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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Wintery stuff

I've been a ba-a-a-a-ad blogger .... again. It is just so easy to get sidetracked. Oh, well.

About the time of my last post we had a big snow storm. Missing a couple days of work because of it put me behind, and I'm finally caught up again as of last week. The other good thing is that my driveway is finally clear of snow again! That's the only thing I don't like about this new kind of winter weather we are having; the temperatures are staying colder longer than is usual, so the snow doesn't melt. As I drive through the driveway, it packs down, doesn't melt and then becomes ice packed. The drive has a significant slope, so it becomes a slippery and dangerous place. 

And guess what? Yup, we are due for another storm beginning tonight. This one could leave me with anything between 5 and 10 inches of snow. Not a bad amount, however, it could once again impede my travel to work. Gah. And with two short weeks coming up, I will be behind again for a while. Double gah. Oh well, that is life!

Today has been a strange weather day. This morning when I drove to church, the sky was brilliant blue and there were very low lying clouds in areas below my own elevation.

 You can see how gorgeous the sky was, and there were no clouds except for those clinging to the ground.

Three hours later I was coming home and noticed the clouds were still there but were darker.

And when I got home, I had a surprise waiting for me. Do you see it?

Uh-hmmmm. This is Miss Jazmyn Jewel, sitting on the railing, as if it is a normal daily occurence!! Little snip!!

I had actually left her with access to the deck to see if I can figure out her escape route. I was pretty sure I knew what was going on, although I certainly didn't expect to see her on the railing! I left her semi-blocked, and sure enough she moved big things out of her way to get to where she could climb up the wire, pull herself onto the railing and escape. Knowing I would be gone just a short time during daylight seemed like the time to test the waters.

I spent a few minutes and erected a new level of security, and I think we are OK once again. Well, until she figures out a new place/way to escape!!!

This afternoon the fog began to creep up the mountain toward my house. It was surreal and beautiful! Look at these: (click on them to enlarge, as they are beautiful)

This peak is the same as the very first in this post but taken from a different spot.

After this was taken, the fog first enveloped the house, then began to move away again! It was very strange.

Now I'm just sitting, waiting for the next weather event, and it will probably begin around midnight and last until Tuesday morning. Wish us luck for a less-than-immobilizing snow storm!!

I'll let ya know!!

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