These are random musings of my life journey, the people, animals, places, and events which have woven, and continue to weave, a tapestry that is me. We all know there is no real destination, only the ongoing experiences which blend together, creating the trail. Each step gives a glimpse of what is to come, without allowing me to see the end result. It is exciting. I have a home base that is mine, that gives me a place to rest. This is it. This is where my heart is, no matter where I journey...................

Sunday, June 17, 2012


We are home, safe and sound. The Kids were really glad to be in their own place. After checking out the house, they all flopped on the floor, in the kennels or on the couch and slept for most of the afternoon.

We got a little rain yesterday afternoon. It was just 1/4 inch, but it was very nice. It cleaned and cooled the air, moistened the soil and gave the firefighters some help. I was really glad to see it.

I'm still putting things back in order. It is amazing how long it takes to put things back into drawers, shelves and closets, and then there is the straightening. As I was getting ready to leave, I shoved things out of my way, tossed them aside, etc. I've had to rearrange several things. It's strange how things never seem to go back where they came from as they should!

Anyway, all is well. Back later.


  1. You must be exhausted Lyn. Try to get in a nap. Talk with you later. So happy that you all are home.

    1. Thanks, Moni. I've been resting. It's good to be home, and it's good to have the house nearly back in order. I've gotten a lot done in between rests, so it is all good. :)


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