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Monday, January 09, 2012

The mystery as it unfolds ....

Occasionally I watch the webcam on the main street of Ruidoso for a couple minutes. It's kinda fun to see what's going on, how much snow, how much traffic, etc. Well, tonight I turned it on and saw this:

Nothing remarkable. And just as I was ready to close the screen, I noticed the car on the sidewalk on the left hand side. No biggie. I assumed a shop owner was there to load some things in the car or from the car to the store.

The next screen came up (it takes about 25-30 seconds to make the loop from one to the next) and nothing had really changed. But I noticed the tire tracks in the snow on the sidewalk.

I wondered if the vehicle had pulled in front of the store, a women's clothing store, to load or something, but wondered why they had moved back and then just parked with the lights on.

Then just as I was about to click off, the new screen rolled up. Well, looky there! A cop's vehicle has pulled in behind the vehicle I've been watching! AHA!

And after a couple rotations of this with no changes and me beginning to wonder if the cops are in the store or just where, because I've not seen them on the screen at all, this one came up ....

You might have to enlarge it to see three people walking on the sidewalk toward the two vehicles. I can't tell if they are cops or citizens. Hmmm. The plot thickens!!

I was waiting patiently (or not!) for the next shot to roll up, and .... and .... and ....

Well, WTF?  The "counter" just keeps counting down and then starting over without loading a new picture! It kept coming up to that picture above, so I tried refreshing the screen. Nothing worked. It was still that same shot of three people approaching the vehicles.

Finally, the screen refreshed, but in the three minutes or so that I was biting the bullet to see what happened, both vehicles were gone.

Apparently they drove over the sidewalk in front of the store and off the curb (enlarge this photo and you can see the snow tracks in the street).

Dang, I missed all the action about how it ended. Piff-poof! We'll never know.

And that, dear friends, is how you spend an evening at Ch├ęz Lynilu! Wooohooo!!



  1. Lol, at least that beats watching a ghost cam for a ghost that never appears....At least you saw something. :)

  2. But Anthony, don't ya just hate missing "the moment"?? ;D

  3. Thatbwas harsh! We are all left hanging!

  4. Lol, as the old saying goes, "Some moments are better than others."

  5. Wow, what a trip! Wish we all knew what was happening.

  6. Anthony, I had the thought, too, that even if the web cam hand bee caught up in the endless refresh loop, the time from one clip to the next might well have missed the action, too. Still .... ya think this might be an evil plot behind it? ;D

    Dakota, I know!! [pout]

    Kate, if we knew, it was probably nothing, but the not knowing just teases us!

  7. That is really cool! How do you find the webcam? I want to find one in our town. Love Di ♥

  8. Di, when I heard there was a webcam, I simply googled "webcam ruidoso," and that's what I found. You can sometimes find a link of the town's Chamber of Commerce website or something similar that promotes information about the town.


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