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Friday, June 08, 2012

Not good at all

Sadly, the fire has sprung ahead of the ability to control. The most current estimate (because it hasn't all be plotted yet) is between 1000 and 2000 acres. I seriously don't like this.

Tomorrow's weather forecast is not good, either, with winds up to 40 mph. That will make it very difficult for the fire crews. It is hard enough as is, because the area is a wilderness, meaning that it is kept in its natural state, so there is a lot of fuel, dry trees, leaves and needles, etc., on the ground and many kinds of conifers. The area is quite rugged, hard to access on the ground. Weather  And we are in a drought, so all of that is brittle, dry and volatile. It ain't pretty.

Evacuations have begun. Horse stables back in the forest have been cleared out. Some friends on the road to the stables have been watching it, but they are about 4 miles farther away from the stables and have been told to be alert, but not necessary to leave yet. I'm sure the horses had to be taken out because there is so much involved and they knew it wouldn't be quick or easy to move dozens of horses. My neighbors evacuated their two horses earlier this evening. Not sure where they went or if they are back after moving the equines.

And I've made preliminary preparations. Important papers are in a bad, some rubbermaid totes are ready to have clothes, dogfood, etc. thrown in. My little travel kit is ready with necessities, and I have a list of other things I might need. A friend called tonight and said to just come to her house if we are evacuated.

My theory is that since I'm prepared to be out of the house with 5 dogs and 5 finches within 15-30 minutes, I won't need to go and I'll grouse about it later when I have to put everything back. No, trust me I won't grouse! But I suspect all this is for naught.

We shall see.  Wish me luck and say some prayers.


  1. I've been thinking about you Lyn with all of those fires. I'm glad that you posted this because I was already wondering if you may have had to leave. I surely hope that it is as you say, since you are all prepared it will be for naught.
    I will say a prayer for you and your pet family. Please keep us informed. Love Di ♥

    1. Thanks, Di. It's just life I guess, and it's not always fun. But we are safe and that is what matters.

      Thanks for remembering us. Love ya.


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