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Sunday, April 08, 2012

Good grief

Good grief. That seems to be one of my more frequent exclamations of late. And here it is again today.

I've been getting gradually better. Some days I improve much; others, I improve just a little. But I'm essentially making progress. I am still congested, but it is constantly breaking up so I can cough or blow it out of my body. I find I still tire easily, but I'm improving. I've been taking it easy, or at least trying to do so. My house work is so far behind that it is embarrassing, but I know I can't work miracles. So I've been trying to work a few minutes and rest a while. It is working pretty well. The only part I'm not OK with is the dusting. Every time I try to dust, I choke up, even if I cover my nose and mouth. I'm thinking I will put the hose attachment on the vacuum and so that I can at least reduce the build up. Living where I do, dust is a certain, irrefutable fact of life, and it is becoming, well, a significant one!

I've taken a few of my winter clothes from the drawers and closet during the last week. As I wash things, I'm not putting them in the drawers, but preparing them for storage and making way for spring/summer clothes. I got a storage tub filled with sweaters, sweats, etc., so I decided to take it down and stow it, bringing back another empty with me. Well!!

By the time I did that, I was pooped! I'm on the couch and I will be here for a while. Hence my GOOD GRIEF!

I really hate being sick, especially this stage where I'm healing and feel pretty good, but barely hidden under the "feeling good" part of me is the "crap, my body is weak" part! I'll get over it, both the sickness and the feeling of inconvenience. But it's still a pain in the rump.

Oh, one more comment .... the other irritating part is that everything seems to take forever. Each task accomplished leaves me feeling as if it took much longer than it usually does. So irritating and limiting. I don't like limits Except the ones I set, of course.

I'm really becoming conscious of the tasks of spring ahead of me. I'm sorta chomping at the bit to get going, and I know I can't. Yard clean up, seeding bare spots in the grass, miscellaneous little outside tasks. While I was stowing the tub of clothes I saw the cooling part of the air conditioner that the service man stored there last fall. I have to have some work done, but wanted to wait for spring ($$$) so he removed that part to keep the system working right for the winter. I need to set up an appointment in the next month or so. ($$$) I need to paint the railing around the deck and the trim of the house. ($$$) I need to paint the well house. ($$$) You get the idea. No energy, no $$$!!

This is one of those times I am acutely aware of the limitations of living alone. So many things are relatively easy with more than one person. They are overwhelming alone. sigh.

But the good thing is .... the weather is marvelous!!! That makes everything better!

~     ~     ~    ~

A little update at 7:05

I rested for about an hour, and then got back to work. I'm amazed at how much I got done this afternoon. I'm guessing it was just that "turning of the corner" I needed. I got evreything done that I planned to before my daughter came to visit and then some. I even rearranged part of the furniture in the living room! Don't panic, I just moved two chairs and two tables, all on "sliders," so it was no effort at all. The dogs love it. Max has now adopted one of the chairs, I think because it allows him to look out the window. Since he likes it, I put a puppy bed in the chair, so he can just have an easy time of it. 

I'm feeling much better, obviously!!

Dinner is in the oven and will be out shortly. Pork roast, scalloped potatoes and chilled asparagus. It's a good day! 

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