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Thursday, March 08, 2012

What would you do?

OK, there's a thinker fer ya ....

Let's say you are given $1,000,000.

You can not keep any of it nor anything purchased with it,  so you must give it all away.

AND you can not give away cash.

Sooooo .... what do you do with the $1,000,000?

NO CHEATING! You can not have a scheme by which it will return to you. You MUST be totally altruistic.

Now .... GO!!!


  1. No fair, you didn't tell us what you would do. LOL

    I would set up trusts for my children and grandchildren.

    I also would establish scholarships for future teachers who want to work with second language children in my name. I would then set up scholarships in my husband's name for deserving high school leaders who attend the high school where he was principal.

  2. I would establish programs at colleges for people who have Asperger Syndrome/Autism. There is nothing for adults and it drives me nuts there is 0 help. We need to establish something soon. My youngest has is an Aspie child and goes to college in the fall. I worry about how he will cope in everyday life.

  3. I'd set up something which helped young people to appreciate the countryside. I might give it to the Youth Hostels Association who run lots of courses in their hostels introducing kids to hiking, countryside sports, etc. in the British countryside. But on the other hand I prefer something a bit less corporate. Or I might give it to the Countryside Restoration Trust, which aims to restore traditional methods of farming in England, and has several farms with a lot of outreach. Actually I would run out of money before I ran out of ideas. What would you do?

  4. I'd have to do a little research first but my first thought was to contact the Shriners Hospital for children to see what there greatest needs were and go from there. Love Di ♥

  5. I'd build a school (small) where it was really needed.

  6. I would fund a mobile veterinarian clinic to provide free vacinations and spay/neuter procedures. And donate to local no kill shelters.

  7. I'd use half of it to support the Escapees CARE program in Livingston, TX. The other half would be used to support some of the Nat'l Wildlife Refuges I have volunteered at. :)

  8. I'd set up a manufacturing plant in the USA to produce something useful. It would provide jobs that required hard honest work for thousands. It would allow people to take care of themselves and provide hope of employment for their children.

  9. It's a difficult choice, because there are so many worthy causes that need money. I should have made it a hundred million or a billion dollars, so I could split it between many worthy causes. But I set the perimeters, and it was for 1 million.

    Given that, it would have to say I'd endow a really good animal rescue with the intent to collect all the animals possible, neutering and spaying, collecting all the animals I could find and protect them. Saying that, I know that even targeting one cause with $1 million is unbelievably ineffective. We need the amount of the national debt to spread among our causes, don't we? sighhhhh.


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