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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Speed bumps. Or is it speed humps?

Why is it, when you have a lot to do, you encounter one after another road block?

Today was so frustrating! I'm trying to get some things out of the way so I can kick back and enjoy a short visit with my daughter on Tuesday, Wednesday, and part of Thursday. More on that in a minute. The whole day was just hiccup, hiccup hiccup!

One task was to unroll hoses stored for the winter, hook them up in the network that I use to water around the property. That wasn't a problem, just sweaty work, and in about 20 minutes I had the part set up that I needed for today, running to the back yard to water the grass that is beginning to come out of hibernation. I am wanting to start watering several times a week so help it take root and continue spreading so The Kids will have a nice cool carpet for the summer.

So after getting the hoses run to the back yard, I connected the new sprinkler hose I bought a few days ago. And I had no water. It took me another half hour to run down the problem. A hose connector with a control valve had a broken thumb valve, and it was broken in the closed position. A pair of pliers fixed it, but by this time I was angry, grumbling and sweating like a pig.

I walked to the back yard to see how it was doing, and this is what I saw .....

The brand-spanking new sprinkler hose was more hose than sprinkler! The dark spots are the only places that were getting water!  I moved the hose several times and managed to get most of the space watered. Guess what is going back to True Value next week?  Sheesh. I remember the old kind of sprinkler hoses when I was a young'un, the green ones, that really worked well. Can't find those anymore. Bah.

Now I have to go back to the drawing board to figure out another method of watering. I've had several sprinklers, but they all involve multiple moves of the sprinkler, and I was hoping to be able to do the whole area in one fell-swoop. It is long and narrow, 80' x 15-16', and nothing works really well.  Dang.

I've been using my guest room to go through boxes of "stuff" and sort out what to keep and what to get rid of. Today I spent part of the day moving boxes to my office so I can make room for my daughter to sleep while she is here. It wasn't a huge task, but one box split and dumped all over the floor, so I had to hunt up another box and pick it all up. It was a surplus of office supplies, so it took a while to pick up little sticky notes, pens, boxes of staples, etc.

Next, I needed to begin clipping the dogs long fur in preparation for their summer coats. I began that today, and had another surprise. In the last couple weeks, their undercoats have begun turning loose, and they are matted beyond belief. All I'd planned to do was take off the length, down to about 2-3 inches, bathe them and then shave then down in another couple weeks. But it took me forever to cut through the matted undercoats, and I earned several blisters from the scissors in the process. My back gave out before I finished, so Sammy and Jazi will be done tomorrow.

I actually got a lot done, but it took me almost twice as long as I thought  it would. Still more to do tomorrow. Sigh. I'd hoped to have a day of reasonable rest tomorrow, but nope! The thought crossed my mind today that it is time to do the summer-winter clothing switch out again. With the temperature in the 70s today, I realized it is not going to be long before my winter wardrobe will be sweltering. Didn't I just do that the other way last week?

On top of it all, my allergies have kicked into high gear. I've been blowing and sneezing all day, and by this evening, I have developed an irritating cough, probably from the dust I've stirred up. I'm really tired this evening. I think it is more from the frustration of the day than from the work. I'll be so worn out by the time my daughter gets here I won't be able to move!

Yes, Terri is coming! Her spring break is next week, and the kids will be with their father, so she decided to come see her dad and me. She will fly in on Monday, spend the night with her dad and step-mom, drive down here on Tuesday, back to Albuquerque on Thursday to spend more time with the paternals, and home on Saturday. On Tuesday night I'm taking her to dinner at the Irish pub in Ruidoso, and I've invited coworkers and friends to join us and meet her. Then on Wednesday, we will go to lunch at a special little place in Capitan, and hopefully my friends in that area will join us.

Every time Terri has been here to visit, there have been things which prevented her being able to meet many of my friends. Once she was here for several days, but I'd just had surgery, and the snow was terrible, so we were pretty limited. Other times there have been weather events or other restrictions. This time, we will party-hardy. Sort of.

The main thing is to be able to spend time together. I really miss Terri. I wish she didn't live so far away. And she is tied to Florida for the next seven or so years because of the restrictions on one parent to leave the state where the other lives. My guess is that she will probably remarry by that time, and stay anyway. sigh. Anyway, I will enjoy having her here. I sure do love that girl!


  1. Enjoy your time with Teri!! How are your courses going?

    1. Kelly, I will enjoy it, for sure! The courses? Well, I've hit a couple of weeks in which I've gotten nothing done!! But it will settle back soon.

  2. I envy you Lyn. I was talking to Ginny on the phone today and told her how much I miss her. She told me she missed me too and everyone else. I don't know when I'll get to see her again. It's been 7 months. Oh well I hope you have a great time with Teri. Just having a lunch together chatting away will be fun! Love Di ♥

    1. Ya know, Di, I'm trying to remember the last time TL and I were together. It was last June when we went to Mexico. Before that? I think the previous summer! Not good at all. But yeah, we will have fun just being together. It is hard to be away from our girls so long, isn't it?

  3. I agree! It is too long. I wish we could live closer together...but it would help if you came for a visit, too...sigh.... I love you! Not trying to guilt you or anything, now am I?

    1. Guilt? You? Heavens, NO!!! HEY! I'M NOT THE ONE WHO MOVED TO KINGDOM COME!! Well, OK, I did, but only after you did it first!


      Love you, kid!


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