Bear is back home. His "dad" said they are still working on the "communication," but they are in love with his sweet personality. Boy, do I understand! The whole time he was here he was touching noses with all my dogs but Max (I knew better than to try that one!) or leaning against my leg, looking up at me with a grin on his face! A true charmer!

As I said Jazi wasn't concerned about Bear, at all. She went right up to him and wagged back. The others did OK. Joey allowed him to be close, but was happy when I let him back in the house. Lola was about the same; I could almost hear her whining "Stranger danger!" Sam just kept walking to keep a little distance but didn't freak. I didn't let Max out; my jealous boy would not have done well.

As I said at the beginning, No snowflake ever falls in the wrong place. Bear knew where to come.


  1. Ha! That is exactly how we aquired Roxy our little dog that looks like a fox. Only thing was that she didn't have a collar and it was obvious that she had been abused. So after talking with my pastor (it's a long story) we decided to keep her. And noe her and Ruby live happily ever after. The End.
    Anyhoo, Bear came to the right place in the interim. Animals must have a sense about you Lyn. I am so glad that you found his home and hopefully things will work out for them all.
    And yes I am back for now. Here's a clue, when I am gone for a period of time, things usually aren't going to well for me one way or another. But I'm good, for now anyway!! I missed you too! Love Di ♥

  2. Bear is such a handsome boy! So sad that someone would leave him behind. You were his angel!

  3. Di, I've joked about the "Pied Piper" thing, but something to it. They just see to find me. Sadly, I learned from talking with the vet last night, the little pug I rescued from the middle of the highway a year or so ago was taken to the shelter, only to be reclaimed by the owner; a few months later she was in the same spot sitting in the road and was hit be a car. I was so sad to hear that. Damn people who don't care for and protect their pets.

    I'm very glad you're back with us. When I become somewhat absent from the blog, I'm dealing with something, too. I get it. :)

    Deb, he is, isn't he? I can't imagine abandoning such a sweetheart! I'm glad he has a home!

  4. I'm so glad you gave Bear protection and shelter until his owner could be found. You are an angel.

  5. When the pup is as sweet as Bear, it is a pleasure to give him what he needs, including ear scratches and cuddles! Thanks.

  6. What a beautiful dog! I'm glad you could give him shelter and I hope he will learn that life in the big wide world needs some caution! On the other hand, he found a good place to be :)

  7. Jenny, he certainly is beautiful! I think a few more days with his new family, and he will be fine.I'm guessing he didn't have much training in his previous home or he would not have been left behind.

  8. I liked the way that story came together, with the snowflake and all. You can feel his personality from the pictures you've got here. Glad you found his home.

  9. Thanks, Dave, and I'm glad I found it, too. :)

  10. Oh you're so much like me, LOL! I had 2 dogs wandering down the street a couple weeks ago and of course I rounded them up and called the owner. She lives 2 blocks over and they had gotten out through the gate she couldn't close all the way (pregnant).

    I have to laugh tho because the big lovable lab rolled in dog poo so I had to use the smaller dog to read the dog tag. I'm sure she left the cleanup for her hubby, LOL!

    You done a good deed! Cheers! ~M

  11. Oh, you darling lady you. I would have done exactly the same but I'm always thinking that not many people would.

    I like you even better now!

  12. Merri, I'm glad my find hadn't been rolling! He was/is a sweetheart, for sure. This kid of good deed is easy!

    Friko, I'll always rescue an animal, as long as it isn't aggressive. Poor things. I think you may be right that not everyone would bother. And thanks, I like you, too!!

  13. Bear looks very cute - glad your story has a happy ending.

  14. Great story, and as Freda said, with a happy ending! Casey and I used to always end up with cats that way! By the way, love the new font!


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